-1The Least You Can Do

It was truly a very good thing that Ron and Harry had no next door neighbors. Not only because young, slightly immature men such as our heroes tend to be loud and rambunctious often at ungodly hours of the day, but also because the sounds they were currently making would scare gorillas in heat away. It really was fortunate no one could hear them.

Ron was buried deep inside Harry, frantically thrusting as Harry groaned and scraped his nails along Ron's back causing red lines to break out across the pale skin. They were both so close. .Harry's leaking cock brushed up against Ron's chest at every thrust, providing much needed stimulation. Ron started pounding erratically as he neared his peak.

"Harry," he panted, "g-gonna comeā€¦" Harry didn't think he could speak, but merely moaned in agreement. Their breathing became frantic with slight gasps and many more indecent noises. Ron thrust once, twice, one more and-


They stopped and whipped their heads around terrified, immediately recognizing the sound of Apparition. Living room sex really wasn't a good idea. Hermione stood there staring right back at the two, Ron still deeply imbedded inside Harry whose legs were wrapped around Ron's shoulders. They braced themselves, having no idea what their friend's reaction would be.

Hermione gave them another blank stare before pulling out her wand-much to their horror- and summoned a chair. She sat down before waving her hand at them in a motion to continue.

"Hermione?!" Ron gasped, "What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"Hey!" she said in a very serious tone, "If you two are going to ditch me for each other, the least you can let me do is watch." she finished with a sly grin.