Gaia: Mistress of the Elements

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Book One: Mistress of Water

Chapter two: Ileana

Xander's POV

This is starting to get frustrating. It'd been a week since Udonna told us of Gaia and Xanthos. All signs of any future trouble brewing were the sporadic magic storms that showed up in the forest. Clare and Udonna took care of those with little problem. The duty of the Mystic Force for now was to see if we could find the descendant of the sorceress Gaia, no such luck. No matter whom we crossed, there wasn't a magical vibe that drew us to that person. It was kind of surprising really, seeing that after the destruction of the Master, so many believers of magic in Briarwood started stepping up, enabling both human and magical creatures to coexist peacefully. Yet there wasn't a single soul out there who seemed to possess the great power of Gaia. And no, I haven't been going through any power surges myself thank you very much.

I sighed, leaning on the broom I had been using to sweep the floors of Rock Porium. Today had been an extremely dull day. Not too many customers had shown up so Toby just spread us out with different tasks to straighten up the store. We'd all resolved to not use our magic to make the time not go by too quickly. I glanced around the store, checking on my friends. Everyone was going about things half-heartedly. Even Vida didn't look too interested in spinning the records at her turntables. Even though we were the Mystic Force again, Power Rangers once more, we hadn't been given much to do. It almost seemed pointless to have the morpher if it wasn't going to be used. Okay, I admit that I might be acting somewhat dramatic, but come on! I'm bored! I hope the descendant of Gaia shows him or herself really soon or I might be tempted to go provoke a troll just to have some sort of magical excitement.

As I fought to not fall asleep on the broom, I was startled alert by the chiming of the bell above the door, signifying the arrival of a customer. In walked two teenagers, one male and one female. The guy looked to be about a second-year in college and an avid hiker. The girl seemed to be my age--a senior in high school. She was tall, not taller than her companion, but tall enough for me to actually look her directly in the eye without bending my head. When it came to Maddie and Vida, I was at least a head, if not two taller than both. She was pretty, creamy peach skin with auburn hair that went down to her waist and crystal blue eyes. As her male companion went straight for the heavy metal section, she wandered over to the comics, Chip's territory.

Well, it's normally Chip's territory, but he was home with a cold. Keeping my pace casual, I came to stand next to her. I followed her gaze out of the corner of my eye and had it rest upon a fading issue of the Justice League. A classic. "So," I began, startling her, as she threw me a wide-eyed glance. Nonplussed, I went on. "Are you the type of girl to follow Wonder Woman's steps or Hawkgirl's?"

Relaxing a bit, she answered, "Neither. My favorites are Aquagirl, Terra and Pyra. Out of those three I like Terra the best." The super heroines she had listed were manipulators of the elements. Her favorite one, Terra, if my memory had it right, held power over the earth. Trying to keep my reaction relaxed, I asked,

"Why Terra? I heard she was a real antagonist."

The girl smiled. "That's true, but, you see, Terra struggled her who life trying to understand herself and maintain control of her gift. I guess I relate to her because I'm trying to understand myself, what path in life I'm supposed to take." She blushed, looked away from me and muttered. "And here I go, babbling all philosophically once again. That was the reason why I didn't fit in the last town we moved to, come on Lee, time to make a change."

I grinned and said, "Talking to yourself is actually quite the norm here in Briarwood." She returned the grin. "I'm Xander by the way," I continued, holding out my hand. "I could show you around town…if you want."

"Ileana," the girl replied, shaking my hand. She then took me by the shoulders and gently spun me toward the direction of the heavy metal section where her friend still searched. "I'd have to run your offer by my boyfriend first before I take you up on it." I felt the heat start to creep my neck. Hiking-lover boy over there was her boyfriend? Why didn't I see that? The air between them had seemed pretty platonic to me. Ileana giggled as she let go of my shoulders and started to stroll toward the heavy metal section. "It was nice talking to you Xander!" She called over her shoulder, musical laughter still lacing her voice.

I walked mechanically toward the forgotten broom. Picking it up, I let my head drop onto the handle and groaned. "She's taken?" Nick asked sympathetically.

"Yeah," I muttered, defeated. I turned my head toward him. "Wait, did you hear all of that?" Rejection was bad enough. Having it spread around so quickly was even worse.

Nick shook his head. "Your reaction is just typical of all the rejected males out there."

"Let me guess, you asked Maddie out and she turned you down?" I asked not bothering to hide my smirk.

Nick turned red. "No she didn't turn me down!" He answered hastily. "She couldn't because I haven't asked her out yet." He then muttered.

"What?!" I shouted. Then quickly dropped my voice to a whisper. "You still haven't asked her out yet? You better make a move on it my friend before that guy Ben comes back. Or worse, Vida asks for you."

Nick nodded. "Good point." He headed toward Maddie who was manning the register only to pause next to the clearance rack, two feet away and spun around in another direction before catching her eye. I shook my head and chuckled. And he once picked on her for being shy. I heard the sound of hurried footsteps heading in my direction. I looked up to see Ileana's blue eyes practically smiling at me.

"What, break up with the guy already?" I asked, trying to seem nonchalant. Ileana laughed.

"Okay, the truth is, that guy is actually my brother. I'm single, but I'm not into the lady killer types." I tried to hide my blush at that. She handed me a slip of paper. "Here's my e-mail, maybe we could get to know each other better. And I would very much appreciate that tour, especially if it includes a tour of the school."

I smiled, still feeling the heat on my face. "It does."

"Awesome," she replied. "I have a feeling we're gonna be great friends." She then leaned and whispered, "And just between friends, if you lightened up the charm a bit, you'll get your Terra in no time." I felt something smooth being pressed into my hand. I merely gripped it as Ileana flashed me another saccharine grin along with a wink and danced out the door.

Looking down at the object in my hand, I saw it was an issue of Teen Titans, Robin's version of the Justice League so to speak. On the cover was Beastboy and Terra, the former doing everything in his power to act macho and suave while the latter looked on in great humor. Remembering what I could about this couple from the information Chip gladly delved to me, Beastboy had won Terra over by being himself. Looking back towards the door, I understood what Ileana was telling me. Grinning, I put the issue back in its respective place on the shelf only to pause when I looked at the covers next to it, one depicted Aquagirl, another depicted Pyra and a third had Thunder and Lightning on the cover. All wielders of the elements and Ileana, whose name had belonged to many a sorceress had shown me a comic about one who had power over earth. Looking back I the door I thought, See you around mistress of the elements.

I'm not gonna lie. I don't think this is my best work, but it'll have to do for now. I hope to update faster and write longer chapters. Wish me luck!