The proceeding blissful days merged into each other as joyful memories. It was the beginning of summer and Viegald couldn't be more beautiful. Gay flowers bloomed wherever you might turn your head, the musical chirping of the cicadas and the trills of nightingales filled the air but most beautiful of all was the love that overflowed from people's hearts.

It was thinking of this Merleawe strolled down the busy street towards Shato's jewellery stall. His breathtaking clips adorned her hair. They were made from gold wires wound together to form playful robins with ruby eyes, their feathers flecked with diamond snow. Vaith had bought them for her birthday and just thinking of him made her heart race and her cheeks flame. She loved to wear his presents; they made her remember all the good things in her life whenever she was feeling burdened or upset as the Great Magician.

She glanced down the watch and exclaimed with abject horror "Oh fudge cake! I'm late!" She gathered herself out of the reverie and sped down the pavement towards the lawns outside of the castle's perimeter. That was where the Black Knights were training today and if she didn't hurry up she'd miss it. Vaith had told her he had a special surprise for her and asked her to dinner after training. She enjoyed watching him train so decided to arrive earlier.

She got to the lawns and saw to her dismay that training had almost finished. She ran her gaze over the assembled men, none of which looked like Vaith. She spotted him and halted in mid step. His hair was white. White. Not black. White. She stifled a gasp.

Has he done this for me? She thought, her heart ready to burst with delight and affection. It was then he caught sight of her and that split second where they gazed into each others eyes crackled with enchantment. Then he was sprinting towards her and she grinned. Oh, how I love him…

Vaith reached her and scooped her smaller body up into his muscled arms and kissed her with as if he hadn't seen her in years not hours. "Hello you," he whispered into her ear and gave her a squeeze. Merleawe couldn't breathe but she'd have been happy to die in his arms. He put her back on the floor, albeit awkwardly as he refused to relinquish her hand. "Practice is over," he announced and there was a murmur of relief from the Knights.

"You died you hair!" cried Merleawe

"Well, I finally washed the blood and darkness off. I found my saviour—" he never got to finish as Merleawe kissed him. As always currents of electricity ran through them and she shivered with pleasure. "I love you too," she giggled "When's dinner?"

Vaith chuckled and they walked to the inn where they had confessed their love a month ago.

They stopped just outside the doorway. " I have something to give you Mel…" Vaith trailed off nervously. "Really? I'm so happy!" Merleawe told him. When he did nothing she encouraged him by squeezing his hand. He cleared his throat and began "I know we haven't been going out very long…" he gathered his courage "…but I was wondering…er…no, wait," and to Merleawe's astonishment he dropped onto one knee. "My beautiful Merleawe will you, light of my heart, marry me?"

"YES!" she shrieked pulling him up and kissing him. The embraced for what seemed like hours, the only witness the dusky countryside bathed in half-light….

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