Supernatural- Deadly Dreams

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Chapter 4

They all looked at Freddy before Bobby and Nancy ran to the door and bolted it so that he couldn't get inside. Dean and Sam ran to the hidden room where Bobby kept all his weapons hidden and grabbed what they thought could kill the son of a bitch before running back to the others. Sam laid salt under the door and windows. Dean grabbed a blade while Bobby grabbed a shot gun with silver bullet's. Nancy grabbed a magnum and Sam picked up a rifle.

" That won't hold him long. Spread out and hide and remember aim for his head." Bobby said

" Gotcha." they said before leaving

Bobby hide in the living room, Nancy took the hall way, Dean took the room next to the stairs and Sam took the last room down the hall upstairs. They heard the door bust open and Freddy's loud voice

" Here's Johnny!" Freddy said walking into the living room

Bobby shot the gun but missed Freddy's head and only getting the wall next to him.

" mad shot there buddy boy." Freddy said before walking over to him

He took his hand and sliced into Bobby's stomach. Bobby fell to the ground with blood all over him, he held his stomach before his eyes closed.

Freddy walked up the stairs and was shot in the leg by Nancy. Nancy walked down and was about to shot again when Freddy grabbed her foot and threw here down the stairs making her break her neck. He stood up and started walking up the stairs again.

Dean heard the foot steps coming up the stairs and go pass the door he was hiding behind. He watched as Freddy got closer to the end of the hall before he started walking behind him as quit as he could.

Freddy opened up the door and got a bullet in the arm. He looked at the blood that was coming out of the wound. He took his glove hand and slide the knife inside his arm and removed the shell. Sam watched it fall to the ground. He unloaded the gun and tried to put another bullet inside when Freddy was right in front of him.

" Time for you to die Sam."

" I don't think so." Dean said before he took the blade and sliced off Freddy's head

" Is he dead?" Sam asked

" I think so."

Two sets of eyes open and then Dean and Sam sat up in bed and smiled at each other.

" Winchester one, Freddy zero" Dean laughed

" What about Bobby and Nancy? Are they ok?" Sam asked

" It was just a dream, they wern't really there."

Just to make sure, they had called Bobby and he told them he never talked to a Nancy and that he was ok.

" We're comeing to see you." Sam said

' Alright but be careful." Bobby said before the call was ended

Sam looked over at Dean and smiled. " It's finally over." They said

The End


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