Gaia: Mistress of the Elements

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Chapter One: History Lesson

Xander's POV

The wind whistled through Rootcore causing the candles' flames to flicker. Thunder cracked through the air causing everyone to jump in their seats. Well, every teenager rather. All of the adults barely seemed to notice the storm. None of us former rangers understood why we were gathered around the large crystal ball; if trouble had been foreseen, wouldn't someone have informed us by now? Instead, the adults-and Clare-were huddled in a corner bickering quietly about something. The normally placid Udonna had a pained expression on her face and Clare was wringing her hands nervously. Even though I couldn't see the look on his face, I saw Lienbow put a hand on his niece's shoulder trying to be reassuring. Obviously some kind of horrible evil plot was arising but nobody would tell us what was happening. I starting to get impatient. Apparently Vida shared my sentiment.

"Alright, that's it!" Vida burst out. "Would somebody please tell us what's going on so we can just hop on our brooms and go?" Lienbow turned to answer her when the sound of soaked footsteps grabbed his attention and caused his head to turn the other way. We all followed his gaze to find a drenched Daggeron and Itasis. Jenji must be in his lamp all warm and dry, I thought wryly. I saw Daggeron look at the group and nod gravely. Udonna nodded back and squared her shoulders before coming toward our table.

She looked worn, as if she had gone from being Nick's mother to being the grandmother of his children. Her eyes were both serious and tired. However the voice she used to address us still held its usual captivating power that made us want to focus on what she had to say. There were times I wished she could've been a teacher at our school; perhaps I wouldn't have tuned out like I had in a few classes. Seeing that a tale was about to be told and given the weather outside, I hoped it wasn't similar to the story of Catastros; it looked as if Nick agreed.

"Are you all familiar with the sorceress Gaia?" Udonna began.

I saw Maddie frown, confused. "Wasn't she the Greek goddess of the Earth?" Out of the corner if my eye I saw Vida shoot me a teasing grin, as if she was asking me, shouldn't what her sister said have been my line? Inwardly I rolled my eyes. Just because I had once been the mystic ranger who had power over the earth element didn't mean that I knew everything about its history fact or mythology!

Udonna smiled, "Often oral tradition has credited Gaia as a goddess because much of her adventures and battles took place in Greece, however she was often alone and not alongside the gods and goddesses of Olympus. Gaia did indeed hold power over the earth's natural magic, but she held power of all of the elements; fire, wind, water and lightning. It has been said that her original talent for manipulating the earth helped the Olympic gods and goddesses in fighting an uprising from the Titans; grateful for her assistance, bestowed gifts of their own elemental magic unto her."

"What does she have to do with us?" I asked. "Does she need our help or something?"

"Patience Xander," Udonna said. "I shall get to that part now. Gaia had passed down her powers to her daughter and from then on, once every one hundred and fifty years a new host in a new generation takes on the powers of the elements. About a decade ago, a new host had assumed her magic, but due to an unforeseen calamity, those powers were lost, scattered over the world and no one knows where they have gone."

"What kind of calamity?" Vida asked.

"Truthfully no one knows," Udonna admitted. "That part seems to have been written out of history, but what we do know is who caused it. His name is Xanthos. A powerful sorcerer who was a follower of the dark arts. It has been said that he was deeply embittered when the Titans, his key to immortality and in destruction were destroyed by Gaia and the gods and goddesses' hands."

"But why wait until so recently to get revenge?" Nick asked. "Why not strike then?"

"Xanthos had been present at the battlefield," Our mentor began. "In order to survive the backlash of magic that would have otherwise killed him, he transported himself to a cave not far from the river Styx. In the cave he put a spell of suspended animation on himself. There he remained for nearly two millennia; it is unclear as to how the spell was broken, but, no doubt we will find out once we find either Xanthos himself or Gaia's descendant." She pointed to small mass of darkness on the crystal ball that normally wouldn't cause much alarm. "Xanthos' magic is growing," She stated. "He has slowly been affecting the magical creatures of the forest and causing natural disasters in both of our realms."

I caught Chip's eager grin, "I guess the Mystic Force is back in business!"

"But how are we to find Gaia's descendant?" Maddie asked. I mentally echoed her question. "What do we need to look for?"

"The descendant has not been shown to us yet," Lienbow answered for his wife, coming to stand by her side. "But we shall keep an eye out for him or her."

"Xander once had the power of earth," Chip pointed out. "Maybe he can sense whether or not the descendant is around us."

"Oh yes," I agreed sarcastically. "Because I have an internal homing device that goes off whenever I'm near a magical persona!"

Chip grinned. "Just kidding Xander."

I just crossed my arms and huffed. "For the rest of today, you are not my best friend," I muttered. He just laughed.

Udonna pulled out her wand and waved it over the table. "I believe you shall be needing these once again." I shared the group's enthusiasm as our old wands/morphers appeared. I picked up the morpher with the small minotaur head and resisted the urge to say, "Strong as a tree, Green Mystic Ranger!" I laughed as I relived battling the Master's villains and the devious antagonist himself.

My non-morpher cell phone rang, pulling me of my reverie. I glanced at the id screen. It was Toby. "Hey Toby," I greeted amicably.

His voice was frantic. "Any possibility you guys could come back from Rootcore?" He asked. I could swear I heard his hair falling out from all of the stress. "We're overrun with customers and Nikki and I can't handle this on our own."

"Where are Leelee, Phineas and Motamboo?"

"Apparently there was a herd of unicorns in distress so they went off to help them." A pause. "Help me!"

I held back a laugh as I replied, "Sure thing Toby." I got up and headed for the tree's entrance. "C'mon guys," I called. "Mortal realm duties call." I heard a mixture of laughter and groaning as my friends got up and followed.

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