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What's with the title? Electronegativity is the ability of an atom to attract electrons. It could be a metaphor for Bella and Edward's attraction to each other. In reality, having a science-like name on a document stops little sisters from trying to read them. She assumes I'm doing homework, and I can continue writing for you guys.


I was less than happy with my move to Forks. The rain was persisting, as always and the scenery was simply different shades of green, just as I remembered it. What made that first day of school worse was I woke up with blood smeared along the insides of my thighs, and staining my sheets. Wonderful, I thought to myself, another thing to prove that my time in Forks will be nothing but hell.

I showered and shoved a few tampons into my backpack, ate breakfast quickly and cursed my own tardiness. As I drove to school in the loud truck I began to wonder exactly why I had moved, but kept repeating to myself that it was for Renee. I pulled up into the parking lot and sighed, leaning my head against the steering wheel. I was on time, barely, so there wasn't anyone in the parking lot, except two model -like teenagers.

One was blonde and leonine, looking curiously at my truck. The other was searching through his bag for something, a cell phone. The school looked less like a school and more like a series of small apartment buildings or something similar. No fences, no security systems. It felt too alien already.

I got out of the car and blushed as the blonde followed my movements. As I walked by the two teens the bronze haired one stiffened. I still hadn't seen his face yet, and he hadn't glanced at mine, so I could only assume that I had startled him, until his phone exploded in his hand. The blonde didn't even flinch as the metal bounced off his skin, but instead looked worriedly at the other boy. The boy turned to face me and my heart stopped for a second.

His face was beautiful. He had strong, angular features, that were pale and perfect, his hair fell messily around his eyes and he was well built, gaining slightly in muscle what the other one had in height. His eyes were blacker than coal, and it scared me. He looked furious, and hungry, and out of control. I hadn't even completed another step before the boy lunged.

I couldn't see anything, except a blur. Suddenly we were not in the parking lot anymore.

We were surrounded by trees and he crouched down, over me. How had I gotten on the floor? His lips pressed to my neck and I felt a sharp pain, before the most curious sensation. I could feel the pulling at my neck, my blood being drained from my body, faster and faster. I wanted to move, and at the same time I wanted the god-like creature to finish what he had started. And then it became chaotic.

A huge crash, like thunder hurled itself into my eardrums and I felt a tug at my neck as the god was thrown from me. The two models were fighting, viciously, their movements blurred by the speed. The bronze haired one wanted nothing more than to get to me and the blonde was trying to prevent him from doing so. There was something else though – a vicious burning that had started up in my neck.

I wanted to scream, it felt as though I was on fire. But I stayed still, transfixed by the battle before me. All too soon, other models joined us. One was extremely big, looking more like a bear than a human, and another, small, female this time, who focused on me instead. She pulled me into her arms and began running, the trees blurring around us, whisking me farther and farther away from the others.

I wanted to tell her that the burning was everywhere. That it now stretched from my fingers to my toes. It burned my veins, my nerves, my spine and my brain. I wanted to cry, to scream, to do something, but I remained inert. Soon enough I was inside somewhere. I could faintly hear voices talking. It sounded like the whispers of dozens of angels. I could feel nothing but the fire, and I cared no more about anything else. I could look around the room, and could see multiple faces, some familiar, some strange. I never saw the one I wanted to. I wanted the god to come back and kill me. Kill me, let the torture end. I couldn't open my mouth. I couldn't even blink. The only thing I was vaguely aware of was the room shaking, as if an earthquake were happening. It wasn't, I was just shaking so hard that it seemed that way.

I didn't think I was scared, not angry, just confused. How long had I been here? I was supposed to be in school. Would Charlie find out? I wondered all sorts of things, trying to block the fire from my mind. Eventually I settled on a song, repeating the lyrics over and over in my head.

The minstrel boy to the war has gone
In the ranks of death you will find him.
His father's sword he hath girded on,
With his wild harp slung behind him.

Land of Song, said the warrior bard,
Though all the world betrays thee.
One sword, my liege, thy rights shall guard.
One faithful harp shall praise thee.

I had no idea where I'd even heard the song before. It just kept playing over and over in my head. I couldn't see a clock, so I had no idea how long I had been on fire. I was constantly in the dark, with only one visitor. He looked like a doctor. He also looked extremely sad. He kept apologizing. Why was he apologizing? He hadn't set me on fire.

I wanted nothing more than to be put out, to be placed in cold water, but I couldn't move. What made the torture worse was the fact that I could hear the rain pounding on the roof above me. I wished with all my strength that the roof could be peeled away, so that the rain could douse me. No such thing happened.

"Two minutes." A soprano voice said.

Two minutes until what? From what? Had I only been in pain for two minutes? It seemed like days. I counted down, glad that I had something to do. As I neared the minute mark, my heart began beating out of control. So was it two minutes until my death? I was relieved and a little sad. I counted down the last minute, still frozen and I felt my heart give up.

I was finally able to move. The fire was out. I shut my eyes, afraid of the clarity of vision I had gained. Instead I focused on breathing. I lay there, thinking for a minute. I could hear six sets of lungs in various locations. I could hear birds, trees, rain and cars, so busy that it sounded like the motorway. It sounded close, but I was no judge.

"Is she awake?" a deep voice called. I heard a thump and a muffled grunt of pain. I cracked a smile. How was I able to do so? I couldn't feel my pulse. Without opening my eyes I pressed my fingers to my neck, searching.

"You won't find a pulse."

I opened my eyes to stare diligently at the ceiling. I blinked and turned my head towards the source of the noise. Three males and a female stood in the corner of the room, the woman hiding behind a protective barrier, formed by the others.

"Why not?" I whispered. My throat felt a little sore.

"You... this might take some explaining. How about we go through introductions first? My name is Carlisle Cullen." The name sounded familiar, and the face was friendly enough. I relaxed a little. I hadn't even realised I was on edge.

"Bella Swan." I replied, holding out my hand. "Nice to meet you." My voice, now louder, sounded strange to me.

Carlisle blinked a moment, hesitating, before he took my hand. We shook and suddenly I had a clear view of the female who had been behind him. She was pretty too, and smiling hesitantly, warmly. What was wrong with these people? Why were they acting so strangely? There was a huge male, the bear like one I had seen earlier. The last one was the blonde boy I had seen earlier. He was crouched, tense, his eyes blazing in warning. He had a multitude of scars I hadn't noticed before. I stepped back, alarmed by his aggressive stance. I backed up until I was sitting on the bed.

"This is my wife Esme and two of my sons; Jasper and Emmett."

"It's nice to meet you dear. I am so sorry." Esme said. Sorry? Why did everyone keep apologizing? I sat on the bed, sensing a long explanation, and tucked my arms around my legs. I noticed the dirt on my t-shirt and jeans, and winced the stains would not come out easily. I'd need to wash the clothes when I got home.

"Bella, do you notice anything different about yourself?" Carlisle asked carefully.

My fingers dug into the bed as my hands flew to my sides. I was mortified when my fingers sunk through the mattress like a hot knife through butter. My skin looked as pale as ever, but as I stared at it, I realised there was something more. Where before I had had goose bumps and multiple scars, now my arms were smooth, flawless even. My chest felt as though it were almost falling out of my bra, whereas before the bra had been slightly too large. My voice sounded different too.

"Why?" I asked. What had they done? No complaints, obviously.

"Bella, what is the last thing you remember?" Carlisle asked, still standing. I frowned, thinking.

"I had just gotten to school, I got out of my truck and I walked by Jasper and some other guy. His cell phone exploded in his hand and he didn't even flinch. The next thing I remember, I was in the woods, there was a fight, and someone lit my body on fire." I shuddered and Carlisle sighed.

"Bella, what you felt, the fire, was venom. It made its way into your bloodstream and began changing your body. It replaced your bodily fluids with more of itself, made your cells stronger, you reflexes faster, changed your appearance, and your diet."

I sat, not knowing what to say. This was some sort of joke, surely.

"She doesn't believe you." Jasper said. He sounded so sure of himself.

"Bella, we aren't human, and now neither are you." Carlisle spoke quietly, calmly as if he didn't wish me to get agitated. I simply blinked it away. I so had to be dreaming.

"Well now that's all settled, I have to go home, Charlie will be worried sick, not to mention Renee." I shuddered at the thought and turned to the door, only to have Carlisle step in front of me.

"You don't understand. You can't leave. Your different diet is a significant reason, not to mention the fact that physically you have altered."

"And that everyone thinks you're dead." Jasper murmured. A chill whipped through me.

"Dead? How long have I been here?"

"Three days, but the amount of blood left in the forest has convinced the police that you never made it."

"How am I alive?" I asked.

"You aren't." He proceeded to explain to me what I had changed into. He told me what normal vampires drink, what his family chose to do instead, and the exact reason I could not set foot near a human for at least a year, lest I give in to a blood induced frenzy.

It was a dream it had to be. I had rested my head against the steering wheel, so I was asleep at school. What an odd dream to be having. I was going to be extremely late for class. Dreams went best if you didn't fight them. Just act like everything is normal and you'd be fine. Except this didn't feel like a dream. I didn't have the same accepting everything attitude. In my dreams I couldn't tell I was dreaming, until I woke up. Well, it could've been weirder. Better a dream like this than a nightmare where I'd gone into school forgetting my pants or something ridiculous. I stood up and smiled.

"Okay. So now what?"

They looked at me as though I had gone crazy. It was my dream, shouldn't I be thinking they're crazy? I looked down at my still dirty clothes.

"Can I go back to my house and get some clean clothes or something?" I asked. "Please?" might as well add manners in. Suddenly I heard a squeal of excitement and I was swept into a pair of tiny arms.

"Can I show you what I've got you? I knew you'd be needing clothes so I did some internet shopping while you were changing, and I've found some fabulous choices. It might take a while for you to go through them all, but I want to see everything on you at least once!"

"Alice. Introductions." Jasper looked very uneasy with Alice so close to me. I was simply surprised. I don't think I'd ever received such a greeting from someone so small and bouncy.

"Hi I'm Alice, you're Bella, you hate shopping and I love it. So let me do it for you!"

"Alice she's still incredibly dangerous!" Jasper snarled. Alice let go and backed up a little, to ease Jasper's state of mind I supposed.

"She won't attack me."

Me dangerous? Bella Swan? I couldn't walk in a straight line without tripping. The only threat I posed was if someone gave me sports equipment. I looked around, half expecting to see a randomly appearing tennis racket or something. No such thing. This was a normal dream within the category of strange dreams. When I woke up I had to write this down. I whacked myself in the side of the head, trying to clear my thoughts I presumed and simply stared at the pixie.

"Alice. You're right. I really despise shopping." She grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hallway. I tried to absorb everything I could as I went. The house looked so open and beautiful. There were some vaguely familiar paintings hung on the walls and even a cross at the end of the hallway. Come on? In what world would a family of vampires have a cross in their house? They'd die right? Whatever.

I was thrown onto a bed and Alice disappeared into another room, coming out with arms full of clothing, quickly turning my dream into a nightmare. We went through hundreds of outfits, even some ridiculously expensive looking ball gowns. Why the hell would I need a ball gown? She eventually settled on a pair of dark blue jeans and a light blue shirt.

"There. Now you look gorgeous." Unlikely. I turned to find a mirror and stopped in my tracks.