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"Come on Sam, it's a classic!" Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell said.

His teammate Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter looked down at him from where she was perched cross-legged alongside Teal'c on his bed. Mitchell was sprawled on the floor of Teal'c's quarters, head propped against some pillows, and a potato chip bowl balanced on his stomach.

"For sheer silliness, maybe. I mean, antennae, Cam? Like we've ever seen that," Sam responded.

"And how did Daniel miss this?" Sam asked in mock dismay.

"Daniel Jackson told me he regretted his archaeological mission precluded this 'cultural study' but he would 'make it up to us'," Teal'c reported, as if they all didn't know Daniel was on a mission with SG13.

"You've got to admit…" Cameron was cut off by the sound of Teal'c's phone ringing.

Teal'c rose gracefully and lifted the receiver.

"Yes? Very well," he said into the phone. "We are needed in the briefing room. The adventures of My Favorite Martian must wait, Colonel Mitchell.


General Landry saw the members of SG1 approach and signaled them to come in.

Sam was about to come to attention when she saw an Asgard seated in one of the chairs.

"Heimdall. I thought you were coming next week for the hyperdrive briefing "she said in surprise.

"Greetings Colonel Carter, Teal'c."

Teal'c inclined his head in greeting.

"I arranged to come early. We are in great need of you," said Heimdall. "I have been explaining the situation to General Landry."

"Heimdall is requesting that SG1 investigate the disappearance of Thor and recover his body if necessary," Landry informed the team.

"His body?" Sam exclaimed involuntarily. "What happened?"

"Supreme Commander Thor was on a delicate mission and I have lost contact with him," Heimdall replied.

"Can't the Asgard send a ship to rescue Thor?" asked Mitchell skeptically.

Heimdall looked at him as if first noticing him.

"I'm sorry. Heimdall, this is Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell. He's on SG1 now," Sam said.

"I see," responded the Asgard scientist.

Sam thought if an Asgard could look shifty, Heimdall did as he replied to Mitchell's question. Perhaps it was because he seemed to be blinking more than usual. "Thor was on an extremely delicate mission and I dare not notify the High Council."

"An unauthorized mission?" Sam asked. "Does this have something to do with the genetic project we helped you with a couple of years ago?"

"I am not at liberty to say, but it is of vital importance to the Asgard and the planet in question."

"Well, Daniel is off world at the moment," Sam said thoughtfully. Turning to Landry she asked, "Can Daniel be recalled from his archaeological mission, sir? It will be quite a hike back to the gate once we contact him but…"

"While Dr. Jackson's presence is not essential to this mission, yours may be, Colonel

Carter and time is short," Heimdall interrupted.

"Why me?" Sam asked.

"If Thor cannot complete his mission, I am requesting that you do."

Mitchell glanced at Sam.

Sam looked at the General.

"I won't order you to take on this mission." Landry said, frowning.

"We're up for it," said Mitchell.

Sam and Teal'c exchanged glances. Sam restrained herself from rolling her eyes. Sometimes Mitchell's eagerness to run right into a situation was exasperating.

"With all due respect, Heimdall, as much as we want to help Thor, we will need more information," Sam said.

"Thor was on a mission to activate a device essential to a human planet's survival.

He was to accomplish his task without being detected by the indigenous population. You are aware of our rule of not interfering with the cultural development of less advanced races," Heimdall explained.

"Couldn't he have just come and gone using your beaming technology?" Mitchell interjected.

"Due to certain circumstances, he was piloting a small craft whose specifications did not include such technology," Heimdall replied.

Sam noticed he wasn't exactly explaining the situation.

"Will we require a ship as well?" Teal'c asked.

"No. You may use the Stargate. Thor could not."

This is sounding fishy, Sam thought.

"Is there some kind of transponder signal we can track?" she asked.

Heimdall handed her a pale blue oblong disk. "This may be of some help if Thor was able to activate his emergency beacon. I will hope you may yet retrieve him alive."

"Would you excuse us a moment, Heimdall?" Landry asked.

"Certainly, General Landry. I will wait in your office. But remember, time is of the essence."

After Heimdall had ambled out, the general said: "What do you think Colonels? Teal'c?"

"As I said, we're ready to go," replied Mitchell.

"I would like to help Thor if we can," added Sam.

"Though I believe Heimdall is concealing something, I concur with Colonel Carter," said Teal'c. "Thor has been an important ally."

"Good to have the Asgard owe us one, huh?" Mitchell said.

"Very well. Colonel Carter, you're in command for this mission. Your familiarity with Thor and the Asgard generally will be invaluable," Landry said.

"Yes, sir," said Sam, pleased by his confidence in her.

"Understood, sir," added Cameron crisply, seeming to take the orders in stride.


SG1 met in the gear up room moments later to pack their supplies.

"So what do you think Heimdall's hiding?" Sam asked, as she packed.

"Of that I am unsure, Colonel Carter, but caution will be key on this mission," responded Teal'c.

"Are they always that cryptic?" Mitchell asked.

"Well, they like to play their cards close to the vest, but they're usually a bit more straightforward," Sam said. "But Heimdall seemed genuinely worried."

"Indeed. And I believe about more than Thor's safety," Teal'c added.

"Let's put in some extra food, water, medicine and bandages," Sam said. "We don't know what condition we'll find Thor in."

"Does our medicine even work on the Asgard?" Mitchell asked. "Didn't he have some kind of medical pod or something when you guys worked with him before?"

"It is doubtful he will have such a device on the planet, Colonel Mitchell," Teal'c answered.

"True," said Mitchell thoughtfully. "It can't hurt." Sam handed him an extra roll of bandages, which he tucked into his bag.

In little more than a half hour, SG1 was geared up and at the Gate.

Heimdall walked in and stood next to Sam. "If you do not find Thor alive, look for his effects. There should be a purple crystal that will guide you to a location. Once there your task will become evident."

Nothing like last minute and vague briefings, Sam thought.

The wormhole whooshed open.

Sam gave the order. "All right. Let's go." And the three SG1 members stepped through the Gate.