Supernatural- Deadly Dreams

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Sumary- Ten years after Freddy died He comes back to take what is his, can Dean and Sam stay alive and kill him or will Freddy get Sam this time around 22/26

Chapter 1

It has been ten years since that night and the boys have been hunting a spirit. That liked to throw people into walls and down the stairs. After they found the thing that kept the spirit in the house( a ring ) that was hidden in the wall. Since the spirit threw Sam into the wall and made a big hole they found it and Dean set it on fire. After the fire was set they got out and drove to a motel.

" I call first shower." Dean said

" what ever I'm to tired to anyways." Sam said

Dean watched his 22year old brother go over to the bed and sit. He grabbed some clean cloths and went in the bathroom. When Dean got out Sam was a sleep on top of his covers. Dean took off Sam's shoes then checked his back where he it the wall. Not finding anything life threatening he pulled off the covers and laid them over Sam before he to got into bed and fell asleep.


Sam laid on his bed at the dorm and felt something drip on his face when he looked up Jessica was on the ceiling with a cut on her stomach. Sam's eyes got wide and tried to yell but then he was at a house. He looked at the old house and knew he seen it before but couldn't find out where.

" Sammy I'm back " came a voice

When he looked he found Freddy in one of the windows upstairs. Sam backed away trying to wake up.

" We killed you!" Sam yelled

" You did? Guess I didn't get the info!" Freddy laughed and then was in front of Sam.

" Stay away from me asshole!" Sam yelled

" Now Now don't talk like that." Freddy cooed

With out warning Freddy cut Sam's arm deep making Sam scream.

" NOOO!!!!" Sam screamed

Dean bolted up in bed at hearing his brother scream. He looked at Sam and found him sitting up in bed breathing hard and holding his right arm.

" Dude what happened?" Dean asked going to Sam

" my.. my arm." Sam said

When they looked at his arm there was blood all over and the arm was still bleeding. Dean looked at Sam with fear.

" No, he's dead.. we killed him." Dean complained

" I guess he didn't get the info." Sam tried to joke but knew how serious it was

" What does he want?" Dean asked helping Sam to the bathroom.

" He still wants me I guess."

Dean put Sam's arm under the cold water, letting the blood go down the sink. He grabbed a needle knowing he has to stitch his brother's arm. After he got the blood to slow down some he started to stitch the wound. After he was done he added some cream and then but a bandage over it. Threw all of it Sam didn't say anything. He just sat there in outer space and that worried Dean a little.

" I won't let him have you Sammy, you belong to me."

" Thanks Dean." Sam smiled

" No problem."

After they cleaned up all the blood that was in the bathroom and on the bed they went back to sleep.


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