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They entered the hotel room and threw their bags on the bed. Lois looked at the bed and caught her breath soon they would be sharing the bed, nervous and excited chills shot up her spine.

"Ok so uh we should probably go get our clothes and then meet back here?" Clark asked interrupting her thoughts. "Or we could go shopping together and just go straight to the chapel?"

"You can't see my dress." Lois said. "Its bad luck."

"Ok" Clark said not really sure about all the rules that went along with weddings. "So we go shopping separately and then meet at the Chapel?" he asked and Lois nodded. He had noticed she had gotten very quiet since they arrived at the hospital. "Hey" he said taking her hand. "Its not too late if you want to change your mind." He said gently. There was a part of him that was disappointed at the thought of this not happening but on the other hand he was in no way going to do something that Lois wasnt sure about. Marrying someone who didnt really want to be married to you was a Lex Luthor move.

Lois looked at him. "I dont want to change my mind." She said and he heard the confidence in her voice, she really was ok with this. "I'm sorry I'm just thinking a lot. There is a huge bridal boutique down the street that's open 24 hours, go figure. Anyway we can go there together, shop separately and then just change at the chapel, then we dont have to worry about seeing the bride before the ceremony." She said.

"Ok, let's go." He held out his hand, she smiled at him and took it and they exited the room.

Brandi's Bridal Bonanza

"Holy crap" Lois said as they entered the two story bridal boutique. The whole top floor was for the groom and groomsmen the main floor was full of bridal gowns, shoes, bridesmaid gowns. There was a section for kids with ring bearer and flower girl outfits. She glanced over and saw a large jewelry counter.

"Rings!" Lois exclaimed. "Smallville we need rings." She grabbed him and started to drag him to the counter when he grabbed her and gently halted her.

"Actually." He said digging into his pocket. "I probably should have given this to you right away." He pulled out a black velvet box. He opened it and Lois gasped when she saw a beautiful diamond engagement ring. It was small but gorgeous. "This was my mom's engagement ring from my dad. She wanted me to have it to give to my fiance. It isn't real big so I mean if you don't want it I can get you another one. I just thought maybe you would like it and then we could find a wedding band to match it." He said with a shrug.

Lois stared at him for a second, "Are you sure you want me to wear your mom's ring?" Lois asked. "I mean this isn't a conventional wedding I wouldn't blame you if you would just want to buy a cheap ring." Lois said.

"Lois, this may be a non conventional marriage, but to me its still a marriage. Everything we swear to each other during the ceremony I'm going to mean. It would be an honor for you to wear this ring. My mom and dad loved each other so much and they had such a strong marriage that I would be lucky to have half of the marriage they did. I also know that both my mom and dad loved you very much. My mom still does, I think she would be very excited to know you were wearing her ring." He said.

Lois felt the tears well up in her eyes and she put her hand out. "I would be honored to wear this ring." She said her voice husky.

Clark took the ring out and gently placed it on her left ring finger. It was a perfect fit and no adjustments would be needed. Lois stared at it and then grinned. She threw her arms around him and they hugged each other tightly. They pulled away and Lois cleared her throat.

"So I'm thinking we should pick out rings and then get some clothes." She said and he nodded.

They headed over to the jewelry counter. A man came over to help them. "How can I help you?"

"We need wedding bands." Lois said. She held her hand out. "I would like a band to fit this ring."

The clerk leaned in and inspected the ring. His eyes lit up and he scurried off. He came back and he held out a gold band encrusted with diamonds. "This just came in and I think it will be a perfect fit." He slid it on her fingers and the band and engagement rings hugged each other perfectly. "It doesnt happen often that we find the perfect ring so quickly." The clerk said with a smile. Lois stared at the band and she smiled at Clark.

"I love it." She said.

"We'll take it." Clark said with no hesitation.

"Clark you dont even know how much it costs." Lois said.

"Doesn't matter, you love it, and it fits the ring perfectly." Clark said.

"Will you be needing a wedding band as well sir?" the clerk asked. Clark hadn't thought too much about wearing a ring himself he was more concerned with finding one that Lois loved.

"Uh yeah," he looked at Lois who nodded enthusiastically. "Something gold like hers, uh plain looking."

Lois smiled. "He isn't a flashy kind of guy, we just need something simple for him." Clark smiled at Lois glad she understood him.

The man pulled out a gold ring and held it out for Clark to try on. He slipped it on and Lois shook her head.

"Too thin, he has big hands he needs a bigger band." She said. "How about this one?" she pointed to a ring. The clerk handed it to Clark and he tried it on. Lois smiled, it was perfect. Not so big that it was gaudy, but large enough to look like a wedding ring to any other women who may want to scope him out. "Perfect" Lois said. "Do you like it?" she asked Clark.

Clark flexed his fingers, he didnt wear jewelry often. Working a farm could be dangerous at times and wearing jewelry could be hazardous around farm equipment so the weight of the ring was noticeable but not bad. He liked it. He looked at Lois. "Yeah I like it."

"Perfect" Lois said. "We'll take it." She looked at Clark. "I'd like to buy your ring, it could be a wedding present." She said. Clark smiled. "I'd like to buy yours." They smiled and gently kissed each other. Lois felt her heart leap. They had shared a handful of kisses in the last couple hours, most of them being gentle and chaste. However each one left her wanting more, his kisses were addictive. They finished up the ring transaction and decided to split up to find their clothes. Clark as a man had it pretty easy, just find a tux. Lois on the other hand ended up grabbing a clerk to help be her very own personal shopper. She had no clue what to get.

Tammy the clerk turned out to be a very patient person and was able to help Lois get a game plan together of what she needed. First the dress. Lois made it known right off the bat she was not a foo foo ruffaly person. They scoured the racks and grabbed a couple dresses. This was the time Lois regretted the fact that Chloe wasnt there. She would find the perfect dress for Lois right away. Lois tried on about 6 dresses when Tammy brought her another dress.

"Ms. Lane I think I found it." She called through the fitting room door.

"Tammy I've told you a hundred times now, please call me Lois" she stopped when she saw the dress. It was perfect. It was strapless, it had embellishing along the top of the bust and down by the stomach. The satin skirt flowed out and Lois knew this was the dress, she knew Clark would love it. She tried it on and it fit her like a glove. She came out and Tammy grinned.

"Its perfect, Ms. Uh Lois. Here I brought you some shoes and the matching veil." Lois slipped them on and she felt like a princess. She looked at herself in the mirror and she barely recognized herself.

"I'll take it." Lois said. twirling the skirt.

"Excellent" Tammy said, "Now we just need to pick out some lingerie."

Lois felt her cheeks blush red at that thought. She looked at Tammy.

"Something pretty and sweet. My fiance is kind of shy." Lois said with a smile. She changed back into her regular clothes and watched as the dress was being zipped back into the garment bag. "Tammy what time do you get off work?"

Tammy looked at her confused. "Uh in about fifteen minutes, but if you need more help I can stay late."

"Well heres the thing Im getting married as soon as I leave here, and getting in and out of this dress is kind of a two woman job. And its just me and my fiance so would you like to come to the ceremony. You could help me with the dress when we get to the chapel. I'll pay you your wages." Lois assured her.

"You want me to come to your wedding?" Tammy said shocked. Most of her customers were nasty bridezillas and Ms. Lane had been nothing but kind to her.

"Yeah normally my cousin Chloe would be the one helping me but Clark and I decided to get married kind of last minute. I would appreciate the help with the dress and maybe my hair and make-up? You dont have to stay for the ceremony if you dont want. I just really could use extra help."

"Well um ok" Tammy said.

"Thanks so much" Lois said feeling like a weight being lifted. "It would be nice to have someone help get ready."

The women headed towards the lingerie section. They entered the section and Tammy called out to another clerk. "Hey Rhonda anything new come in today?"

A young red-haired woman was straightening racks of silky negligees. She glanced up, "Yeah a couple things came in stock today." She went over and grabbed something from a rack. It was a black leather outfit with diamond studs on it. It also came with a complimentary whip.

Lois chuckled. "Uh no thats not really me or Clark". She said. "Like I said he's shy." Lois explained.

"Ah" Rhonda said. "A shy guy, dont get too many of them in Vegas." She said with a wink. She reached over and pulled a pink fur lined baby doll negligee. Lois made a face. "Way too much his ex girlfriend." Lois said. She looked around. "He likes the color blue" she said.

"Ooh how about this one." Rhonda went and grabbed a navy blue silk negligee with matching silk robe. Sexy but simple.

"Perfect" Lois said. "I think Clark will love it."

"And if he doesn't what does it matter, its just going to end up on the floor anyways." Rhonda said and Lois turned bright red. Rhonda noticed the blush and grinned. "Don't tell me the wedding night is the first night?" Rhonda asked. Lois nodded. "Wow now that is definitely a change from our regular customers. Did you two just meet this evening?"

Lois chuckled imagining just how crazy some people getting married in Vegas could be. "No Clark and I have known each other for about six years. We've been best friends for awhile now. The marriage is a little last minute but the relationship isn't. Lois said."

"Aww that is sweet." Rhonda said. "Here, this is on the house. She went and got a gift basket it was full of candles, lotions edible lotions, and a pair of fuzzy handcuffs."

"Oh I couldn't." Lois said.

"I insist." Rhonda said.

"I'm going to the wedding." Tammy said proudly.

"What?" Rhonda asked. "Really? No fair!"

"She's coming to help me get ready. Uh you can come too if you want." Lois said. "We don't have any witnesses." Lois said with a shrug, wondering what Clark would think of their wedding guests.

"I'm so in, so where's the groom?" Rhonda asked.

"Oh he's getting his tux, though with him it probably took him five minutes so he's probably waiting for me bored." Tammy brought Lois up to the check out and they added up her total. When she heard the final total she cringed, but hell she was only planning on getting married once, and she had the money.

"It seems like your bill has been covered." Tammy said looking at the computer. "There's instruction to put all of your purchases on a credit card for Mr. Clark Kent."

"What!" Lois exclaimed. She looked around and saw Clark sitting in a waiting area. He had a garment bag next to him. "Excuse me for one second." Lois said and she made her way to Clark.

"Smallville what are you doing? You can't buy all of my things?" Lois exclaimed.

Clark gave her a big grin, "Sure I can."

"Clark you can't though." Lois said.

"It's your wedding gift, Lois and don't say that was what the ring is for. Lois you're giving me so much by marrying me. I don't have an easy life and you're offering to share it with me, and you've offered to give me a child. Some women would run in the opposite direction when hearing they would be having an alien baby." Clark said trying to explain to her how much she was giving him.

Lois smiled and felt tears well in her eyes. "I meant what I said Clark, this isn't the way most normal people start a marriage, but this is real for me. I want to be married to you for the rest of my life. So everything you just said I'm giving you, is the same thing you're giving me." She leaned up and kissed him gently.

"Ohh they're so cute." They heard someone exclaim.

The two broke apart to see Tammy and Rhonda grinning at them. Lois chuckled.

"Clark I'd like you to meet Tammy and Rhonda, guys this is my fiance Clark." She noticed the puzzled look in Clark's eyes and explained. "Tammy and Rhonda have been generous enough to offer to help me get ready for the ceremony at the chapel. I told them I'd help pay them their wages, because wait to you see this dress Smallville, no way I'm getting into it on my own." She said and Clark chuckled.

"Oh youre not paying us" Tammy said shaking her head.

"Yeah its not every day a customer asks us to come to their wedding. Nope we are guests and will be thrilled to go for free." Rhonda said. "Now we are just going to clock out and grab our things." Rhonda said and as they passed by the couple Rhonda leaned into whisper to Lois. "Aren't you glad you didnt turn down the gift basket, he's a stud." She said with a wink and they walked off to gather their things.

"Gift basket?" Clark asked and Lois blushed remembering his super hearing. "A stud huh?" he asked with a wide grin and she shook her head. Deciding to turn the tables on him she smiled wickedly.

"The store kindly donated a gift bag for our Honeymoon, you know candles, a love song CD, edible lotions." She said slowly dragging her hand down his arm. She watched as he blushed and she grinned. And my favorite of course, the fuzzy handcuffs." She said stepping close to him. Clark swallowed hard and then a smile appeared on his face.

"I hope this dress isn't too hard to get you out of." He said softly and Lois wished the ceremony was already over.

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