Author: Kristen

Title: Turning Points

Part: 1

Crossover: BtVS/Roswell

Disclaimer: I own nothing of either show. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Roswell are merely my playgrounds and I intend to have a lot of fun with them. No profit is being made and no infringement is intended.

Spoilers: Some of Season One for both shows

Rating: PG for now

Pairings: No idea yet.

Summary: Buffy moves to Roswell from LA and discovers she didn't leave the paranormal behind. Her new home is on the Hellmouth and there's more to her fellow students than meets the eye.

AN: Some things will be similar but not everything. This is going to be different than a retelling of season one for either show. I'm gleefully changing things for my own amusement. Episodes will different or not included. Characters may be dead, not included at all, or changed in some way but hopefully not out of character. For example, the Hellmouth is now in Roswell and which characters came along for the ride will be revealed in time, and Max, Isabel, and Michael aren't the alien hybrids the show depicted them as. To discover what exactly they are instead, you'll have to keep reading to find out. Also, please bear with me as we slog through the familiar to get to the new.


Buffy's arm slipped free from her blankets and though her eyes were still closed her fingers unerringly found the snooze button. Blessed silence finally reigned in the room once more. Her arm fell back to the bed and Buffy sighed. She knew she had to get up, but she really didn't want to.

Today was the first day she'd be attending classes at Roswell High School. Though she had moved away from L.A. She still didn't feel like it was far enough to escape her destiny as a Vampire Slayer. The hustle of moving into a new place and battling the labyrinth of boxes stacked everywhere had occupied her time for the first few days. But, now the labyrinth had been reduced to just a few lingering boxes and she no longer had any excuses. Tonight she would make her first sweep through Roswell for vamps.

Slaying had ruined her life in LA and she had a feeling it had played a heavy hand in the rending of her parents' marriage as well. With all of that haunting her thoughts she wanted nothing more than to insist to the world that she was done and no longer a Slayer. However her conscience wouldn't let her leave it at that. It reminded her of the words Merrick had told her. One girl in all the world. She was the world's only hope until her death set her free from her duty. Unfortunately, being a Slayer meant that death could come at any time and a lot sooner than she liked. Slayers didn't live very long and that knowledge left her both desperate to cram in as much living as she could and a little indifferent to life at the same time. After all, what was the point of high school if she was going to die before she could even graduate?

Which brought her back to this morning's conflict. She wasn't looking forward to starting at a new school when she had her Slayer destiny hanging over her head. How could she make new friends when she had to hide her Slayer identity from them too?

It was bad enough that she had to hide from her parents now. The one time she had tried to be honest and looked for some support from them they had imprisoned her in the unneeded care of a mental hospital until she recanted her story. The doctors explained it away as a need to be the hero and save her parents' marriage. Her parents had been having problems before she was Called and ended up burning down the Hemery High School gym but her actions as the Slayer certainly hadn't helped. So she was feeling enough guilt about everything that happened to latch on to that explanation and escape the clutches of the hospital.

She wished she really was a hero, instead of a newly called Slayer struggling with the calling. Then she could have saved Merrick. Then she wouldn't be alone.

Her alarm blared again cutting into her thoughts. Buffy reluctantly slipped out of bed and began getting ready for the day.


One breakfast and a short ride later, Buffy and her mom were parked in front of the school.

"Have a good time. I know you're gonna make friends right away, just think positive," Joyce encouraged.

"Sure, Mom." Buffy answered, halfheartedly as she got out of the car. She turned back and smiled, though it didn't reach her eyes. "I'll see you later. I need to get my schedule and all that other fun stuff."

"Okay. I'll be home late," Joyce replied. "There's money in the kitchen. You can order out."

Buffy nodded and turned back to the school. Teenagers were everywhere, meeting friends and making their way inside.

"And honey?" Joyce called and interrupted Buffy's assessment of the school. She turned back to her mom.

"Try not to get kicked out?"

"I promise." Buffy adjusted the strap of her leather messenger bag and turned back to the school as her mom finally drove away. She could do this. She had faced down and slayed Lothos. The average teenager couldn't be any worse. Right?


Buffy blew out a breath and started towards the school.


Buffy found herself a short time later trying not fidget while Principal Flutie, as he had been introduced, examined her records from Hemery. Why couldn't they have been permanently destroyed in the fire too?

"Buffy Summers, sophomore, late of Hemery High in Los Angeles. Interesting record, quite a career..."

Buffy winced at his words and was surprised when he tore up the papers.

"Welcome to Roswell! A clean slate, Buffy, that's what you get here. What's past is past. We're not interested in what it says on a piece of paper, even if it says..." There was a short pause while he read something on one of the pieces. "Whoa." He fumbled around his desk looking for the tape and began piecing the papers back together.

Buffy sighed in resignation. Just one more reason to hate the day she was Called. The aftershocks of the earthquake-ish like event were still coming. "Mr Flutie," she began, not knowing what to say to explain things even now months after the fire had happened, but knowing she had to try as she watched her new principal's nerves shatter under the weight of her transcripts.

"I know my transcripts are a little ... Colorful."

"No, no, not colored. Almost opaque," Principal Flutie said with a fake laugh. "But we don't care about that here. A fresh start is what you're guaranteed here, even if it says you burned down the entire school gym."

"Well, I can explain that," Buffy interjected, though she wasn't sure how.

"No. No need. That's really all in the past now," he said even as he secured the final piece of tape and gingerly put the repaired papers back in the file. "Perhaps, you'd care to meet our guidance counselor? She can orient you to the school and what we expect here. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to start off on the right foot and keep at it," He nervously encouraged, his eyes shifting between Buffy and the folder.

Buffy just sighed. It was going to be a long day.


Buffy exited the guidance counsellor's office with a sigh of relief. She opened her bag to dig for the schedule the secretary had given her. Her preoccupation on the coming classes instead of where she was going meant her flight to freedom was short-lived and she bumped into someone. Her leather messenger bag slipped off her shoulder and tumbled to the floor spilling its contents.

"Sorry," Buffy hurriedly apologized, before her gaze fell to the floor. "Oh," She groaned looking at the mess. Another pair of hands bumped into hers as she reached for a notebook. Buffy looked up and finally paid attention to the boy she had only given a cursory glance to when she apologized. He wasn't very tall and his hair was dyed a shocking shade of blue; kind eyes gazed at her from a smiling face.

"Oz," He said as he gathered up a handful of pencils.

"No, I'm pretty sure that wasn't the Good Witch of the North I just escaped from." Buffy smiled back and accepted the pencils. She stuffed the last notebook back in her bag.

Oz laughed. "No, my name is Oz."

"Oh, pleased to meet you." Buffy held out a hand and and it was engulfed in a warm one with nail polish on his fingertips to match his hair. This level of color coordination was a little surprising. "I'm Buffy."

"Hey, you forgot your stake," Oz remined her as they both stood up. Buffy noted that he held it as if he knew exactly how to use it and had done so before.

"You came prepared," Oz noted. "The town's reputation must precede itself."

"No, I always carry a stake," Buffy answered distractedly before the implications behind his words sank in. "Wait! You know about the grr arrgh? " Buffy asked, making as close to a vamp face as her human features would allow.

In reply Oz, shifted his collar aside revealing the scar of a vamp bite and a cross on a chain around his neck. "Learned the hard way," Oz replied.

Buffy stowed the stake back away in her bag. "So is the night life in this town always so wild?"

"Didn't used to be," Oz said as he gently steered her out of the flow of students. "But lately it's picking up. My family's been here a long time and every time that's happened, they say it's because things are building up to something big. What about you? Do you regularly slip out to mingle with the hungry masses?"

Buffy looked down and twisted a ring on her finger. "On occasion. They killed two people who meant a lot to me. One was a mentor and the other was a very close friend," Buffy shared, her voice still tight with grief. This was the first time she felt like she could honestly talk to someone about that. She hadn't been able to talk about the true circumstances of Merrick's death and then Pike's a few weeks later with anyone. Her friends were in denial and had long since abandoned her, though they were there that night in the gym too. And her parents? Well her parents had her committed when she first brought up the subject of vampires at all. The experience had shattered any trust she had in them and she hadn't had a meaningful conversation with either her mom or her dad since.

"I'm sorry to hear that."

He did look genuinely sorry, Buffy noted. On impulse she blurted out, "Maybe you'd like to come with me the next time I feel the urge to scatter some dust?"

It was dangerous and she'd watch out for him until she could see if he could handle himself but she knew it was the right thing to do. Slayers were supposed to fight and die alone, but she hadn't believed that and neither had Pike. He would approve and he wouldn't want her to fight and possibly die alone. He'd want her to seize every chance for companionship and help where she could. It was easier to put herself out on a limb knowing that.

"I'd like that." Oz nodded. "Just let me know the where and the when." He hitched his own bag higher on his shoulder. "I've got to get to class."

Buffy pulled out the schedule that had caused the collision. "Yeah, I wouldn't want to be late for history class," she said in a voice that implied she very much in fact wouldn't mind missing the class at all.

"I'll see you around, Buffy." Oz was soon swallowed up by the teeming mass of students.

Buffy checked her schedule for the room number and realized by the room numbers nearby that she was nowhere near it. She sighed then bravely ventured on the long walk to the other end of the high school for her History class.

She'd have to pick up her books at the library, wherever that was, later.