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Torn kicked at Erol, trying to get loose from the other man's determinded grip around his waist.

"Erol", the redhead growled. "Let me go."

"You're in no position to argue", the commander stated simply, pushing Torn back down on the bed. The ex krimzon guard growled and struggled as Erol held his shoulders pinned to the sheets and put some body weight on him to hinder him from getting up again.

"You might as well stop struggling cause it wont do you any good", the twisted man announced and leaned down, placing a kiss on the other man's cheek. It made Torn squirm even more.

"Why are you doing this?!" he demanded to know, while at the same time trying to kick at the attacker.

"Because I like you", was the simple answer. Torn was about to argue when he felt a hand sliding down his stomach, stopping at a very sensitive part of his body. Against his will, he let out a whimpering noise, shifting uncomfortably. He felt himself trembling as the hand moved on, unbuttoning his pants eagerly. He felt the commander removing his pants, rubbing his hardening erection carefully.

"Erol...please..dont", Torn felt terrible about begging for the other man to stop, but he was desperate to make him stop. Not that he thought that Erol would stop, for any reason, but he couldnt just lie there, letting that crazy bastard use him.

"Shhh. Dont fight it, I know you like it", the hand then disappeared from his groin and the redhead strained his ears, only able to rely on his hearing. Some shuffling ensued and he flinched as Erol started tugging at his underpants. A deep shade of red spread across his face and he made a hopeless attempt to get up but the other man's arm and chest were holding him in place. The commander shifted his weight, moving to lay on top of his prisoner and when Torn thought he couldnt possibly blush any deeper, he felt Erol's naked cock against his.


Well inside the palace, the three intruders sneaked carefully through a corridor, all the time looking out for krimzon guards. Everything looked the same everywhere and they had the nagging feeling that they were walking around in circles. Suddenly, Sig made a sign for Jak to stop, as he looked out around a corner. They had reached a dead end. A big room lay before them as they continued carefully. It seemed to be some kind of controlling room.

"Hmm...", was the only thing the big wastelander said as he lead the way into the room, looking around in suspision.

"Great!" Daxter jumped off Jak's shoulder and onto the floor, following Sig further in. "Why arent we going back? Cause as far as I can see, Torn is not here", the little ottsel announced, while trying to give Sig a serious look, which went unnoticed.

"I wonder...", Jak stepped up to a controlpanel, studying the buttons and the levers. "You think we can open any prison cells with these?" he looked at Sig for an answer, but the man shook his head, making his way back to the entrance of the room.

"I dont know kid. Maybe..maybe not. We dont wanna take any risks", he threw the peacemaker over his shoulder and moved on out of the room. "Come on now, there's nothing we can do here." Jak quickly followed. The sooner they found Torn, the better. The two continued down the hallway, back the way they came, when suddenly the sound of an alarm reached their ears and a red blinking light filled the corridor.

"AAHHH!" Daxter came running after them. "I didnt mean to! I swear it!" he quickly climbed up on Jak's shoulder and the elves glared at him. " I mean... I didnt do it.." he grinned nervously. Too late.

"Ok, lets hurry! We've got to find Torn before those bastards find us!" Sig yelled over the siren-like sound. He started running down the hallway and Jak followed, ready for a hell of a fight.


A Beeping sound filled the otherwise quiet room and Erol pulled back a little, grabbing his communicator. Torn took this opportunity to try and get the other man off himself but Erol seemed to have everything under controll.

"What do you want?!" the commander yelled into the communicator, his voice sounding both angry and frustrated.

"Sir! Someone broke into the palace. We dont know if they're armed or not!" came a slightly worried voice through the device.

"Of course they're armed you stupid! You dont break into the baron's palace without weapons!" he growled and let out a frustrated sound. "I'm on my way!" Erol pulled back fully, slipping off the bed. "And you..stay here" he pulled his pants back up and found his gun, proceeding out through the door, slamming it shut behind him. Torn sat up quickly, shivering. Slipping off the bed, he forced his erection back into the pants and pulled them up, stumbling forward carefully. If the door hadnt selflocked, he had a chance of getting out of here. Some of the guards would probably find him running around but it was worth a try. He needed to get away from this horrible place. After have been feeling around in front of him for a while, his hand met with something that felt like a knob, and he turned it slowly, afraid that the door was locked. To his surprise, it swung open, giving him access to the rest of the palace. He swallowed hard as he stepped out into the empty hallway, hoping to God that no one would catch him.


A bunch of krimzon guards came running around the corner and both Jak and Sig prepared for battle.

"Jak! Lets split up! I keep these morons busy! Go and find Torn!" the wastelander yelled at him, as he opened fire. The blonde wanted to argue about it but realized that he couldnt get his voice heard over the sound of rapid gunfire. Instead, he turned on his heels, running down another hallway, hoping that he wasnt going the wrong way.

"Jak! Where are we going?!" Daxter shouted as his friend ran blindly down the corridor, changing to another one every now and then.

"I dont know!" he admitted and kept running. Please..let me find Torn..please


Torn on the other hand was stumbling carefully down a random hallway, hardly daring to breathe in case someone would hear him, or that he wouldnt be able to listen clearly because of his own breathing. He had been using the wall for support for a while now, but it had suddenly disappeared and he had realized that he was finding himself at a crossing of corridors, where he didnt know where to go. As he took a hesitating step forward, finally deciding on which direction to take, he felt the hard, cold surface of something hitting him in the back of the head. A blinding pain clouded his mind for a couple of seconds before he regained controll over his body again. He was about to turn around when the pain came back and the dizzyness took over, making him fall limply to the floor and everything turned dark.


"Torn..?" a voice made its way into his aching head and he groaned, though not realizing he did. "Torn? Hey?" a grunt escaped his mouth as he became aware of himself again. He opened his eyes slowly, blinking a few times. Even his eyes hurt and everything was still black.

"Torn..? Can you hear me?" a very familiar voice asked.


"'s me...You ok?" the redhead just stared into space, thoughts running through his head like crazy. Where was he? He really hoped he wasnt at the palace anymore. The memories of Erol taking advantage of him made their way back into his dull head.

"Are you sure he can hear us?" Daxter's curious voice came, but Torn didnt show any signs of having heard him. He simply stayed still, trying to deal with the experience he had had earlier. It hurt him that Erol had used him. He felt completely heartbroken. But maybe...maybe he was right about Jak. Did the blonde really like him in that way? His thoughts were interrupted by Sig's rough voice.

"We should get moving. Cant stay here...", the big man looked around them, fearing that the guards would still be chasing them outside the palace walls.

"Torn....?" Jak's voice sounded more worried this time as he didnt get any response of some sort. "What did they do to you....?" the redhead turned his head away, not wanting to talk about it. A strong hand pulled him up suddenly and he steadied himself on his trembling legs.

"Come on now", Sig said. Lets get the hell out of here.." Torn could hear footsteps getting more and more distant as the wastelander made his way over to the hellcat they had planned on escaping in, with Daxter clinging to his armed shoulder.

"Jak..?" the ex krimzon guard got out of his sore throat. Some shuffling could be heard and then a soft voice replied.

"Yes?" it almost sounded a little eager of getting a response finally. Torn reached his arms out a little, feeling around for his friend. A couple of hands grabbed his own and he jumped slightly.

"I'm here..." the blonde said, but was surprised as Torn pulled his hands back and stepped forward, wrapping his arms around him. Jak was stunned for a second and looked over to Sig and Daxter. They just stared at him.

"Torn...?" he hesitated a little but then wrapped his arms around the other man. He smiled at the feeling of having his beloved Torn so close to him and stroked his back slowly before pulling away.

"We need to get out of's not safe..", he said in a serious voice. The redhead nodded slowly but didnt say anything. He let himself getting lead to the hellcat and allowed Jak to help him sit down. Sig started the engine and drove off through the district, looking behind them now and then to make sure no guards were still following them. Daxter was unsually quiet for being him. He remained on the big man's shoulder, watching as Jak put his arm on the backsupport behind Torn, but the tattoed man didnt notice of course. There was absolutely something going on here. The little ottsel raised an 'eyebrow' but thought nothing more of it.


The trip back to the underground hideout was fairly quiet. Torn felt himself getting more tired by the second. He couldnt remember the last time he had slept or the last time he'd been eating anything.

"Thanks Sig...I owe you one" Jak's suddenly said and Torn shifted a little, where he was leaning against the backsupport, wondering what he was talking about.

"You owe me nothing Jak", the man's voice replied and some shuffling could be heard. It seemed they had stopped moving. "Whenever my friends need help, I'll be there." The blonde smiled as he made his way out of the vehicle.

"I appreciate that Sig", he said honestly.

"Sig's the man", Daxter put in as he jumped off the big man's shoulder and climbed up onto Jak instead.

"Are you sure you'll be alright now?" Torn heard the wastelander ask.

"We'll be fine..." the others were surprised when Torn spoke up. "Thanks.." he tried not to sound so misserable, after all, he didnt want the others to think there was something wrong with him. He started climbing out of the hellcat, and was surprised when he felt two hands around his waist. They pulled him out of the vehicle he could feel his feet touching solid ground.

"There you go", Jak's voice said and he blushed slightly. Sig and Daxter exchanged looks behind Jak's back and the little ottsel shrugged.

"Well boys, I've got places to you around", Sig jumped back into the hellcat.

"See you Sig..and thanks again", Jak said and Daxter waved a little at the wastelander.

"No need to thank me", he smiled at them and then drove off, leaving a big cloud of smoke behind. Daxter coughed a few times.

"Torn..?" Jak had that worried tone in his voice again. The redhead sighed.

"I'm fine...just....I'm so tired..." he sounded slightly puny as he said this.

"Of course...sorry", Jak grabbed his arm, leading him down the ramp to the hideout. When he had helped the blind elf to sit down on one of the bunk beds, he placed himself beside him, sitting in silence for a while. Daxter thought it best to shut his mouth and went over to the bed he usually slept in, studying his friends from a distance. Torn leaned over a little where he sat, burying his face in one of his hands. Jak stroked his back a little in a supporting way, giving the other man some time to think.

"God.....", the redhead said suddenly, so quiet that Jak hardly heard what he was saying.

"What..?" the blonde stopped stroking his friend's back for a moment, just listening.

"Jak...?....Could we in privacy..?" Daxter raised his little head at this, looking over the edge of the bed to get a better view of them and Jak glanced at his ottsel friend and then back at Torn.

"Dax..? Could you..uhm, give us a moment?" the furry little guy made a pouty face.

"Why?!" he demanded to know.

"Just...five minutes, ok?" Jak's pleading eyes pierced his and he sighed and got up, slipping down onto the floor, walking up the ramp to the exit.

"I always get left out", he muttered as he disappeared out of sight. Torn removed the hand from his face and hung his head a little, not knowing where to start. He felt the hand starting to stroke his back again and he shuddered a little.

"Jak....? I....", he made a face. "I just...want you to know that I appreciate everything you've done for me....thank you...", the room fell silent again.

"I know...", Jak smiled but then it faded quickly and he collected some courage to speak again. "Torn...did something happen when you were in the palace? The didnt hurt you, did they?" the worrying tone was back in his voice again and the redhead swallowed a lump in his throat.

"No....nothing happened...", he really hated lying, especially to Jak. "They just put me in a prison cell and...I dont remember anything else..." the blonde studied him for a while, suspicious but let it go.

"Alright then....lets get some sleep now...", as he said it, Torn moved a little, lying down on his back, putting his arm over his eyes, taking a deep breath. The blonde watched him for a second, before deciding that he had to tear himself away from him and got up, yawning and collapsed on another bunk bed, too tired to change his clothes.


Jak awoke after some time, judging by the darkness around him that it was probably night, or at least late in the evening. Daxter had curled up on his chest, soundingly asleep. He smiled a little, but stiffened at the sudden snuffling sound. He stayed still for a moment, just listening. Removing his furry friend from his chest carefully, he slipped off the bed, placing his feet on the cold floor. As he sauntered over to Torn's bed, the snuffling increased. The redhead was lying with his back to him, burying his face in the pillow. Jak felt more pity than ever for the other man as he sat down behind his back, careful not to startle him. The tattoed man made a surprised sound and turned back a little as Jak had touched his face.

"J..Jak?" the blonde nodded, too tired to think of that the other elf couldnt see him.

"What's wrong..?" he asked quietly, stroking the redhead's shoulder.

"Nothing really.....just...I dont want to talk about it...." Jak bit the inside of his cheek before deciding to reply.

"Please Torn....I want to help you....I cant stand seeing you like this.." the tattoed man snuffled once and turned over on his back.

"Like what...?" he wanted to know. Jak blushed a little and cleared his throat.

"I can see that you're hurts me too...", he admitted. "I know that you kept information from me on what really happened back at the palace...something I not right?" Torn turned his back to him again.

"I just want to sleep...." he said in a very tired voice and the blonde sighed.

"Alright then...sorry for....interrupting your sleep...", he raised from the bed slowly but jumped as a hand grabbed his arm.

"Jak.....thanks...for caring...", the grip on the blonde's arm tightened a little and they stayed like that for a while, no one saying anything. Jak could hear Torn starting to breathe deeper, sounding like he was falling asleep. His heartpace increased slightly as he sat down on the bed again. He gripped the sheets with his free hand, wanting nothing more than to kiss Torn but he wasnt sure that the other man would appreciate it. Heavy breathing told him that the redhead had fallen asleep again and he smiled a little, noticing that the hand was still holding his arm in a pretty firm grip.

"Sweet dreams Torn....", he leaned down but hesitated for a while but then leaned in a little closer, kissing the other man's nose before pulling back to go back to his own bed.

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