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The Doctor had been strapped into a chair, his wrists and ankles bound and his mouth gagged. He watched as the Master gained access to all of the armaments of the Earth. As the Master was busy with his look alikes, the Doctor tried to reach out to Rose through their link. He could sense her but just barely. She was alive and seemed to be alright.

"Well, Doctor. Should I bring out my special guests. I'm sure you know who they are." The Master smirked as he watched the Doctor's reaction. "Bring out them out!" shouted the Master to a few of his look alikes. "I wonder Doctor, how is it that you fell for a human? And besides falling for a one, you went and created little half-breeds."

"Daddy." came Jacks voice as he and Rose were escorted/ forced into the room. Jack looked alright save for his little splotchy face from crying. Rose, however, looked paler than normal and her eyes looked like they were trying to hide something.

The Master smirked at the Doctor before making his way over to remove the gag from the Doctor's mouth. "Why don't you say hello to your family. I had them brought all the way from Cardiff. You know you really need to be careful on which friends to leave your family with."

"Leave them alone. This is between us, leave them out of it." The Doctor tried the best he could to try and break free from his bounds but it was in vein. He tried to reach out to them both through the shared link, but again, it felt like they were barely there. "What have you done to them?"

The Master walks over to where Rose is standing. Her hands were bound in front of her and her ankles had chains on them. The Master runs a hand through her hair, then brings a few strands towards his noses. "She is most enchanting, is she not." The Master lets the strands fall from his hand before placing it on the baby bump. Rose immediately screams and tries to back away.

The Doctor screams at the Master, "Stop it! Let her go!" He can feel through his link with Rose that this searing pain was part of the stages of labor.

"Ah yes, your mate here, started having contractions as soon as she was brought here. Seems to me, Doctor, that you have once again failed to protect those you care about." The Master removes his hand from the baby bump and the contraction stopped.

Before the Doctor could think of something to get his family to safety. Jack, Jenny, and two aliens arrived in a circle around the Doctor then zapped away, leaving Rose and Jack with the Master.

The Doctor was furious. " You left them behind!" He screamed as Jenny removed the binds. When he was free, he slammed Jack into the wall. "You don't understand! The Master will kill them to get to me! You should have gotten them out not me!"

"Dad!" Jenny placed her hand on her father's shoulder. "We'll get them out. Jack has a plan."

The Doctor moved away from Jack and Jenny, then disappeared into the bowels of the ship they were on. Jenny felt Jack's hand on her shoulder.

"Go after him. He needs you. Though he won't say it." Jack whispered to her.

"He looks so lost, Jack. I don't know what I can do or say that will help him. I've never seen him like this." Jenny felt Jack's hand squeeze her shoulder before lightly pushing it. Not one to be told twice, Jenny went to find her father.

After searching for several hours she found him sitting on the floor of one of the rooms. He seemed to be working on something. She cautiously stepped towards him, and when he didn't respond she sat down. Looking towards the Earth she said softly, "The Earth looks beautiful from here. Looks like sunrise is about to come to England."

The Doctor stopped working on a piece of machinery and looked out at the Earth. Noticing that he wasn't saying anything Jenny continued to talk. " Jack told me about the Master. And what happened last time you faced him. How is it that he is alive?"

"I don't know. But the longer we wait here, the more danger Rose, little Jack and the baby are in."

It was then that the Master's voice broke over the ships intercom. He was talking about a diamond, a white point star. It was then that the Doctor pulled himself together.


Rose was laying on a cot trying her hardest not to allow the contractions to get too close together. She wanted the Doctor to be there with her when she gives birth. Her and Jack were brought to this room when the Master heard something about a shooting star being sighted in the night sky. That had been several hours ago, and Jack was curled up sleeping next to her. She was worried about the Doctor. His look of despair on his face before he and the others escaped. It played in her mind over and over. No matter how hard she tired, she couldn't reach him through their link.

Another contraction hit her before she felt the room begin to shake. Jack was now wide awake and whispered. "They're coming."

Before she could ask what Jack was talking about the door to their room was blasted off its hinges. Rose smiled and got up off the bed carefully. "Come on Jack. It's time to find your father."

The two walked slowly through the hallways of the mansion. A few doors ahead of where they were, Rose could hear the Doctor's voice yelling away. She wanted to get to him as fast as she could, and hoped he was ready to help her, cause she could now feel the baby's head pushing near the cervix.

She stopped to in the hall as another contraction hit her. She leaned against the wall as people ran out of the door to the room where the Doctor was. Little Jack kept moving however, towards the room. As he stepped into the door way he saw that his father was holding a gun and had it pointed at the Master. Jack stood very still and jumped when Rose placed a hand on his shoulder. She herself couldn't believe what she was seeing.

Rose noticed however, that the Doctor wasn't looking at the man in the middle of the group, but towards a woman to the man's left. The woman had lowered her hands and was now silently crying. That was when Rose felt a much more stronger contraction and cried out. She placed one hand on her belly and the other grabbed hold of the door frame and her legs weakened.

"Mum!" Jack yelled as his mother slid down towards the floor. He looked over towards his father, "Father, she needs help!"

The whole group, the Master, and the Doctor now looked towards where Rose was. The Doctor's face was on of sadness and defeat. However, the man in the group looked at Rose, then Jack, then to the Doctor.

"So Lord Doctor, this is what you have been up to. You have blended our superior blood to that of an inferior race!" The man shouted before raising up his hand that was covered by a metal glove and aiming it at Rose. The Master saw this and moved to stand between the man and Rose.

"NO!" The Master shouted.

The Doctor, using the distraction that the Master had provided, shot the gun towards the machine that held the link together. He watched as the machine blew apart and then turned to look at the group of people.

"The link has been broken. It's back to the Time War. Back into hell Rassilon." The Doctor shouted at the man with the metal glove.

"Then you die with me!" Rassilon said to the Doctor as he could feel the pull of his part of the link dissolving.

"I know!" The Doctor replies and waits for Rassilion to use the metal glove. Rose gasps, "No." and starts to push as the burn of the baby's head goes through the cervix and enters the birth canal. Jack keeps looking back and forth between his mother and father.

Out of no where, the Master pushes the Doctor out of the way and hurls pure energy out of his hands towards Rassilon. " You did this to me! All of my life! I won't allow you to hurt another child of time the way you did me!" The Master shouts as he continues his assault and soon he and the group of Time Lords disappeared into the white nothingness.

The Doctor, laying on the floor, starts to get up in the aftermath. He knows he is alive, but at the full force of pain and agony from his link with Rose, he quickly pulls himself together. He looks to left to see that Rose is half crawling half dragging herself towards him. Little Jack is by her side trying to help her. The Doctor, on his hands and knees, makes his way over to her.


"It's coming. I tried, but it won't stop. I'm sorry." Rose says before screaming out in pain. The Doctor moves himself so that he can help Rose lean up against the legs of a desk. After she is settled, he quickly divests her of her bottoms, and himself of his jacket. Jack stays sitting next to Rose as he watches his father.

"Rose, sweetheart, I hate to say this but the head is beginning to crown. Don't fight it. Just follow the rhythm of your body and we'll soon have our baby out here with us." He looks up at Rose's face and at this moment he knows why he loves her. He watches her face as it contorts and he helps her to her knees when she complains about needing to shift. He holds her in his arms giving her all the support she needs, and when the time came had her hold onto his shoulders while he moves his hands to help support the baby as it emerges. Holding the baby in his hands he looks down to see that he now has another daughter.

"It's a girl, Rose. We have a little girl." He says with tears rolling down his face.

Rose shifts so that she is back to leaning up against the legs of the desk. She watches the Doctor looking over their daughter. Jack looks at his mother and whispers something in her ear that makes her smile even more.

"Donna. Lets name her Donna." Rose says with a strained voice. A voice that seems to pull the Doctor's attention away from the baby in his hands. He looks at Rose and smiles before handing little Donna to Rose. The umbilical cord is still attached to little Donna and Rose shifts a little bit at the sensation of the placenta detaching.

This little scene is soon interrupted by a knocking on glass. Rose and the Doctor look towards where the noise is coming from and see Wilf standing in one of two glass boxes. It's at this point that the Doctor now understands what he must do. He looks at his family, and Rose sees the expression on his face.

"No." She whispers to the Doctor. "Jack Harkness will come. He will be able to help."

"He is not coming Rose."

"You don't know that. It could come through that door at any moment and.."


"You can't die. Not now. We just... Our daughter needs her father... You can't..." Rose is trying to stop the tears but she can't. Jack hugs his father and doesn't say a word. He too is crying cause he knows what is about to happen. The Doctor pulls away from Jack and kisses his sons forehead. Then he turns to Rose and Donna. He places a hand on Donna's little head, and she begins to cry. He looks at Rose before kissing her with as much emotion as he can. He breaks from the kiss and whispers to Rose, "Remember, I will always love you. All of you. Don't ever forget that." Rose looks down at Donna and kisses her daughter's head. She doesn't want to witness the Doctor's death.

The Doctor stands up and makes his way over towards Wilf.

"They all gone then? Jolly good. This thing seems to be making a bit of a noise." Wilf says. Wilf had stood quiet during the birth but now he was good and ready to come out.

"The Master, left the Nuclear bolt running. It's gone into overload" The Doctor replies as he walks closer to the Wilf.

"That's bad is it?"

No, cause all that excess radiation gets vented inside there. Vinvochi glass, contains it. All 500,000 rads are about to flood that thing."

"Well, then you better let me out then."

"Except. It's gone critical. Touch one control and the whole thing floods. Even this," The Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver, "would set it off."

"I'm sorry." Wilf says as the Doctor mouths thank you silently. "Just leave me."

The Doctor looks back over to Wilf since he turned away. "Okay, Alright I will then. You had to go in there. You had to go and get stuck in there. Oh yes! Cause that's who you are Wilfred. You were always this. Waiting for me all this time." The Doctor looks away.

"You should just leave me." Wilfred says. He feels guilty for having to make the Doctor choose. "I'm an old man, Doctor. I've had my time."

"Well exactly. Look at you. Not remotely important. But me, I could do so much more." The Doctor then pounds his fists into his chest. "So much more!" he screams at the top of his lungs. He doesn't hide back his emotions anymore. He feels like the universe has cheated him. He feels Rose, Donna, and Jack wince through his link with all three of them. "And this is what I get. My reward, watching my daughter being born then my death. And it's not fair." He knocks things off the other side of the desk from where his family is sitting. "

Wilf, after listening and watching the Doctor is trying to hold back his sadness. He watches as the Doctor starts to move to the other side, but not before hearing the Doctor say, "I've lived too long." Wilf tries to stop the Doctor by telling him not to.

The Doctor stops and puts a hand on the other doors handle. He looks at Wilf and says, "Wilfred. It's my honor. Better be quick." The Doctor opens the door, goes inside, then shuts the door all before hitting the button that unlocks the other sides door for Wilfred to get out. He tries not to cry out but fails. He didn't want his family to hear his screams of torture and possible his death. He curls up on the floor of the box as the radiation disappears. The door then unlocks on its own.

Wilfred stands there looking at the Doctor, when he feels a tiny hand grab hold of his. He looks down and sees a little miniature of the Doctor but with hazel eyes. The boy is looking up at Wilfred, then looks over to where his father is laying. It's at this moment that Jack Harkness, Jenny, and Ianto come running into the room. Ianto goes straight for Rose, while Jenny and Jack Harkness go over to Wilf and young Jack.

"No." Jenny says softly with tears running down her face. Jack Harkness goes up to the glass and places a hand on the glass.

The Doctor stirs from his position and slowly gets himself to stand up.

"Hello Doctor." Jack Harkness says.

"Hi." the Doctor responds.

"Still with us?" asks Wilfred.

"Systems dead. I absorbed it all. The whole things gone kaput." The Doctor says as he pushes the door open. "Where's Rose?"

"Ianto is with her and the baby." Jack Harkness says.

All of them watch as the Doctor runs his hands down his face and all the cuts disappear.

"How'd you do that?" Wilfred asks. He is amazed that the Doctor looks brand new.

"It's started then." is all the Doctor replies before Ianto brings over Rose and the baby. Rose wraps her free arm around the Doctor, but he stands stock still.

As they all begin entering the Tardis, Rose keeps a tight hold of the Doctor's hand. Jenny, Wilf, Jack Harkness, and young Jack all head back towards the galley, while The Doctor, Rose, and baby Donna stay in the console room.

"I'll be dropping you and the kids at Sarah Jane's." The Doctor says softly. He moves towards one of the levers, but Rose pulls on his hand hard.

"What do you mean? You just going to drop us off at Sarah Jane's and then what? Leave us?" She gives the Doctor a hard look. " You can't leave us there. Our place is with you. You need us. You.."

"I need you all to be somewhere safe when I regenerate." The Doctor says before pulling Rose and Donna to him. He kisses Rose softly before continuing. "I need you all to be away from me when I regenerate. I absorbed radiation. So much radiation that if you and our children were to stay here, you all would die from radiation poisoning or be burned. So I just need you all to be somewhere safe so that I don't have to worry."

"Will you come back for us? After you've regenerated?" Rose whispers softly with tears building in her eyes.

" I promise." is all the Doctor says to her.

Wilf was taken back to his house. He was welcomed with open arms by his daughter.

Jack and Ianto were dropped off at a warehouse where Mickey and Martha were at. The two having gotten married, had started their own freelance business fighting aliens and were currently fighting Sontarans.

Their next stop was Sarah Jane's. Rose had Jenny and Jack pack some clothes, while she packed a few bags for herself and Donna. The Doctor watched as his family walked towards the house, with sadness filling his hearts. He didn't want them to leave, but he had no choice. He started to make his way back to the Tardis when he saw, Luke talking on a cell phone. Remembering Rose's father Pete and his car accident, the Doctor pulled Luke out of the way of a car that was coming. He gave Luke a stern look before continuing on to the Tardis. As he opened he looked back and saw Luke, Sarah Jane, Rose holding baby Donna, Jack and Jenny all standing there. He sniffed, then went into the Tardis.

His last stop was Donna Nobles wedding. Donna looked radiant in her dress. She finally got what she had been looking for. The Doctor felt his hearts ache at not being able to wish her congratulations. He watched from a distance but he soon noticed that he was spotted by Wilf. Wilf and his daughter walked over, they looked happen to see him. Oh, if only they knew what was about to happen. He handed an envelope with a lottery ticket in it. He told them that he had borrowed a quid off of a Jeffrey Noble. He continued to watch them as they went back to give the envelope to Donna, then left.

He tossed his jacket over one of the struts and made his way up towards the console. He looked down at his hands and saw that they were glowing, brighter by the second. He moved slowly to the console to make the Tardis fly to a safe distance from Earth. He knew what was to come next as he backed away from the console. He said softly, "I don't want to go." before he exploded into his regeneration cycle. The Tardis taking the brunt of the radiation began exploding. He screamed as his regeneration cycle ended. He quickly took stock of his appendages, and face. He then took hold of the console and yelled "Geronimo!"

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