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Chapter One:
Jack O'Neill wasn't one to eavesdrop during work, but somehow he was standing by her open lab door listening to her phone conversation.

"Pete doesn't want me to keep it, but I'm adamant about that.....I never thought I would have one, especially with work the way it is...I tried to with Jonas, but he didn't want one."

Holy crap, thought Jack, was Carter talking about what he thought it was?

"They're terrors when they're young, but once they get older they're easier to handle."

Oh man, Carter was going to kill him if she caught him listening to her. For some reason, Jack couldn't move out of his position.

"I'm sure my CO would like to have one too....yeah, Jack O'Neill....I've been under his command for about seven years now...come on Jen, get your mind out of the gutter...I know, if there was no gutter then you're mind would be homeless."

Dear lord, Carter, what are you talking about? Jack tried to get closer to listen to her conversation. This is sad, standing next to her door, Jack thought as he gave the security team a wry look.

"I'll think about it to you later." Sam set down the phone, happy from her conversation with her friend.

Jack decided it was time he made an appearance. "Hey Carter, who were you talking to?"

Sam smiled at Jack, "Hello sir, I was just talking to my friend Jennifer. She was with me in boot camp, and we have our weekly chats. She's trying to convince me to get a dog, but I think I'm away far too much to be fair to it."

Jack felt the tension that had built up in his body melt away, "A dog? I've been meaning to get one." He looked around the room then sighed, "Well, I'm going to go to the commissary. Wanna come with?"

Sam nodded, shutting down her laptop. "I'll meet you there." Then, when Jack had almost exited the room, she spoke again. "Oh, and sir? You know what people say about eavesdroppers." She laughed as Jack hurried away, face quickly turning red.


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