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Summary: No one said falling in love with a Dark Lord would be easy, let alone being mated to one.

Main Warnings: AU, OOC, OC, Violence, Slash, Anal, D/s, MPreg, Character Bashing

Chapter Warnings: Minor hetero lime

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Fabulous and Beautiful

Chapter Two:

The Courting Begins While Malfoy Brews

Severus sat outside of his father's office, awaiting the news about the pre-wedding contract, secretly hoping they'd be able to get away, without an escort following them. Severus sighed as it felt like it was taking longer then usual for such a contract. The door finally opened after five hours of waiting, "We've come to an understanding, and Tom Riddle will be allowed to court our heir. If there are other interested parties, that we feel Severus might be interested then they'll be allowed to court him as well." Said Tobias Snape as he watched young Severus reaction, Severus waited to hear about the escort, "Severus, we have also decided that you'll not be accompanied by an adult. However, we've had Tom sign that he will not lay with you until your marriage night."

Severus felt his face flush as he stole a glance to Tom, Tom smiled kindly at his future bride, "If it's alright with you, Lord Snape, I'd like to take your heir out tomorrow." Tom gave a light bow that made Ellen flush with envy, secretly wishing that she would be the future ruler's consort. Tobias simply couldn't wait to get his hands on the gold that Tom would be paying for Severus, "That would be fine, Severus will be dressed and waiting for you, my Lord." Tobias bowed deeply, before showing Tom out of the mansion.

The Next Day

Severus stood nervously outside of the potions shop waiting for Tom to show up and take him on his date, Severus happened to arrive a few minutes early, being too nervous and tired of his parents going over the rules of courting. Severus knew that the courting pair was allowed to do everything except for sex as a pureblood heir should remain pure until their wedding night, when they lost their purity to their spouse.

Tom walked through the crowds of people, before finally coming to the potions store; Tom already had a feeling that his intended would become a Potions Master when Severus finally left Hogwarts. Tom smirked at the thought of Hogwarts' headmaster Dumbledore having a heart attack at the thought of one of his precious students becoming the Dark Lord's wife and Potions Master.

Tom finally arrived at the potions shop on time only to come face to face with a very nervous Severus with a small crowd around him, Tom felt anger arise within himself at looking at the finely shaped males and one grossly overweight child. Upon coming closer to Severus, Tom realized that the finely shaped males weren't after Severus, except for one it seemed and that the males were in fact harassing Tom's Severus. Quietly Tom came up behind the males and cleared his throat, "Excuse me gentlemen, might I ask what you are doing with my Severus?"

James turned around and glared at the regal gentleman that had just intruded on their fun, James face of anger turned to one of pure joy, "Your Severus', eh?" James turned around to Severus and James' smile widen, "A male, eh… I guess what they say is really true, we'll be seeing you around Severus," James all put purred at Severus before leading his gang away from Severus and the strange male.

Tom seethed with anger as he wrapped his arms possessively around Severus, whispering sweetly in Severus' ear, "Who were they?" Severus wanted to shrug it off and forget about it but he didn't think Tom would appreciate that, "They're classmates of mine from Hogwarts," Tom's eyes narrowed but he refused to show Severus how much that angered him. Tom pulled away, "Shall we get on with our date, I've have everything set up for us and we shall not be here with prying eyes." Severus nodded and Tom pulled out a portkey, transporting them to Slytherin Manor, Severus was impressed to say the least, Slytherin Manor was double the size of Snape Manor. Slytherin Manor was like any other manor, beautiful and refined, the only thing that made Slytherin Manor unique was the amount of snake and snake-like creature sculptures that decorated the Manor.

Tom led Severus through the Manor and outside to a private garden that overlooked a large lake, earlier Tom had laid down a blanket with a picnic basket. Severus was impressed with the sappy romantic idea of eating lunch together on a blanket, while looking at the lake, Severus sat down on the blanket and watched Tom sit down besides him, Tom flicked his wand and the food magically appeared before the duo.

Malfoy Manor

Lucius grunted as he gave a final thrust into one of the Black sisters, below him, the Black sister was to be Lucius' soon to be wife, unless Lucius could think of a way to snatch Severus from Tom. Lucius moved off of the woman, ignoring the idiot's babble about what she wanted at her wedding, Lucius started to get dress. Putting on fresh clothing and tossing the Black sister's clothing at the woman, with a snarl, Lucius told the woman in no kindly fashion that her duty was done and to leave him be. The woman quickly left, leaving Lucius to settle down in front of his oak desk, pulling out a parchment and quill, Lucius wrote a quick letter to the Snapes, explaining that he was a young, rich, pureblood seeking to marry the youngest Snape. Once the letter was written and sent off with one of the Malfoy's finest owls, Lucius let out a cackle of laughter, thinking how the Snapes would gladly separate the young couple's courting in favor of seeing if this young wealthy pureblood would be a better match.

The Private Garden

The meal was beyond fabulous for Severus as he laid contently snuggled up against Tom on the blanket, silently watching the clouds float on by, "I didn't know you could cook, let alone so well." Tom rolled over onto his side to watch Severus, "I don't know if I should take that as a compliant or an insult,"

Severus lay stretched out with his head resting on Tom's thigh while Tom gently stroked Severus' hair, Severus felt content in his position with a full belly from the meal earlier. It seemed that Tom was renowned for not only being a master in the dark arts but also a fabulous cook, Severus knew how to cook but secretly hoped that once married, Tom would continue to cook or they could simply cook together. The happy mood was ruined by a house elf popping up, "Master and Master's mate, there is a Tobias Snape in the foyer waiting for Master's mate." The house elf bowed deeply before popping out, Severus felt confused as he didn't think it was that late, while Tom silently wondered what Severus' father would want with his heir.

Once the couple made it to the foyer, "My lord, there seems to be two suitors, wishing to court Severus and since you've agreed with the contract, they'll be allowed to start courting Severus," Tom nodded at Tobias' words. Severus wasn't terribly happy about the contract nor was he allowed to look it over, Tom had reassured Severus, and that the pre-wedding contract wasn't a bad thing and had meant to protect Severus from any danger. "Severus, you'll be coming back home to meet the suitors, Tom, it was nice seeing you again," Severus looked at Tom rather nervously, "I'll see you later, Tom."

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