Innocence That Was Once There

Summary: Tsuna was kidnapped at the age of three (3). Vongola went into a state of panic. Yet, they never found him. What if 9years later a boy emerged with the codename Sora; a genetically altered child that works for a rising mafia family. Xanxus found the child…was shocked at the exactness of the boy to his lost cousin. Yet the innocence was missing, or rather, the soul was gone. Can Xanxus become the child's brother that the boy wants most? Definitely 1827; X27 fluff

Author's Notes: I'm sorry, but it seems like I can only seem to be able to start them and yet, update so slow. I promise each of my readers that by March 14, 2009 I shall try to SLOWLY update all my stories that are on hiatus. But for now enjoy each story that I upload. Dedicated to T-Gal who writes awesome stories that way mundo twisted!(no offence)


A boy of the age of three walked down the road to pick up a circular round green ball that bounced too far from his house. Unknown to him a black shadow loomed over him as he did.

In a second, he was gone. The green ball bouncing in the road. The child was gone in a blink of an eye. His mother screaming his name to the sky…

Sawada Nana was a mess. Her little baby boy disappeared after just leaving him for a minute to wash the dishes. When she came back, the gate was open, and his little Tsu-kun was missing.

She ran out into the streets just in case his baby would be there in the middle of the road. Mother instinct triggered when she the ball; her husband bought for him when he was a mere baby, in the middle of the street. She nearly panicked but thought better of it. She asked neighbors and people on the street. She searched the entire District. Yet, she could not see her baby.

First she called was her husband. Not nothing her tears were falling off her face as she did. Her husband promised to update her of the things that he'd find out. Promising her that their little boy would be found. She believed his every word, but she couldn't feel hopeless.

She believed that her little boy would be so different when he came back.

A large mansion in Italy was in chaos. Everyone was running one way to another. A boy of 12 stared at the scene with a hint of curiosity and annoyance. A silver haired boy was beside him.

"VOOOOIIIII! What the hell!" the other boy punched him. "Shut up you piece of trash."

"OY! Xanxus, what the hell is wrong with your FUCKING house?!" Xanxus frowned even deeper. "Like I know you piece of shit."


Xanxus was about to reply when an old man came to him. "Xanxus, I want you and Squalo to look at something." Xanxus glared, but complied. "What is it old man?"

The man gave a sad smile. "Your baby cousin has gone missing." While showing the two a picture of a 3 year old boy. "VOIII! The kid looks like Primo!" The man smiled. Xanxus looked at him, "What do you want me to do?"

"Keep a look out for him. We'll never know when this little boy may show up again."

"You want me to look out this brat?!" Xanxus hissed. Timeteo sighed. "Yes, young Tsunayoshi is famiglia Xanxus. You must at least understand that." He said giving the picture to Xanxus.

"This boy's fate was changed Xanxus…his new life will probably destroy his innocence."

Xanxus stared at the young boy's soft caramel eyes. He groaned. He knew his father was right. This boy was to be protected. He would find him and become this boy's older brother or whatever. As long as he could keep him safe…

He'd do whatever.

Squalo saw Xanxus' eyes change. He knew his boss would do whatever to keep this boy safe. He vowed to follow his boss anywhere, even if it was to look for a fucking brat!

A little boy with big caramel eyes look at the man who took him. Innocently staring at him. The man smirked.

He would enjoy breaking this new subject.

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Author's notes 2: I know this is sort of vague. And highly confusing, hence that is why it is the prologue…I would gladly take up anyone's questions, editation, and well…anything really. Thank you for reading!