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Chancellor's Office

Chancellor Sheppard looked down at the black armored boy as he blasted an Obelisk's blue monster into oblivion. It was two weeks after Jaden had defeated Kagemaru. Chumley had gone off to work for Industrial Illusions as a card designer. Sheppard had picked up the Sacred Beast cards but he hadn't returned them to their resting place. Instead, he had kept them in his office in a place where no one would try to take them. He was going to speak with Seto Kaiba and Pegasus. Both of them and their wives, Kisara and Cecelia, were now on the big screen looking at Sheppard.

"What's this all about, Sheppard? I was in the middle of an important meeting." Kaiba said annoyed at the interruption.

"Seto, be nice. Sheppard has news about that boy who won the drawing contest held by you and Pegasus 10 years ago." Kisara scolded.

"Yes, Kaiba-boy, listen to your loving wife." Pegasus said with hiding his snicker at seeing Kaiba being whipped.

The younger man glared at Pegasus then turned to Sheppard with worry in his eyes.

"Sheppard, is he normal?" Kaiba asked worried.

Sheppard was taken aback at the question. But he shook it off and looked at him.

"What do you mean, 'is he normal?'." Sheppard asked cocking his head.

"I mean are his eyes back to the brown color that he was born with?" Kaiba asked now dreading the answer.

Sheppard shook his head. Kaiba sighed and slumped against his chair.

"So sending that card into space didn't cure Jaden." Kaiba muttered as his fingers raked through his hair.

"Sweetie, what do you mean?" Kisara asked.

"When Jaden had won the contest, his parents came to me and told me about a card they had placed in the envelope called Yubel. Every time Jaden play the card or lost, his opponent would either end up in a coma or he would…would…" Kaiba trailed off.

Luckily, Sheppard got the message. He hadn't known about that card's power and wondered if she would still do that. But he remembered that he had to talk to them about the final test Sheppard had for Jaden to acquire the sacred beast cards.

"Kaiba, Pegasus, I need to talk to you about something." Sheppard said as he looked at the two industrial giants.

Obelisk Blue Boys dorm

Zane stared at the ceiling of his dorm room as he remembered the events of the past few months and then remembered the past few weeks.


Zane stood and looked at the giant screen that showed the promotion test grades. The top ten names came up onto the screen. Zane's named was at the top of the bracket but everyone got a shock. Jaden's name was right next to Zane's in points. Crowler was stunned but then gathered his wits.

"It appears that both Mr. Yuki and Zane have exceptional study abilities. However, since Zane is graduating from DA then he will choose who will face him in the graduation duel!" Crowler said.

After Crowler's class, everyone from all the dorms were begging Zane to be his challenger. Chazz was the most annoying.

"Zane! Please choose me! This way I can finally win sweet Alexis's heart!" Chazz cried.

Zane knew that if Alexis had heard Chazz, she would be giving him a fist sandwich. He had known that Alexis and Jaden were dating but they were keeping it secret due to Atticus. He would go ballistic and Zane never forgot Jaden's rabid fan-girls. They would probably maul poor Alexis if they found out. Zane just shook his head.

"Sorry, but I've already chosen my opponent." Zane simply said.

Chazz immediately began crying about not getting Alexis's heart. Zane continued on down the hall. He saw first hand the power Jaden had. He dueled with both his mind and his heart. A combination like that was very rare. So, with his mind made up about his opponent, Zane walked to Sheppard's office to inform him who his opponent was for the duel.

(End Flashback)

After Zane was done reminiscing, he got up and walked out of his room. He walked down the hall and saw several students panting.

"What happened?" Zane asked.

"Jaden." A kid whose name was Terry gasped out.

"We all tried to duel him at the same time but he beat us with ease. I swear that kid is in a class of his own. He makes all of us blues look weak compared to him." Another kid whose name was Mortimer gasped out.

Zane chuckled as he continued on his way. He soon reached his destination and stood outside the door. He knocked on it and heard some shuffling. A voice then spoke in a cold tone.

"Enter." Jaden said.

Zane walked in and saw Jaden sitting at a desk. He was out of his armor and looked different without it on. He was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans with his Obelisk blue sneakers on. Jaden turned around in his chair and saw Zane standing in the center of the room.

"Humph. What are you doing here, Zane?" Jaden asked as he turned back around and continued working on his paper.

"I've come to tell you that I've chosen my opponent for the graduation duel." Zane said without emotion.

"Hmmm, glad to hear it. What time is it at?" Jaden asked.

"How do you even know that I chose you?" Zane asked baffled as to how Jaden could know.

"Well, you being here indicates that you have chosen me for the duel." Jaden said with a smirk.

Zane shook his head amazed that Jaden could be so perceptive of things. Zane then looked Jaden in the eye.

"It's tomorrow at noon. Make sure that you don't hold back." Zane said with a smirk of his own.

"Oh, I won't." Jaden said with an evil smile as Zane left.


Alexis walked to where Jaden had told her to meet. They had discovered a beautiful place hidden from the rest of the academy. They called it the 'meeting ground'. It had trees surrounding all sides with a lake of water in the center of it all. It also had a waterfall flowing from the top of a cliff. Both of them met there for their dates. As Alexis walked through the final pieces of foliage, she saw Jaden standing near the water's edge with his hands in his pockets. He was out of his armor at her request; she knew that it was to strike terror into his opponent's but sometimes it made it difficult to kiss sometimes. Besides, she wanted to see what the boy under the armor. Feeling a little playful, Alexis quietly snuck up behind Jaden and then shoved him into the water. Jaden let out a shout of surprise as he fell into the cold lake before his mouth filled up with water. He popped his head up and heard laughter coming form the shore. He glanced at the shoreline and saw Alexis holding her sides and laughing her head off. Jaden glared at her before his face cracked into a smile. He then got off and walked forward until he was next to Alexis. He then shook his head and sent all the water cascading onto Alexis. Alexis let out a squeal of surprise and tired to run away. Jaden knew that she would try to run and caught her arm. He continued shaking the water out of his hair until Alexis was drenched like him.

"Payback is sweet. Or, in this case, wet." Jaden said after he was done shaking.

Alexis scowled at Jaden before she smiled and laughed along with him. After the couple calmed down, Alexis thought now would be a good time to ask why he had called her here. Jaden beat her to the punch though.

"Why did you call me here, Jaden? I don't think it was for a romp in the woods." Alexis said with a coy smile.

Jaden blushed when his mind went to that area. He shook his head to get the thoughts out. He looked at Alexis and frowned.

"Gee, thanks for putting that image in my head." Jaden said disgusted.

Alexis giggled at the flustered boy before her. It was so much fun to mess with his head. After Jaden finally got his thoughts under control, he got to the point.

"Alexis, I called you here because I need…I need…" Jaden started but stuttered at the last second as he struggled with the word.

"You need what? Help?" Alexis asked.

"Yeah. Help is what I need." Jaden said with a sheepish grin.

"Help with what?" Alexis asked.

"Sorry to change the subject but you remember the Graduation duel right?"

"Yeah, Zane still has to choose his opponent."

"He already has chosen his opponent."

"Really, who?"

"You're dating him."

"Wait, you don't mean…"

"Yep. I'm his opponent. I need your help because I don't know how his deck works. You've been with him ever since you got here so I thought that you knew how his deck works and to help me with recalibrating my deck for the duel."

"Alright then, let's get started."

The two worked on Jaden's deck until the sun had set behind the trees. Jaden walked Alexis back to the dorm and kissed her good night. Mindy and Jasmine saw this and instantly were happy that Alexis had found a good boyfriend. Jaden went back to his dorm and lay down on his bed. He was ready for tomorrow's match.

Next day

Jaden adjusted his duel disk until it was properly on his arm. He grabbed the deck he and Alexis made. He heard the locker doors open then close. He felt two arms wrap around his neck and then he felt a head against the back of his neck.

"You'll do great. Don't worry." Alexis said.

"Since when do I worry?" Jaden retorted.

"Good point." Alexis said with a small giggle.

Jaden stood up and turned to the door. Before he could get out the door, he felt to hands push him against the lockers. Soft lips met his and held there for a few minutes. Alexis drew back and smiled.

"For luck." She simply said.

"I don't believe in it but thanks." Jaden said after the kiss. He walked out of the lockers and onto the duel field. Alexis headed for the stands to cheer her boyfriend on.

Duel Arena

Jaden, this will be your test to see if you are worthy to wield the beast cards. Sheppard thought to himself as he saw Jaden and Zane face each other on the arena.

"Now, for the match of the year! Top DA duelist for three years straight, Zane Truesdale versus DA's rising star Jaden Yuki!" Crowler said into a mike.

Both said people stepped forward and handed each other their decks. Jaden shuffled Zane's with quick precise shuffles. Zane shuffled Jaden's more slowly as if he was trying to understand the deck's power. When the shuffling was done, Zane and Jaden handed back the decks. They went back to their side of the arena with Crowler getting out of the way. Both deployed their disks and drew five cards.

"Get you game on!" Both shouted at the same time.

Zane: 4000/Jaden: 4000

"I'll start first." Zane said as he drew a card.

He looked at it and added it to his hand. He chose another card and played it.

"I activate Different Dimension Capsule. I now remove one card from my deck from play and in two turns time I will add that card to my hand."

Zane chose a card and placed it in his pocket. He then placed a card facedown and ended his turn.

"My turn." Jaden said as he drew a card.

He looked at it and added it to his hand his face showing no emotion. He then chose another card.

"I play Evil Hero Sentinel (ATK: 0 DEF: 2800) in defense mode. I then place two cards facedown and activate Mystical Space Typhoon. I now terminate your D.D. Capsule."

A whirlwind of cosmic dust erupted on Zane's side of the field and destroyed the coffin. Jaden smirked knowing that Zane had used it as a decoy for him. True to his thought, Zane activated a card that he had removed from play both of them drew two cards. (A/N: I can't remember the name of the card Zane used at the last eppie of Season One. Sorry.) Jaden looked at the cards he had drawn. He smiled and looked at Alexis. Alexis saw the smile and knew that Jaden had drawn the cards she had given him. Jaden ended his turn as he added the two cards to his hand.

My turn." Zane said as he drew a card.

He looked at it and smirked. Jaden was wondering what Zane was smirking about as he drew three cards.

"I play my Cyber Dragon (ATK: 2100 DEF: 1500) in attack mode."

The shiny dragon rose from a portal of light and landed next to Zane. Zane then held another card high.

"Next, I activate Cyber Factory. This continuous spell card allows me to add any Machine type monster from my deck to my hand at the cost of me not drawing from my deck during my draw phase."

Zane then ended his turn and Jaden began his turn. He drew and looked at the card. He smirked as he looked at the Cyber Dragon. Zane caught the smirk and wondered what Jaden was going to do.

"I play the spell card, Evil Summoning! This spell card allows me to special summon one level five or above Evil Hero. So I chose none other then my Evil Hero Malicious Edge (ATK: 2600 DEF: 1500) in attack mode."

The fiendish warrior jumped down from a portal and looked at Zane with hate. Zane paid no heed to the look.

"Malicious Edge attack his Cyber Dragon!"

The fiend leapt at the mechanized dragon but Zane stopped it with his Negate Attack trap card.

"I end."

"My move." Zane said as he added one of his machines to his hand.

Jaden drew three more cards from his deck. Zane played a card Jaden hadn't seen before.

"I play my Proto-Cyber Dragon (ATK: 1100 DEF: 600) in attack mode."

A smaller version of the Cyber Dragon appeared next to its original. Jaden stared at it and instantly got a bad feeling in his gut.

"Next, I play Polymerization and fuse my two Cyber Dragons to fuse Cyber Twin Dragon."

The two monsters disappeared and a new beast arose from the vortex. Jaden got the idea that Proto-Cyber's name was treated as Cyber Dragon when it was on the field. Two beams of light shot out of the double headed dragon's mouths and struck Malicious Edge. The monster was instantly vaporized as it shouted in terror.

Zane: 4000/Jaden: 3800

"I end."

Jaden drew his card and glanced at it. It was the card he needed in order to stop any more damage. He placed the card facedown and ended his turn. Zane added his final card and smiled.

"Jaden, this match is over. I play De-Fusion and separate my Twin Cyber Dragon to regain my Proto-Cyber and Cyber Dragon!" Zane shouted to the dark king. (A/N: I know that doesn't work in the anime or in real life. But I need to make this duel a little longer then the others.)

The two monsters returned and were on the field. Jaden knew that Zane had either another polymerization or Power Bond in his hand. His theory was proven true as Zane slammed another card into his spell and trap card zone.

"I play another Polymerization and fuse my three Cyber Dragons to form my Cyber End Dragon (ATK: 4000 DEF: 2800) in attack mode!"

A gargantuan monster rose onto the field. Jaden saw that there were three heads on the body and all three let loose a roar. Everyone began to cheer for Zane but he held up his hand. He then turned to Jaden.

"This duel isn't over yet. Cyber End, attack his Sentinel! Ultimate Strident Blast!"

The three heads fired three beams of energy at the Evil Hero. The blast encompassed the entire arena. Jaden didn't fall but he did cross his arms over his face as his life dropped.

Zane: 4000/Jaden: 1200

Alexis's eyes widen at the sight. It was at that moment that Atticus decided to speak up.

"Hey, Sissy. Looks like your boyfriend is in trouble." Atticus said with a laugh.

Alexis blushed deeply at the statement. Luckily, it was unseen by Chazz and Atticus. She then remembered that she needed to tell Atticus about her and Jaden.

"Atty, come with me." Alexis said as she got up.

"But it's just getting good!" Atticus protested.

"NOW!" Alexis said in a tone of voice that made Atticus jerk back.

Atticus slowly got up and followed his sister out of the room. Jaden drew his card and looked at it. He had all that he needed in his hand all he had to do now was to make sure that Zane fell for the trap. He placed one card facedown and ended his turn. Zane drew his card and then activated a familiar one.

"I play De-Fusion and de-fuse my Cyber End back into its three counterparts."

The Cyber End Dragon split back into the two Cyber Dragons and the Proto-Cyber Dragon.

"Then I activate Power Bond and re-fuse the three to form my Cyber End Dragon! And thanks to Power Bond's effect its attack power is doubled."

The three became one again as the giant dragon rose from the field.

Cyber End Dragon-ATK: 8000

"Now I will end this duel. I attack you with Ultimate Strident Blast!"

The three headed dragon shot the beams of energy again. Alexis and Atticus came back in just as Zane attacked. Atticus had a big grin on his face as he and Alexis sat down. Chazz wondered why Atticus was smiling when the blast hit Jaden. Everyone cheered as dust and debris floated in the air. Crowler stood up and brought the mike to his mouth.

"Ladies and Gentleman, Zane is still our…" Crowler began but was cut off when a voice shouted from the blast zone.

"Why is everyone celebrating? I haven't even gotten my game on yet!" The voice said.

It can't be. Everyone thought.

But, lo and behold, Jade was still standing. Zane just shook his head when the dust cleared, revealing A Hollow Life Barrier. Jaden smirked and nodded once. Zane got the gesture and smiled as he placed another card on the field.

"I play Cyber Kirn (ATK: 300 DEF: 800) in attack mode!"

A dog-like machine appeared next to Zane. But no sooner had it appeared, it then disappeared.

"I activate the effect of Cyber Kirin. By sending him to the grave, I take no damage from card effects."

Blast. So much for him losing with Power Bond. Jaden thought to himself.

Zane ended his turn. Jaden drew his card and looked at it. His eyes widen in glee as he saw that he had drawn the card he needed. Zane got a bad feeling in his gut as he looked at the look in Jaden's eyes.

If he thinks Yubel will help him out, he's dead wrong. My facedown will take her out. Zane thought to himself.

"I activate my trap card Attack Formation! This card forces you to attack a monster that is in attack mode. I then place a card facedown and end my turn."

"My draw!" Zane shouted as he drew his card.

He added it to his hand without looking at it. He looked up at his dragon and nodded.

"Cyber End, time to end this! Ultimate Strident Blast!"

The dragon opened its mouth to fire the three blasts. Jaden activated one of his trap cards.

"I activate the trap card A Villain Emerges! This trap works like A Hero Emerges but I get to summon the monster of my choice. I just have to give up my entire hand. The card summoned by this effect, however, has its effect negated. So I get rid of my entire hand to special summon Yubel (ATK: 0 DEF: 0) in attack mode!"

The fiendish woman arose from a black portal and glared at the attack.

"It doesn't matter. Her effect is useless. Cyber End continue the attack."

"Not so fast. I activate my Compulsary Evacuation Device. This card allows me to return one monster on the field to the hand. So I will choose Yubel."

The woman disappeared as the card returned to Jaden's hand in a flash of light. Zane was surprised by the move but continued the attack.

"You're wide open now. Attack again my beast!"

Three beams streaked toward Jaden but he activated his finally trap card.

"Go, A Hero Emerges! You know what this card does. Normally, you get to choose the card but since I only have one it's summoned instead. Go, Yubel!"

The fiend woman returned but then Zane activated his facedown.

"Go, quick play spell. Offerings to the Doomed! This quick play spell allows me to destroy a monster on the field while skipping my next Draw Phase. Say good-bye to Yubel."

The spirit let out a wail of pain as she disintegrated in to smoke. The attack continued but Jaden just smiled. Zane wondered why Jaden was smiling until he saw the smoke began to take a shape. A shape of a two headed dragon. When the shape fully materialized, Zane saw that it had Yubel's third eye in the center. Jaden spoke up about this new monster.

"Allow me to introduce to you Yubel-Terror Incarnate (ATK: 0 DEF: 0). She is a second form of Yubel and has a similar effect to Yubel." Jaden explained.

"But I can still stop my attack." Zane said smugly.

"No, you can't." Jaden stated calmly.

"What?" Zane asked perplexed.

"Have you forgotten my trap card, Attack Formation? It forces your monster to attack a monster of mine in attack mode. And Yubel-Terror Incarnate is in attack mode."

"That means that I can't stop the attack." Zane said horrified.

"That's right." Jaden said as the blast hit Yubel's second form.

The second form opened one of the dragon's mouths and absorbed the attack and swallowed. The other mouth opened and sent the attack heralding back to Zane. The blast flew past the Cyber End and hit Zane hard, so hard that the entire arena shook when the explosion occurred.

Zane: 0/Jaden: 1200

For a few minutes, there was utter silence while everyone looked at Zane who was on one knee panting. Then a small chuckle escaped from Zane's lips and then everyone was clapping enthusiastically as Jaden made his way over to Zane. The dark king offered his hand which Zane took and got up. Jaden smiled at the former Kaiser of DA.

"You put up one heck of a fight, Zane. It was an honor to fight you." Jaden said as shook Zane's hand.

"I'm glad to have given you a fight that was worthy for you, Jaden. It was an honor to have met you. Now the torch is passed onto you. Make everyone here proud. Oh, and take good care of Alexis." Zane said.

"I will." Jaden said as he turned to face everyone.

Chancellor Sheppard stood up and pointed to Jaden. He mention for the ruler of Darkness to follow him. Jaden, curious as to why the chancellor needed him, walked after him. Soon the two reached Sheppard's office and walked in. Sheppard sat down and clasped his hands together. Jaden didn't beat around the bush; he wanted to see Alexis before she left for her family which he was going to meet.

"Why did you call for me, Sheppard? It had better be important." Jaden asked coldly.

Sheppard stood up without a word and walked to a safe. Form there, he grabbed a box and walked back to Jaden. He sat back down and pushed the box forward to Jaden. Jaden sensed a power inside the box and knew what lay within. He opened the top and saw them; the three sacred beast cards. Immediately, the spirits came out of the cards stood next to Jaden.

Masssssssster! It hassssss been too long! Uria said with joy in the beasts eyes.

At long last, we are reunited with the Supreme King. Hamon cried.

Now we can fight the light of Destruction when it comes. Raviel said.

"So, the duel with Zane was a test to see if I was worthy for the beasts wasn't it?" Jaden asked as he turned from looking at the beasts.

"Yes. I informed Kaiba and Pegasus of you and they agreed that you had the power to control the beasts." Sheppard said. "Now you best go. The boat is leaving in 15 minutes."

Jaden nodded and walked out the door. He smiled as he thought of the new adventures that awaited him next year.

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