Oh my God I am soooooo sorry…..i am trying to update this week… ive been sick all week and sleeping…. and every time I tried writing my nagger of a friend shaunie decided to look over my shoulder and point out ALL THE ERRORS with commas anything I wanted to kill her so I stopped writing around her.. I have the next chapter but im changing a few things. SHAUN also informed me that something bad going wrong with all three sisters was just stupid and would never happen.. I told her its FANFICTION….as much as I love her like a sister she is the most annoying honors student ever.. no offense Shaun..and Im telling you now shaun if I find a message on this pointing out all these error I will tackle you tomorrow at the game.. okay sorry had to get that out…. And thanks to my new bestest friend rosaliehale1997 I am going to be posting again because I thought the story wasn't that good.. and I hate when people just leave a story hanging so im not gonna do that.. im soo sorry and pray shaun will not kill me in my sleep tomorrow for the author note…and I will update soon byeeeeeeee