Harry was shaken up. He lived the next few weeks in a daze, with the random visits of Snape, Lupin, Sirius, and the others, visiting Dobby in the kitchens, sending owls to his friends, and reading up on the history of Slytherin and Gryffindor in the library. On the night of his fifteenth birthday, the people who had reported to Dumbledore on their missions were all gathered in the Great Hall to celebrate.

It was Harry's best birthday wever. In addition to the gifts that Ron and Hermione sent him, most of the visitors also gave Harry presents-that were much more than he had ever expected.

Lupin walked over to him. "Harry, I have never given you a gift before, but I thought that this might come in handy. He handed him a small box and whispered in his ear, "Harry-as I am no longer your professor, you can call me Remus. I was a friend of your parents, and I have a great respect for you. Harry nodded, and opened the box. Inside was a crystal orb that showed the phases of the moon and, when tapped with his wand, gave predictions about what was to come the next time the moon was in that phase.
"Thanks, Remus," Harry responded with a smile.

Arabella came forward next and handed him a book. She hadn't remembered to wrap it, so Harry saw what it was right off the bat-a book on the magic of cats. Harry smiled and thanked her, but was not overly excited, as he had never really liked cats much.

Hagrid handed him a mahogany box. "Here you are, Harry. I made it meself. I'm allowed to do magic now, without advanced permission. Dumbledore said that desperate times call for exceptions. It's a cassefortsando-a magical safe that needs a password to open. I'll show you how it works later."

Harry was excited at the idea that Hagrid could openly do magic, and when he expressed his thanks and congratulations, Hagrid enveloped him in a bear hug.

Harry opened Sirius' gift next-it looked like a pocket watch, but once opened, there was a tiny fireplace inside. When Harry asked what it was all about, Sirius told him that he could talk to him in the fire, as he had last year. "I have one too. I'll teach you how to appear in the fire, and this way, we'll be able to communicate faster-and without tiring Hedwig too much. It looks like a pocketwatch-just don't let it fall into the wrong hands."

Finally, Dumbledore gave him a gift-a tiny red feather that was actually firm and solid. Harry took it in his hands, uncomprehending. The others, except Snape, smiled at him.

Suddenly, the Great Hall turned dark. Harry heard the song that he had heard on only two other occasions-phoenix song. Out of the fire in the fireplace, which had not gone out, emerged a beautiful Fawkes who had just been reborn.

There was a deep silence until finally, Dumbledore spoke.

"Harry. Tonight, you are going to be initiated into the Order of the Phoenix."