"Hello my lovely ladies," smiled Vaith at the three young girls before him, who were nearly swooning at his good looks.

She is definitely the most beautiful girl in the world, he thought as Merleawe turned her head towards him, wide-eyed with shock that he would approach her.

"Um…Hi?" she phrased her greeting as a question. Her palms were sweaty with nervousness and she turned a deep red at his close proximity. Vaith's breath tickled her cheek as he whispered "Meet me at the inn at five tonight. I have a surprise for you."

As soon as he was gone Saffira and Elvira turned on her. "What did he say Mel! Tell us! You have to!"

"He didn't say much, all he said was that…um…heh…my dress was pretty!" she blurted out with relief. How could she tell her friends she was impersonating the Master Wizard?

After being interrogated and advised on her love life and Vaith she hurried home to get ready for 'the surprise'. Oh, how she hoped Vaith had not seen her blush earlier. Just being near him was enough to send her heart fluttering in her chest. This little crush isn't going to get me anywhere. Tonight I'll just wear one of my older dresses; he won't care what I look like.

The fifth hour approached as Vaith lent against the rough wooden wall of the inn. He was nearly jumping up and down with excitement as he fingered the parcel he had placed in his pocket. Mel is going to love my gift! And hopefully my confession… at this thought a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. What if she hated him?

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