Your wish is my command. You asked for a sequel, well now you will get a sequel. It has taken me a few days to write this chapter but I figured that the first 2 chapters will be set before the 2008 Christmas Special. Then I will slightly rewrite the special to include Rose, Jenny, and little Jack.

I hope that you will enjoy this sequel story. I will write as much as I can. ( Secretly I am hoping to write at least 50 chapters. Cross your fingers.)

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It had been 3 months since their battle with the Daleks. Or at least Jenny thought it might have been 3 months, but you can never while traveling in the Tardis.

"Jenny, could you hand me that hydro spanner there?"

Jenny snapped out of her thoughts and quickly turned her head. " Sure dad." Jenny handed the Doctor the tool. "So how do you know what needs to get fixed? I mean, does the Tardis tell you? Or does she makes you guess?"

The Doctor, who was underneath the grated floor trying to fix a circuit connection, simply replied. "Weellllll."

Jenny's eyes opened wide. "Dad!!! You mean to say that you play around, pretending to fix her, when she doesn't need fixing!!!!"

The Doctor's head shot up out of the floor. "Now Jenny, I don't pretend to fix the Tardis. She really does need fixing." A spark flew out from the wire he was holding. "Ouch!!! Okay Okay. Maybe not so much fixing, but still."

Jenny laughed as the Tardis rumbled at the Doctor. She had gotten used to living on the Tardis with the Doctor. 'Oh and Rose and little Jack.' Jenny corrected herself mentally. She loved traveling with all of them. Dad had been teaching Jack and herself about the Tardis, the time vortex, and how to speak Gallifreyan. Though writing it was extremely tough, especially for Jack. Mum, was always making their trips excitable. Jeopardy friendly mum is, or so dad had told her after running for their lives on Maltia 9. Mum had "accidentally" sneezed in public, which happened to be a crime there. If they weren't running for their lives, mum was very upbeat and had enough physical energy to rival dad. As for little Jack, he was spoiled. Not by mum or dad, but by her. Anytime he had a nightmare or couldn't grasp what dad or mum was talking about, she would be there to help him. After all she was his older sister.

"Jenny!!!!!" cried little Jack as he came running into the console room. Jenny had barely enough time to register her name being called before he ran into.

"What is it Jack?" asked the Doctor, who had lifted himself out of the floor.

"I don't wanna...." sniffed Jack as he clung to Jenny's shirt.

"Don't want to what?" asked Jenny, as she looked down at her brother.

Rose came into the room with the sleeves to her shirt rolled up her arms. Rose looked down at her son, as she walked up to where Jenny was sitting on the floor.

"Jack Theta Tyler!" she said, " You will take a bath young man. Can't have you smelling like sweat and looking all dirty. Now come on!"

"Don't wanna!!! Can't make me!!!" cried Jack, tightening his grip on Jenny's shirt.

The Doctor was trying hard not to laugh. Rose caught sight of the Doctor watching their son and her arguing. Rose sighed and was about to grab for the boy before Jenny stood up.

"How about if I help you?" Jenny looked at Jack. "That okay?" Little Jack nodded his head, and Jenny looked over towards Rose for permission. Rose nodded. Jenny left the console room and headed for the community bathroom.

"How does she do that? I try and its like pulling teeth. Mind you he never did this till we came aboard the Tardis." Rose turned to the Doctor. " He is calm when facing Daleks, but is totally terrified of taking a bath."

The Doctor walked over to Rose and placed his hands on her hips. He leaned forward and kissed her lips softly. As they broke apart the Doctor simply smiled. "You do realize that he takes after you somewhat, but I think that he does all that complaining to get attention." He whispered.

"Like you, Doctor." said Rose cheekily.

"Oi! I do not! If I want attention, say from Rose Tyler, all I have to do is this." The Doctor kissed Rose again but it wasn't a soft kiss. It was a demanding and forceful kiss. Both of them fighting for dominance over the other. As they split apart from each other, both were breathing heavily.

"And if I want attention, say from a certain Time Lord, all I have to say is."Rose paused."Come and get me!!" she cried as she bolted from where she was standing. The Doctor couldn't believe that she had managed to escape from him. He smiled and took after her. The chase was on.


Little Jack was asleep on his bed. It took Jenny 20 minutes to convince him that baths were good. After that the two of them, in their bathing suits, took a long 2 hour bath. Jack could barely keep his eyes open when it came time to get dressed for bed. Jenny had to help him put his pajama's on and as soon as his head hit the pillow he was out. Jenny closed his door and walked across the hall to he bedroom. Unlike little Jacks room, which was all messy and a sky blue color with small Tardis's floating on the walls. Jenny's room was an earthy green and tan mix. She had a full size bed with camouflage sheets and bedspread. She had asked the Tardis to put her room across from her brothers' so she could be close to him, but mostly so that if he had bad dreams that his crying wouldn't bother their parents.

Jenny began changing into her pajamas so she could go to bed. After pulling her green tank up and over her head, she headed towards the bathroom. Brushing her teeth, then washing her face Jenny began to realize that Rose's nightly regimen had rubbed off on her. Jenny walked out of her bathroom and climbed into bed. As soon as her head hit the pillow she fell asleep.


Rose was lying on her side and was cuddled up against the Doctor. Her head was laying on his shoulder. Her hand, combined with the Doctors, was laying on his chest. Their fingers wrapped together, then their thumbs began to wrestle each other.

The Doctor smiled, "Rose don't start a fight that you know you can't win."

"What makes you think that I can't win?" replied Rose as she began to thumb wrestle the Doctor.


Rose began to giggle as she tried her hardest to pin his thumb. She knew that the only way she would win against him was to distract him. So began to run her leg up his until she reached what she was looking for. As the Doctor showed signs of being distracted, Rose pinned his thumb.

"I win!!!" laughed Rose.

"You, Rose Tyler, are a cheat." said the Doctor as he gave her a hurt look.

Rose giggled and pushed her face into the side of his chest. As she brought her face back up to look at him, she began to laugh. The look he was giving her was priceless. He had his face screwed up as if he couldn't understand what was so funny. Finally, Rose couldn't stand it and rolled herself up onto the Doctor.

"Rose." growled the Doctor.

Rose gave him a smug smile. "If I'm a cheat then why don't you..." but Rose never got the chance to finish her sentence, since the Doctor soon had her pinned to the bed..


I didn't want to make this chapter long due to the fact that I need somethings to use for the next chapter. I'm going to try to keep this in the Teen rating but later chapters might make it go up.

I do hope that you all enjoy this sequel. I haven't been sleeping well due to those plot bunnies!!!!! I can't seem to quiet my mind before I go to bed. It's so so so frustrating!!!!!!!

Well see you all later,


Next chapter preview:

"Mummy!!!!" screamed little Jack from his bedroom, as he woke from a horrible nightmare.

Rose who was now asleep beside the Doctor, woke with a start as the Tardis brushed against her mind rather forcefully. Her eyes flew open and as she sat up with a start, the Doctor was already bolting from the bed. Putting his pajama pants on as he ran towards the door and some how grabbing his robe at the same time.

Jenny heard her brothers' cry and immediately got up and ran towards his yells.