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Summary: No one said falling in love with a Dark Lord would be easy, let alone being mated to one.

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Fabulous and Beautiful

Chapter One:

Before We Meet

Severus glared out the window of the train, quietly mumbling to himself about the potential mates, his parents had already lined up for him. Severus was to reach sexual maturity over the summer and would become an Imp like the previous Snapes before him and it was his duty as the heir to the Snape fortune, to find a mate and have an heir. And luckily enough for Severus, Imps are able to get pregnant, at least the submissive can. Severus snarled at his reflection, already knowing that he'd be the submissive one in his relationship from his constant need to submit to stronger males.

Just as Severus thoughts were turning dark, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and their little groupie, Peter Pettigrew came in through the door. James sneered at Severus, "Look what we have here, it seems to be a sniveling baby," James pointed out, before Peter piped up with his own comment, "He really does look like a sniveling baby."(1) The comment earned Peter a smack from Sirius, "Well he isn't a baby, despite the fact that he looks and smells like one but its just Snivels, what are you crying about now? Did your parents finally decide to reject you, because of how ugly you look?"

James, Sirius, and Peter laughed at the idea of Severus getting thrown out, while Remus looked ashamed and shook his head; Severus ignored his usual bullies and their groupies in favor of staring out the window. Remus tried to defuse the situation, "Come on guys, we should be going and finding ourselves a place to sit, it won't be long before we're back at the train station and departing."

"Yeah for once I have to agree with Moony here, we might as well spend our time, enjoying each others companies, rather then meddling with old Bird-Face." Sirius said, hoping that being alone with Remus would possibly lead somewhere a bit unrated, even if it was simply the talk of who Remus would be mating with.

Severus took that moment to defend himself, "Yeah, you poufs wouldn't want to miss out on having one big last orgy, before you part your separate ways."

James stopped in mid-turn to look over at Severus, "Did you just say something? Because if you just said what I thought you did, I hope you know, you'll be in more pain then you ever thought was possible and that, I'll make a wizard's promise to." A bright light glowed around James, after he finished his little speech, James' friends looked shocked at what James had done, while Severus stared hatefully at his worse enemy.

Remus once again suggested that they leave Severus alone and go else where to enjoy their last bit of time with each other, once Remus got the group away; he looked over at Severus and shook his head. "Why did you have to say that? You and I, both know, you'll enter your inheritance and that you'll be mated to a male but I guess that doesn't really matter," Remus trailed off as he walked away from Severus, leaving Severus staring after him and wondering why Remus knew so much about his inheritance.

It wasn't like the Snapes or any other pure-blood's inheritance was a secret or anything, most people knew about them and excepted an invite, unless their families hated each other and their would be two separate parties of males and females for the heir to check out and feel out for their mate. But that Remus knew Severus would be a submissive and choosing a male was uncommon knowledge, except for Severus' parents, who already knew, that Severus preferred his own gender.

King's Crossing

Severus sighed as he got off the train, the rest of the train ride had been uneventful, which Severus was grateful for but it also meant, that Severus had nothing to do, at least after finishing his summer homework. Severus couldn't stop thinking about the males that would be fighting for Severus' hand in marriage and who his parents would push for, secretly, Severus hoped it wasn't for that disgusting Malfoy heir, Lucius.

Severus greeted his mother with a simple "Hello" and walked with her through the portal and into the muggle world, before dashing into an alley, where Severus' mother pulled out a portkey. Severus touched the gold watch, wondering why his mother had chosen something so muggle-like.

The unpleasant tug behind Severus' naval was the only warning before Severus and his mother landed gracefully inside Snape Manor's living room. Severus quickly took note that his father wasn't in the room, which made Severus feel uneasy, "Mother, where is father?"

Mrs. Snape ignored her child's question in favor of quickly walking towards the entrance to the living room, knowing that Severus would follow behind her. Mrs. Snape led Severus to the parlor, where Severus' suitors waited with Mr. Snape.

Severus was beyond shocked at seeing a dozen or so of male suitors waiting for him, the male suitors each smiled charmingly, before saying their name. None of which Severus remembered except for one, Tom Riddle, Severus thought because Tom was talking to his father, when Severus had entered but it was more for Tom's beauty. Handsome and well sculpted face, along with a finely muscled body, that didn't over do itself, pale skin stood out strikingly against the black hair and dark eyes.

Severus felt slightly weak at the knees from watching Tom but Severus' gawking was interrupted by Lucius Malfoy, making his appearance as one of the suitors. Severus groaned inwardly as Lucius talked to Severus' mother, Severus quickly made his way over to his father as to seem like he's already interested in the suitor talking to his father.

Tom watched the dark haired beauty from the corner of his eye, while he talked to Snape Senior.

Lucius silently chuckled at the thought of Severus trying to escape him, Lucius wasn't a fool, he knew that Severus held a dislike for him but Lucius knew that if he wished to gain his hands on more money, it be worth to peruse Severus. Lucius quickly made his way towards Severus in a vain attempt to show the elder Snapes, that Severus held a liking and this dislike was simply a cover up.

Fortunately for Severus, he made it to his father and Tom, before Lucius could attempt to get his perfect manicured nails into Severus. "Hello Father, Mr. Riddle," Severus said politely and received a greeting from both Snape Senior and Tom, Snape Senior excused himself, giving Severus and Tom, some privacy. "Mr. Snape, you may call me Tom, after all, I am one of your many suitors," Tom dragged out his 's' in his words, causing Severus to shiver at the hissing noises that Tom made.

Tom inwardly smirked at Severus shiver from hearing his hissing, Tom knew the effect he had on others, when he drew out the 's' in words and he couldn't help himself. Tom found Severus to be strikingly beautiful, the pale skin, the dark hair and eyes and lips that looked as thought they were designed for kissing. The nose was even attractive to Tom, who usually went for males, with less endowed facial features, "How are you this evening?"

Severus shivered again in pleasure at listening to Tom's voice, before Severus could answer Tom's question, Lucius strode over. "Severus! There you are, I've been trying to find you!" Lucius faked the excitement in his voice, Lucius knew perfectly well, where Severus was and what he was doing but Lucius had hoped, that this suitor, would lose interests in Severus.

Tom gave a forced pleasant smile at Lucius, "Hello, I'm Tom Riddle and you are?"

Severus wanted to snicker at the sight in front of him, Lucius Malfoy looked as thought he'd been asked to help out a muggle in need.

Lucius looked like he was about to explode, 'How dare this man, think he can get away with such disrespect, does he know not of who I am?!' Lucius wanted to scream those thoughts at this 'Tom' person but years of pureblood training had taught Lucius to keep his cool on the outside. "I am, Lucius Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy fortune and you must be the servant," Lucius said in a proud yet degrading voice.

Tom had the good sense to chuckle at Lucius Malfoy and his stuffy way of showing others, that he was better then the rest of them. Lucius looked as thought he was about to explode at being laughed at, Tom decided to finish off Lucius, then drag Severus off to somewhere private. "I'm Tom Riddle, heir to Slytherin's fortune and future Dark Lord, now if you'll excuse us, I believe I was about to take Severus outside for a bit of fresh air. It seems to have gotten rather crowded," with that said, Tom took Severus by the elbow and led him away from an angry Lucius.

Once outside, Severus let out a laugh at Lucius' perfectly cold face, showing such anger and hatred for Severus favorite suitor, Tom. Tom let out his own chuckle, while Severus laughed at Lucius, once Severus and Tom calmed down, Severus started with his questions, "So, you're the infamous Dark Lord, my parents have told me about."

Tom nodded, "I am and I'm searching for my mate, which I might've found."

Severus blushed slightly, "How do you know, I don't belong to someone else?" The blush deepened at Tom's possessive growl, Tom quietly leads Severus around the gardens, until Tom found the perfect spot by a small waterfall with a bench in front of it.

It wasn't long in Severus' mind, before his parents came looking for him and his suitor, what met Severus' parents sight was a tired out Severus curled up against Tom and wearing Tom's robes. The parents exchanged knowingly glances before ushering the young couple inside, the remaining suitors had left a few hours ago and the parents had spent the remaining time, contacting the suitors' parents to let them know, that Severus had made his choice.

Plans were made for the Dark Lord and Severus' parents to meet up later on in the week to discuss a wedding and the contract, the wedding was to take place before Severus' birthday to ensure that Severus would only mate with his future husband. Once the date was set a tired Severus bid farewell to his future husband and went to bed, Tom left and went to draw up plans for his future bride.


Lucius grumbled to himself as he made his way up the steps to Malfoy Manor, Lucius plan to gain more money had failed miserably and now; he'd be forced to endure one of the contracts that his parents had originally drawn up at the time of his birth. Lucius didn't want to marry anyone from the Black family nor did he want anyone from any of the other families, except for the Snape's family and their money. Lucius mouth watered at the idea of being able to collect so much more money then before, since Severus was such an obvious submissive.

The Potter Manor

James threw another vase as he let out his rage, it seemed that his parents had wanted to set James up with Severus but since the Snapes held such a strong dislike for the Potters, they refused to let James join the suitor party. Secretly, James wanted the Snape fortune, 'It's not fair, that the Snapes are older then the Potters, the Potters are originally from Gryffindor, so why don't we have the largest sum of money in England?!' James screamed and threw another vase, before kicking a house elf that was currently cleaning up the mess, he made in the living room.

Slytherin Manor

Tom smirked to himself as he made up plans for his future bride, Tom was overjoyed that he'd finally found his mate and that said mate would be able to carry an heir, the heir to the Dark Lord's rein and to a new world.

The words were used from Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

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