Hey guys, so I know people are mad about the direction Smallville is going and I understand I mean I stopped watching Lost because of what they are doing to Jate. However I have complete faith that Clois is going to make it just fine, and I know some people hate Clark right now but I'm not with that mindset right now either. Yeah he is with Lana and even though we know that's the wrong choice he isn't cheating on Lois, besides some flirting and a near kiss they aren't together. I would rather have him go through this with Lana right now as opposed to him being with Lois and then having second feelings for Lana and it turning into that type of love triangle. So I hope you all still continue reading and still support the ship.

This is a little AU but its set in the future. Lois and Clark are still in the best friends mode. Lois is thinking of her future and how she wants Clark to be involved may just surprise you.


Lois knocked on the front door of the Kent Farm, normally she would just let herself in but this time was different. She bit her lip nervously, she could do this, she could talk to Clark. He was her best friend and he was always helping people why wouldn't he want to help her? She sighed who was she kidding it wasn't like she was asking him to pick up her dry cleaning, oh god she couldn't do this. No never mind it was stupid. She turned to leave when the door opened, dammit she had knocked.

"Lo?" Clark asked surprised to see his friend out here so late at night.

"Uh hey Smallville, you know I was going to see what you are up to and then I realized it was late so I'm just going to go, so goodnight" she said with a wave of her hand as she turned to dash off the porch. She felt Clark grab her arm to stop her. Shit she screamed in her mind.

"Lois you came out here at nine o'clock on a work night to just hang out and then you just changed your mind?" Clark asked his brow in confusion. "Come in its freezing out." He pulled her into the house and into the kitchen. "Talk to me" he said gesturing for her to take a seat. Lois sat down and chewed on her fingernail. Ok Lane straighten up you came here for a reason so follow through. You are the General's daughter, you are not a wuss.

"Ok" she said taking a deep breath. "So I've been doing some thinking and you know things are going really well right now you know. I have a good job at the Planet, Perry says our article on city corruption is a shoe in for a Pulitzer, I just got a raise and now own my apartment. My life is going well." She said looking at Clark and he was looking at her thoughtfully. "I didn't come here to brag about my life I'm just trying to explain that my life is at a really good point." She said almost defensively. Clark just raised an eyebrow not saying anything. "So I got to thinking as I've gotten older my priorities have changed. There are things that I find myself wanting that a couple years ago I would have laughed at if you told me." She took a nervous breath. "I know it sounds completely ludicrous but I think I would make a good mother, ok a couple years ago I would never have trusted myself with a kid, but I really think I could now. I mean I love Chloe's kids and I babysit them and they haven't died yet." She said wringing her hands nervously getting up to pace the kitchen.

Clark's eyes widened. "Lo are you pregnant?" he asked. For some reason the question brought an unexplainable pain to chest.

"No" Lois said softly and she looked up into his eyes. "But I want to be" she said.

Clark's mouth dropped slightly. "Uh wow I hadn't realized you were seeing anyone." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

Lois shook her head, "No Clark, I'm not seeing anyone, and I don't foresee anyone in the near future either. But I want a baby, I know it's not easy or normal to want to be a single mother but I could do it I have the means to support myself and a child. And a lot of people grow up with one parent and turn out ok. I mean I did alright."

Clark was stunned never in a million years did he ever expect this conversation with Lois. He realized she was looking at him waiting for his reaction.

"Lois I know you may not believe it completely but I know without a doubt that you would make a great mother. Any kid would be lucky to have you as a parent." He said sincerely. Lois may be high strung and neurotic at times but she was full of love and she would give that love to a child indefinitely.

Lois looked at him and he noticed a shine in her eyes a telltale sign of tears. She quickly cleared her throat and let out a small laugh. "Well it's good you feel that way, because I need your help."

"Do want me to help you research a donor program?" he asked, an odd request but he'd do anything to help her.

"Uh actually no, um Clark I want you to be the donor." Clark froze not sure what to do or say. "Look Clark, I trust you and you are a good person so I can only imagine that a child of yours would turn out the same way. I know it wouldn't be easy for you to just have a child and give it away so I would never expect that, I mean if you did this we could work out a custody thing. I mean I think you would be a good father to a child and a kid between the two of us would turn out ok." She stood up and grabbed her purse. "Look I know I'm throwing a lot at you, so just think about it give it some time. I have a doctor's appointment Friday night after work to go over the Invetro Process and if you decide to do it, you can come with and the doctor will probably want to make sure you're a healthy donor, which I'm sure you are. Ok so I'm going to go, so just think about it." She said and a second later she was out the door and gone.

Clark stood still frozen in place. "What just happened?" he asked himself quietly.

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