BAM!!! There goes the door as they are hitting the walls as they make out furiously. BAM!!! The bedroom door opens harshly as the couple makes it to the bed. He laid her on the bed and ripped off her clothes. As he sucked on her mounds, she started to mewl. His hands traveled from her breast to her stomach then to her woman hood she gasped and moaned at the same time feeling the delight of her lover rub on her precious jewel. Then when he took his fingers out she frowned not getting the pleasure. Then she felt something throb at her entrance

Are you ready he asked she only nodded feeling him push inside her. She tried to hold back the tears as he broke her virgin barrier. They stayed like that for a while so she could get used to the size. She was the first to move. Then at first the pace was slow then she begged and cried for faster deeper and harder. He ended up ramming in her it super inhuman speeds. As doing so he whispered sweet nothings into her ear. As she came he pumped for another few minutes and came inside her. They lie on top of each other and fell asleep.

"Òi!, SAKURA-CHAN WHAT THE HELL IS GAARA DOING IN YOUR BED????!!!!" Naruto yelled, too early in the morning


Naruto runs out the apartment screaming like a little girl.

"now where were we" sakura asks with a devious face

"idk remind me" gaara replies with a smirk and rolls over on sakura while she giggles


"Great materials for my new book but ima need more research I might as well stay" The pervy sage says while posted up on a tree with a video camera

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