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In the days that had followed from the Doctor releasing the ashes of his duplicate into space, the Doctor and Rose's relationship had become rocky. They had numerous, heated discussions between the two of them, while trying to adjust to being parents to not only Jack but to Jenny as well. It would take them nearly a month before Rose and the Doctor found a parenting rhythm that worked for them, and they had begun to mend their own relationship. Mostly with help from the Tardis locking them into a room together till they sorted out their feelings towards each other.

It was now three months since their battle with the Daleks and life aboard the Tardis has been quite interesting. Rose and the Doctor were now sharing a bedroom, Jack was learning how to read Gallifreyan from the Doctor, and Jenny was being schooled on how to work the Tardis.

"Jenny, could you hand me that hydro spanner there?" The Doctor asks from under the console with his feet sticking out.

"Sure dad." Jenny answers as she takes the tool from the large toolbox lying on the grated floor. Handing the Doctor said tool, Jenny decides to ask her father a question. "So how do you know what needs fixing? I mean, does the Tardis tell you, or does she makes you guess?"

"Weellllll. It depends."

Jenny's eyes open wide at the Doctor's aloofness in answering her question.

"Dad! You mean to say that you play around, pretending to fix her, when she doesn't need fixing!" Jenny practically shouts with accusation ringing in her voice.

The Doctor's head shoots up out of the floor. "Now Jenny, I don't pretend to fix the Tardis. She really does need fixing." A spark flies out from the wire he is holding in one of his hands. "Ouch! Okay okay. Maybe not so much fixing, but still."

Jenny laughs as the Tardis rumbles at the Doctor, causing a deep vibration through the grated flooring. She has gotten used to living in the Tardis with the Doctor, Rose, and Jack. Traveling with the three of them was the best part of it all, really.

"Jenny!" cries little Jack as he comes running into the console room.

Jenny barely has enough time to register her name being called and has to raise her hands to keep Jack from plowing into her body. With Jack in her hands, Jenny begins to tickle the little boy just to keep him preoccupied and away from the opening in the grate floor under the console. Lately, Jack has been trying to use the access as a hiding spot.

"What is it Jack?" asks the Doctor, who has lifted himself out of the floor completely.

"I don't wanna..." Jack chuckles out while trying to break free from Jenny's tickling assault.

"Don't want to what?" asks Jenny, as she lets up on her tickling of the boy. Then she wraps her arms around her little brother.

Rose comes into the room with the sleeves to her pale blue, button-down shirt rolled up her arms. Rose looks down at her son, as she walks up to where Jenny is seated on the floor.

"Jack Theta Tyler!" she says with a hint of authority in her voice, "You will take a bath young man. Can't have you smelling like sweat and looking all dirty. Now come on!"

"Don't wanna! Can't make me!" Jack replies stubbornly while trying to wiggle free from Jenny's grasp.

The Doctor is trying hard not to laugh at the sight before him. Oh yes, Jack had inherited his own need to be on the go constantly, but the boy took after his mother when it comes to sheer stubbornness. Yet watching the exchange between his son and Rose, the Doctor can't help but be impressed with Jack's ability to talk his way out of doing things.

Rose having caught sight of the Doctor watching the verbal exchange between her and Jack, is about to give him a particular ultimatum if he doesn't start helping her. She knows that their son has got this canny way of getting out of things, but the boy hasn't had a bath in three days. Rose is surprised that the Tardis hasn't started complaining about the smell coming off of Jack.

"How about if I help you?" Jenny looks at Jack after noticing the silent glare Rose is giving the Doctor. "Would that be okay with you, Jack?"

Little Jack nods his head in agreement, and Jenny moves to stand up from the floor with Jack in her arms. Giving the Doctor and Rose each a smile, Jenny starts to walk towards a hallway that will lead them to the baths.

"How does she do that? I try and its like pulling teeth with him. Mind you, he never did this till we came aboard the Tardis." Rose turns to look at the Doctor from having watched Jenny and Jack leave the console room. " He is calm when facing Daleks, but is totally terrified of taking a bath."

The Doctor walks over to Rose and places his hands on her hips. He leans forwards and places a kiss gently to her lips. The two of them let the kiss build gradually till Rose has to break it so that she may catch her breath.

"You do realize that he takes after you somewhat, but I think that he does all that complaining to get attention." The Doctor whispers against Rose's jawline while placing gentle kisses in a row upon it.

"Like you, Doctor." says Rose cheekily. Her hands move so that they are fisting against the Doctor's chest while enjoying his ministrations.

"Oi! I do not behave like that! If I want attention, say from Rose Tyler, all I have to do is this." The Doctor kisses Rose's lips again, but it wasn't a soft kiss. It is demanding, forceful, and passionate for a kiss from him.

"And if I want attention, say from a certain Time Lord, all I have to say is." Rose pauses and takes a step back from the Doctor. "Come and get me, Doctor!"

Rose rushes out of the console room, giggling with the knowledge that the Doctor is hot on her heels in pursuit.

Two hours later…

Little Jack is fast asleep, tucked in his twin sized bed with midnight blue blankets that are covered in stars. It had taken Jenny twenty minutes to convince him that baths are good. So after that conversation the two of them dressed in their bathing suits, took a long two-hour bath. Jack could barely keep his eyes open when it came time to get out of the warm pools of water and get dressed for bed. Jenny had to help him put his pajama's on and carry him to his bedroom. As soon as his little, brown haired head hit the pillow he was out like a light.

Jenny closes Jack's bedroom door and walks across the hall to her own bedroom. Unlike little Jacks' room, which was all messy and a sky blue color with small Tardis's floating on the walls, Jenny's room was an earthy green with tan mixed in. She has a full size bed with camouflage sheets and bedspread. When she had first arrived on the Tardis, she had asked for her room to be across from her brothers' room. That way she could be close to him, but mostly so that if he had bad dreams she could get to him quickly.

Jenny begins changing into her pajamas so she can go to bed after a quiet day in the Tardis. Pulling her green tank up and over her head, she heads towards the bathroom which comes with her bedroom. Brushing her teeth then washing her face, Jenny begins to realize that Rose's nightly regimen has rubbed off on her somehow. Letting out a soft chuckle at that, Jenny walks out of her bathroom and climbs into bed. She falls fast asleep within minutes of blond head hitting the pillow.

In a different bedroom, which the Tardis moved to a different location, there is a line of clothes leading up to a bed. Rose is laying on her side, cuddled up against the Doctor. Her head is laying on his shoulder and her hand is laying on his chest with fingers intertwined with the Doctor's.

Rose is still having a hard time believing that she is actually back on the Tardis and sharing a bedroom with the Doctor. After their reconciling, the Doctor and Rose agreed that it may be best that they use the Doctor's bedroom for their own. Though Rose misses her pale pink room with yellow, plush carpeting, she can't help but be in awe of just how relaxing her new bedroom is.

When the Doctor had first shown Rose his bedroom, it reminded her of an old Victorian styled bedroom that she had once scene on the television. It has a four poster bed which is made out of wood and a king-sized mattress with cream and brown color sheets. On either side of the bed are nightstands, made of the same wood as the bed. In two of the corners there are a pair of chairs that are of a paisley fabric of rich blues and greys, which face the bed. Then there are two doors along the far wall. One leads to the massive dressing room that the Tardis has, and the other leads to their own personal bathroom.

"Why aren't you asleep yet, Rose?" The Doctor whispers against the blond hair at the crown of Rose's head.

Rose moves carefully on the bed so that she can look at the Doctor's face. "I afraid that if I go to sleep, that I will wake up and this will all be a dream."

Sensing that this is one of those times where Rose needs comforting, the Doctor moves so that he can sit up on their bed. He pulls Rose into a tight embrace, not caring that neither of them is wearing anything, and lets the skin-to-skin contact remind Rose that it is real.

"Rose. This is real. You're safe aboard the Tardis, with me. And nothing is going to change that." The Doctor gently lifts Rose's chin with one of his hands, so that he can look into her eyes. "I would fight anyone who would take you from me, Rose. You aren't going anywhere. Neither is Jack or Jenny. For better or for worse, you three are stuck with me. Forever."

"Do you promise, Doctor?"

"I promise, Rose."

Leaning in, the Doctor places his lips against hers and lets himself get lost in the sensation of the kiss. He knows that, for humans, kissing is one way to affirm comfort to the one you love. What the Doctor wasn't planning on was for Rose to wrap her arms around his neck and pulls him back down on the bed. This leads them into another bout of love-making, but where the first round was passionate and fierce, the second round is more gentle and tender.

As her thief and wolf continue in their expression of the love they have for one another, the Tardis keeps a watchful eye over her little family. Yet something pulls the Tardis's attention to the time stream that causes the ship to let out a soft groan in sadness. Something is coming, something big.

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