Sorry but I had to delete the first one because the lines were squished together. This is the first season of Yu-gi-oh GX but in an AU (alternate universe) where Jaden becomes the supreme king with the help of Yubel and he didn't send her into space. You'll find out who did though. Please review and no flamers. Note: I don't own Yugioh GX or anything related to it. I do own the idea and story outline.

A young boy, with brown hair except on the top which was sun burnt, glanced in fear as the creatures swooped down on to him.

"No!" he cried as his life points fell to zero.

"Yes! Aright, pay up twerp. Because you lost the dual, you have to forfeit your rarest card." said an older-looking boy who stood over the smaller child.

The young child looked up in defiance at the bigger boy.

"I won't give you my most favorite card." He said with anger in his eyes.

The bigger boy stared down at the smaller boy in surprise but then smirked.

"I guess I'll have to relinquish that card by force then. If you just give me that card I won't hurt you." He crooned.

"I. Won't. Give. Her. To. You." The boy said without any concern for his safety.

The bigger boy's face flushed in anger and he hit the younger kid hard across the face. The boy fell to the ground, but he didn't cry because he knew that she will protect him.

Yubel, Help me! He pleaded silently.

"Give me that card! Its power is wasted on a loser like you!" The older boy bellowed.

He brought his fist back to hit younger kid again when something stopped his heart dead cold.

The older boy gasped as his mind started to shut down.

"AHHHHHHHH!" The older boy screamed in pain before he collapsed in a heap. The boy looked at his former opponent with a grim smile on his face.

My love, are you alright? A female voice asked him.

An apparition appeared before him and knelt down to hug him. The apparition's body had a figure like a human female but she had three eyes, one teal, the other orange, and the third eye was a sickly yellow with a purple pupil in the center of her forehead. Her hair was purple on her left side and white on her right side. Demonic wings sprouted from her back giving her a fearsome appearance. She was a dual spirit and a powerful one at that; her name is Yubel.

"Yes, I'm okay. Thank you, Yubel. But I'm sick and tired of losing. I want to win more than anything. I wish…I wish…I wish…" His small voice trailed off.

You wish what? Yubel asked.

"I wish I had more power to help me win my duals." The young boy said calmly.

After Yubel heard the boy's wish, she thought it was the perfect time to tell him his destiny.

My sweet, I believe it is time to tell that you have a powerful spirit in you that can help you win your duals. Yubel said looking at the boy lovingly.

"What? Yubel, why didn't you tell me sooner?" The boy asked.

Yubel noted the slight tinge of anger but also saw in the young boy's eyes betrayal.

Please, my dear, don't look at me like I betrayed you. I was just waiting for the right moment to tell you that is all. Yubel said.

The young boy sighed and nodded his head.

"Whatever the reason was to hold off the news is probably a good one. But Yubel, next time, tell me please? That way I don't run the risk of losing you." Said the little boy.

Of course, I wanted to wait until you were older to tell you, but I guess the power of the Supreme King cannot wait. Yubel said.

The two stood in silence as the sun started to set.

"Well, come on, Yubel. Best to be getting back home before the parents start to worry about me." The little boy said unhappily.

Oh, must we? It is such a beautiful sunset. Yubel whined sarcastically.

The boy looked at her, amazed.

"I never took you to like the sunset, Yubel." The boy said, surprised. Yubel looked at him annoyed.

I don't. I was trying to imitate you. Yubel said irritated.

"Oh. Hey, race you home." The boy cried.

With that he took off running toward a brown house.

Hey! No fair! You got a head start! Yubel yelped.

"Just goes to show you have to be ready for anything, Yubel!" the boy replied laughing.

The two reached a brick house that was two stories tall. The boy's name is Jaden Yuki. This is his story on how he became the supreme king.

Four months later.

The past four months of young Jaden's life were filled to the brim with training to release the power of the supreme king. After those four months had passed, Jaden Yuki had changed drastically.

Jade? What are you doing, my sweet? Yubel asked.

Jaden looked at her, his once brown eyes were gone replaced with a honey gold color, and said, "I'm drawing four new cards. Three of them are based around you, Yubel and the other is a new Elemental Hero called Neos."

Oh? Jaden, I'm flattered. But I must say that drawing isn't one of your strong points. Yubel said with a slight chuckle.

Jaden shot a glare at her and muttered something under his breath.

What did you say? Yubel asked curiously.

"I said, 'Where did I get such a sassy spirit when I was the prince of the spirit world?'" Jaden replied.

Simple. I learned it from you when I was a human. Yubel retorted back.

He shook his head in defeat and went back to work. After a few hours working on the cards, he fell fast asleep. Two figures looked on at their eight year old son who had changed dramatically over the past four months.

"Dear, we have to send that card into space along with those other cards if he wins." One of the figures whispered in concern.

"I know, but it won't be easy to make him part with it. He loves it with a passion. We may have to send them all in while he is asleep." The other figure whispered.

Hmmm…who are these mysterious figures that plot to separate Yubel and Jaden? Are they rivals or the parents of rivals that have fallen to Yubel's touch? You'll have to read chapter two to find out. Please review and again no flamers! I may have gotten Yubel's hair description wrong so if I did I apologize! Note: I will update every week or until I get five reviews.