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Chapter 34 – Foreshadow: Part One

(Friday 3rd, June, 2005)

He regained consciousness to a feeling that he hadn't experienced in years, one he thought he was completely incapable of ever feeling again; waking peacefully from a deep sleep. He lay still, his eyes closed, relishing in the feeling, not yet trying to decide why he'd been asleep in the first place when it was something that he consciously avoided at all times. He inhaled deeply, enjoying the high he was on and the strong smell of freshly cut grass.

Freshly cut grass? What?

He quickly opened his eyes and found himself staring into a clear blue sky. He blinked in confusion. What was he doing outside? Why had he fallen asleep in the first place? Sitting up in one fluid motion he looked around. He was sitting in the centre of Miller's field without any sign as to why. Closing his eyes tightly, he allowed for his memories to catch up with his mind.

His eyes snapped open; the meteor shower. He'd been trying to save Smallville from the meteor shower and he must have exhausted himself and passed out.

The Town!

Snapping to his feet he whirled around to where he knew he could see Smallville. It looked... perfect. He could see no sign of smoke and could hear no screams and no sirens. Did that mean he'd succeeded? Had he protected the town? His blood ran cold; or had he been unconscious for so long that the immediate emergency had passed?

His blood chilled as he recalled that he had no idea whether his friends, any of them, had made it out of town safely. As quick as a flash he pulled out his cell phone, only to stare at the partial melted plastic with a feeling of betrayal. It was completely fried. Apparently the Magitek protection spell that kept the phone maintained didn't quite hold up to his elemental power. He would have to check on his friends later, but for now, his focus had to be on the immediate; Smallville.

With a crack he Disapparated, not noticing the crackle of electricity he left in his wake, reappearing just behind the Talon. Rushing forward he found himself on Main Street. A grin slowly grew across his face. The street was perfectly fine; there was no damage, no emergency vehicles... nothing. "Ha!" Harry laughed. If this street hadn't been hit and he could see no damage then he'd succeeded. He'd saved Smallville from being destroyed.

His smile faded slightly. He could remember the meteor's falling, and even though that memory was slightly blurry, slightly distorted, he knew that some meteors had broken through his blanket shield when it had wavered. He might have saved the town as a whole, but what other damage was there? How many people had died?

Making sure that he was out of sight of any security camera's he transformed into Horus and took to the sky, beating his wings as hard as he could. He was so focused on searching the town, he failed to notice that his feathers were coloured differently. He soared upwards and it wasn't long before he had a true birds-eye view of the town. He wasn't sure what to think.

For the most part, Smallville stood unharmed. The town itself had only taken a handful of direct strikes. A few roads were ruined and Harry was saddened to see that a several houses had been destroyed by direct strikes, including the house of a somewhat-friend of his from school. He really hoped no one had been in those areas. His flight continued over the area in which he'd stood as he defended his town. He flew low, getting a good look at the area.

The exact spot where he'd stood was a disaster area. It appeared as though fire had consumed a large area directly around where he'd been. There were zig-zag like burn marks shooting out from the area that had to have been caused when he'd absorbed the electricity from Smallville. It was unlikely that any grass would ever grow in that spot again.

He was somewhat worried to see two news vans parked just beside the area, with a reporter who he could clearly see was speaking into a camera. Had he been seen? Where they aware that whoever was protecting the town had stood there? Forcibly pulling his attention away from that, he once again focused on the meteor damage.

A long line of cars blocked the Smallville to Metropolis road. Several cars had been destroyed and several of them were still burning. A strange sight caught his attention and he flew down lower to investigate. He could see the shattered remains of a meteor spread around the area, easily identifiable by the green meteor rock imbedded in larger chunks of the rock, yet no damage had been done to the road. Cars around the area were damaged by meteor shrapnel, yet the car in the centre of the impact was fine. Had a GME or a meta-human been there? Mentally filing the question away, he soared upward again.

Flying over Smallville he could see that a lot of the fields surrounding the town had been destroyed. Some of the damage was due to direct hits from the meteors, but the majority of it came from the falling meteors that had hit his shield. Some of the fields were ruined, possibly beyond repair. He would help these people rebuild their lives.

His flyover of the town was almost complete. Despite the loss of several homes and properties, the fact that he had succeeded in what he'd set out to do was finally beginning to sink in. It was an exhilarating feeling, something he hadn't really felt after defeating Voldemort. That defeat had too much baggage for him to have felt success. This felt different. This hadn't been destined, nothing had forced him to do this and he'd done it by himself. He pushed aside the fact that he had caused this in the first place and that he hadn't succeeded fully in doing what he'd planned. He just allowed himself a moment to feel... sated at his achievement.

The feeling quickly died as he neared his house.

The Kent house, a beautiful home, the home of his friend, was destroyed, a gaping hole in the roof. Tucking his wings and feet in, he stooped, descending quickly. Transforming only seconds hitting the ground, he used magic to stabilise his landing, once again, not noticing the after affect. The destruction of the house looked so much worse from the ground. His skin ran cold as he saw the overturned red pick-up the Kent's drove. They hadn't left. Where Mr. and Mrs. Kent still in the house?

His heart racing, he casted Homenum Revelio on the house showed that no one was inside; alive or dead. He sighed in tremendous relief. Changing back into Horus he took to the sky again. As his eyes focused on his house, he almost fell from the sky. He hadn't noticed it before and was rather confused as to how he'd missed it.

In simple turns, his house was just gone.

From the angle he was facing, he couldn't quite be sure what had happened to his home, other than it had been utterly destroyed. Too much damage had been done to the surrounding area for the damage to have been solely from a meteor; something had exploded.

It was possible that a meteor had destroyed the house and ruptured a gas line, but knowing his life, it had to be more complicated than that. Slowly flying downward, closely observing the destruction, Horus landed a couple of feet from where his front door would have been. He transformed back and just stared at the wreckage.

He wasn't quite sure what to think. Resting both hands on his head, he just stared.

He'd only lived in that house for less than a year, but it had been his house. Sure, he had another place in Metropolis, but that wasn't the same; he hadn't shared that place with Lois. He shook his head; his house was gone, so what? He'd lost worst.

Get over it and move onto the next problem

He needed to find his friends and to do that he needed to be where he'd claimed he was; Metropolis.

He was about to Apparate when he felt a rush of air a few feet behind him. He turned, fully expecting to find Clark. He was wrong.

"Bart?" Harry asked in surprise, only barely remembering the younger guy's name. It had been last year he'd seen the meta-human; a man who could run faster than Clark. He'd visited Smallville for a little while after robbing Mr. Kent while simultaneously saving the man's life and then he'd vanished. Harry had offered him a standing invitation to crash at his place if it was needed, but he hadn't heard from the guy again. He was one of the few things he'd actually kept secret from Prometheus.

"What are you doing here?" Harry asked.

"Dude, you're awake!" Bart unhelpfully told him, smiling brightly.

Harry blinked. "What?"

"Man, that was awesome." He shook his head. "When you said you had a few powers, dude, way to underestimate."

Harry blinked again. "What?"

Bart looked concerned. "Are you alright?"

"I..." Harry started, quickly trailing off. "Bart, I have no idea what you're talking about."

Bart grinned and gave him a patronizing look. "I'm the fastest man alive; you gotta do better if you want to get one past me."

Harry winced; Bart knew what he'd done. He sighed. "Why are you here?" he asked again, seeing no point in denying anything.

"Where else would I be, man?" Bart asked as though it was obvious. "I was in this sick bar in Mexico, right, and we're all watching the news on this place and suddenly, bang, thunder and lightning. It had to be you. So this camera crew catches a glimpse of something else, right? And they pan across right at the second you stop being invisible. So…"

"Wait," Harry interrupted urgently. "I was seen? On live TV?"

Bart grinned slightly. "Nah, man. You were wearing that weird robe thing. I figured it would be better if they didn't see anymore. I got you outta there before you even hit the ground."

Harry blinked. "You made it from Mexico to Smallville that quickly," he stated in surprise.

Bart's grin widened, becoming cocky. "Woulda been faster, but I had to finish my beer, you know?"

Harry couldn't help but laugh, even as he sighed in relief. It was probably more laughter than the joke warranted, but it was good to just hear some good news. He ignored the fact that he had been seen, even if he had been disguised, around the world. He couldn't ignore the fact that he'd seen nothing of his friends.

"Have you seen Clark?" Harry asked; the town was littered with new meteor rock, making the town and literal death trap for Clark, but that didn't appear to be the type of thing that would stop him. "Or Lois, Lana and Chloe?"

Bart shrugged. "Was looking around when you were taking your nap. Checked out the whole town and I didn't seen anyone who was so much as hurt. I'm sure their just chilling in Metropolis." He seemed sure of his answer. Harry had to double check though.

"You're sure you've searched everywhere? You couldn't have missed them?"

Bart actually looked insulted. "Dude, your town's not that big; trust me, if they were here, I woulda seen them."

Harry felt slightly giddy and let out a shaky sigh of relief. It wasn't a certain thing, it wouldn't be until he saw them again, but his friends were probably alright. He wavered slightly, swaying a little as his adrenalin levels plummeted. "Thank Merlin," Harry muttered. He looked over to the younger man. "Bart, thank you; for getting me safe when I passed out and for looking for my friends."

Bart shrugged again. "Hey, was just paying the Farm Boy back for last time, no big."

Harry felt slightly stronger again. "It was a big deal Bart," Harry told him seriously. He changed the subject quickly, leaving Bart no time to argue. "I was wondering though, when you got me safe, why leave me in a field?" The question hadn't occurred to him until a second ago and he still wanted to know why regaining consciousness had felt like simply waking up.

Bart raised an eyebrow and looked at him oddly. "Dude, what are you talking about? I left you in Clark's barn."

Harry blinked. If he was reading Bart's face correctly, he had left him there. "I woke up in a field," Harry told him.

Bart looked at him dubiously. "You sleep-teleport?" he asked.

And that was enough of an answer for Harry. His almost phobic desire not to sleep had more to do with things than just the nightmares he had each night, although that was a large part of it. When he had become powerful, really powerful, he'd taken to using magic in his sleep, the spells reflecting on what he was seeing. The first nightmare he'd had after becoming seventeen he had used so much magic he'd severely injured eight people, almost killing each of them.

Apparition while sleeping was not a new thing to him.

"Sometimes," Harry admitted, running his right hand through his hair, planning his next move. His hand froze halfway across his head. Slowly, he pulled his hand back, resting it on the right side of his forehead; right over where his scar was.

Where his scar had been.

He rubbed his forehead, his completely smooth forehead, before lowering his hand past his right eye, feeling the completely smooth skin as well. Startled, he pulled up his t-shirt, searching his chest for any of the number of scars that marked him.

He was completely clear of them.

With a click of his fingers and a crackle of electricity, a mirror was conjured in front of him and his t-shirt vanished. He ignored the look on Bart's face as he stared at his reflection in awe.

Gone were the myriad of scars across his chest and back, leaving it smooth and clear. Gone was the vertical scar that cut his face from the spell that had almost destroyed his right eye.

And gone was the lightning bolt scar that he'd had for most of his life. So engrossed in the fact that his scar was gone, he almost missed the fact that his grey-streaked black hair was now jet black once again. With a shaky hand he reached up to that patch where the lightning bolt scar had been and rubbed the smooth area. It was gone, completely gone, as though it had never been there. It was… almost unthinkable.

Gone was one of his most defining features, the remnant of that awful night at Godric's Hollow that had taken his parents from him. It was… it was… it was not the time to deal with this. He ran a hand through his hair trying to gather his thoughts. The light of the setting sun glanced of the ring on his right hand, drawing Harry's attention to it.

"The Hallows," Harry muttered a quick feeling of panic rushing up in his chest. He turned quickly to Bart, "When you found me, did you see my Invis… a silver cloak and a… a polished stick nearby?" he asked, wincing slightly at how inane that sounded.

"Your invisible cloak and the stick you had on you?" Bart asked. "I put them up in the barn." He grinned slightly. "You wouldn't happen to have another one of those cloaks would you? I can think of a lot of things I could do with one of them." Harry didn't need legilimancy to see the perverted thoughts of a teenage boy flash across Bart's mind.

Harry wasn't paying much attention though; the thought of the Elder Wand nearby send shivers down his spine and he could feel his right hand clench in anticipation of holding the wand again. Electricity raced visibly across his body. He thrust his right hand out, calling on his magic and summoned the legendary items. A quiet crack and a moment later the wand and the cloak soared out of the Kent barn. With the grace of a Seeker, Harry snatched the Wand from the air, twirling it around through his fingers to bleed off its momentum. The Cloak was caught by his left hand.

He let out a giddy breath as the wands power raced through his body again. It didn't matter that he'd only held the wand a few hours ago; it felt just as good. And then suddenly, it didn't. Lightning raced across his body, starting at his chest. It ran down his right arm, down the Elder Wand and across the Resurrection Stone. It ran down his left arm and through the Invisibility Cloak. It ran down his legs and into the ground. Thunder roared overhead and only Bart had time to move before Harry was struck by lightning.

The whole process barely lasted a second, leaving a stunned, shaking Harry, arm still outstretched from where he'd caught the Wand.

And just like that, it was over, leaving Harry feeling like he had in the seconds before he'd grasped the Elder Wand again.

He could only blink in surprise.

"Dude," Bart said slowly, walking towards Harry with a slight hesitation in his gait. "What the Hell was that?"

"I… don't know," Harry admitted. He didn't know what was going on, but that didn't mean he didn't know what had changed. The Elder Wand, something that had messed with his head each time he'd used it, felt different than it ever had. He could still feel that the wand was extremely powerful, able to accomplish feats that the Rules of Magic claimed impossible, but now, he wasn't feeling the rush he'd quickly come to associate with the wand; the urge to do things he'd hesitate to do when in his right mind. Now, the Elder Wand only felt extremely powerful.

'What in the name of all things Magic just happened?' Harry thought as he looked at the Wand. 'Maybe this was what was supposed to happen first time I held it? Maybe I can use it without the side effects?' He felt his head begin to ache

He didn't know what to really think; didn't really know what to do. All he knew just now was that he was being hit from so many directions by so many things that he was beginning to struggle handling it. He needed to clear his head and rest, even though he knew he couldn't just now. First, he needed to find his friends.

He turned to Bart. "I need to get out of here." He paused. "Look, get a hotel or something in Metropolis. I've got a lot of things I'm going to need to do in the next few days, but once things quiet down slightly I'll find you, alright? I owe you a lot for today." He also had a feeling that Bart wasn't going to disappear and he definitely needed him to sign at least one secrecy contract. Now, he had to get back to Metropolis, find his friends and get ready to deal with the fact that due to his actions in Smallville, the world had just changed.

"Yeah… sure, man," Bart told him, still looking at him oddly after whatever had happened a moment ago.

"Thank," Harry told him, vanishing in a crackle of electricity. Bart disappeared a moment later in a blur of red and yellow.


Had either of the super-powered teens stayed behind a moment longer they would have seen or felt the powerful swirl of magic as a figure appeared where Harry had stood, and then, they could have stopped what, and who, was to come.



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