Something I wrote a while back. What the hell is it? I have no idea.

Title: Between fools, and their reality.
Rating: T
Summary: ... And I have no idea what you may be thinking.
Pairing: Matt/?
Warning: Slash SQUARED, totally unstructured poetry? prose? Also, spoilers.
Disclaimer: Capcom's.

He wore a scarf that attracted attention to his neck.
It made me say: 'Hey, that's the way I want my man to be.'

Yo, Mr. Nickel Samurai, with your persona hidden behind a mask twice-over, striking a pose for the fans. A pout on your lips and a thrust in your hips.
And I'm ready to pounce, to tear off those masks and show you who I really am.

We killed the Jammin' Ninja and we had a video too,
A video that we never watched for certain facts were true.
That we were guilty, in detention, for all the world to see,
With no-one else to lean on or rely upon but me.

You. You are. You are me.

Yo, Mr. Matt Engarde, the man of little trust and faith – and who better to love, dude, than yourself? With your boyish smile and your carefree shrug.
Can't you trust yourself, at least?
Your eyes so brown and pure and sweet and innocent.
And your scar, so long and red and – I would like to know more about you.
About myself.

Yo, Mr. Nickel Samurai, how're you gonna live this way?
Jerking off to the thought of your other side every night until the dark turns into day.

Is this how you want him to be played?
With that brain of yours, bright and bold and gray.