Alice, Rosalie, and Bella Swan are all sisters. Rosalie is the oldest at 18, Bella and Alice are seventeen. Alice was adopted when she was 4, but that made no difference to them at all. They loved her as if they were really sister's. Rosalie- had long blonde slightly curled with icy blue eyes, she makes the saying if looks could kill come to life, Alice- small yet full of energy and has brown eyes, they call her a pixie, but not to her face, anymore, she may be small but she has a full evil side, Bella- has wavy brown hair and big brown eyes. Oh, and they don't like to date. Rose- doesn't want to be hurt or used, Alice- thinks they are jerks and don't care about their feelings, Bella- doesn't want to be used or rejected. But after a fatal accident, where their mom dies, they decide to move to Forks, where they meet Emmett, Jasper, and Edward Cullen. Can the girls open up to them, can the boys earn their trust.


"COME ON BELLA, WE GOTTA GO." Alice yelled "I AM COMING!" today we are leaving for Forks, were are driving, and I can only take so many hours in the car with Alice and Rose. SAVE ME. I turned and headed down the stairs.

"Well, it's about timeā€¦Are you ready to go?" said Alice. "Ready as I'll ever be!"

We all got into the car and backed out of the drive way. Alice turned up the radio and Untouched by the Veronicas came on. Rose and I were in the back dancing and singing to the song. Then the next song that came on was no doubt our favorite song. SINGLE LADIES BY BEYONCE "Alice turn it up more." "OK"

By the time we finished the song, cars had passed gave us crazy looks. Millions of hours later. We arrived at our new home. "Everyone ready, find your room, and claim it and READY! SET! GO!" we raced off to claim our rooms; I took the one right by the bathroom. It was a light purple, had a walk in closet and a doorway to the bathroom, like my own, but it has another door so not really but close enough. "Everyone got their rooms" Alice said. "Yes" Rose and I yelled. "Ok, walk out and we'll look at our rooms. Bella you first!!!!" "OK" they loved my room. Next we went to Rose's room, hers was a blood red, it fitted her well, and then Alice's hers was pink, like bright pink. "Ok, let's bring our bags up and go to sleep we have school tomorrow." Said Rose. "Already, what time is it?" I said. "It's 10, and school starts at 8, but we got to go to school early to get our schedule." Said Alice. "Alright goodnight ya'll." "Goodnight."


"Bella get up; don't make me poor cold water on you again." Alice threatened, 5'4 of PURE EVIL.

"You wouldn't dare!" I shot up

"Try us!" "Rather not, what time is it Alice?"

"6:00, but we are getting you ready!" YAY ME.


"Ok, Bells, we're done." Said Rose. "It's about time." I said. "Oh whatever"

"Is everybody ready to go?" Alice said. "Yeah, let's go." Rose said.

We were driving to school, in Rosalie's BMW, singing to all of the songs. We pulled into the park lot and I noticed that ours was the only "good" kind of car. "Alright girls, let's do this!" said Alice. We got out of the car and immediately people were starring at us. The guys were ogling, and the girls were glaring at us. We walked into the office and got our schedules. Rose is a senior, while Alice and I are juniors. "Hey Bella, what classes do you have?"Said Alice.

"Let me see your schedule, ok, I have homeroom with you, 1st period in English, 3rd period in math, and 4th in World History. At least we have some classes together."

"Yeah because I'm all alone in my classes, but Bella we have gym together, I just don't have your teacher, and we will see each other at lunch too." Said Rose.

"Ok, let's head to our classes, and we'll walk together because our homeroom is next to yours Rose." Said Alice. "OK" as we were walking a girl with brown hair and brown eyes came up to us. "Hi, you must be the Swan sister's! I'm Angela." "Hi, I'm Alice Swan, and these are my sisters Bella and Rosalie."

"Yeah, we've been waiting for ya'll to come; it's rather rare for people to come into our school!" Angela was really nice. "OMG, did you hear about the Cullen's? They are all single again!!" a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes said, yeah she was pretty, but held nothing against Rose. "OMG! Really, Edward is so gonna go out with me I know it!" another girl with brown hair and blue eyes said.

"Hey Angela, who are the Cullen's?"

"OH, I would stay away from them! They are all players; they go out with a girl for like a day and then go to the next one, it's a never ending cycle!" Angela said.

"It's because of those guys is the reason we don't date!" snarled Rose. Wow she hasn't even met them and she already hates them, new record.

"Yeah" Alice and I cheered.

"Wait, ya'll don't date!"

"No, we know how guys are, we know what they want, yeah we have been asked out a lot but by jerks, we want someone who will take a relationship seriously!" Alice said.

"Yeah, who do they think they are doing that to girls?" I really HATE these guys with a passion.

"Well see for yourself, because here they come!" sure enough, there were a bunch of girls screaming for them, obsessive much.

"The one with the big muscle's is Emmett he is a senior, the one with blonde hair is Jasper he is a junior, and the last one with the bronze hair is Edward, he is also a junior,!" when we turned we saw the hottest boys in the World. Well that was until I saw all of them having three girls on their arms in a matter of 10 seconds. I see what Angela means now.

"They are so playboy, I can't believe that boys' can be such pigs." Rose said.

"You've got that right; all they want is a one-night stand." Alice said.

"I know right! I just can't believe the girls know what they do but still chase after them, they must be really desperate!"

Then right as we walked away I saw the Cullen's starring at us, US, with wide eyes and mouths opened. Once we were out of their hearing range "OMG, did you see the way they were looking at us, they looked surprised to see us not drooling over them, yeah they were hot, but there not worth my time, what do ya'll think?" Rose said. "HELL YEAH!" Alice and I said. We arrived at our homerooms; we gave Rose a hug and said good luck.

"You Ready?" Alice said. I knew she was nervous, we all were. "Yea, let's go!"