The sun beat down on the pyramids of Egypt, Chloe Sullivan appeared from a beautiful room and emerged on a balcony. Chloe wore a beautiful white chiton gown and her hair was brunette, Chloe didn't notice those things.

Her eyes rested on the neighboring temple, and observed as Lex robed in priestly garb leaned on the balcony. It was then that someone else appeared behind him, it was Lana she was dressed scantily and her eyes were fixed on Lex.

Chloe watched in shock as the two embraced, her eyes widened when someone invaded the outer room. It was Lionel and what was more he was pharoh, both Lex and Lana tore away from each other.

She watched as Lex handed Lana a dagger, which she hid behind her back and shooed Lex away. In record time Lionel entered the room and strode up to Lana, he said something in the native tongue. And that was when he saw it a smudge mark on her arm, where someone had rubbed her skin too hard.

His eyes darkened, and he then noticed Lana's eyes dart to the side, whirling around he saw Lex. "Imhotep?" he asked with shock, then turned back around but Lana raised the knife she had hidden and stabbed Lionel.

Imhotep drew Lionel's sword and stabbed Lionel with it, Chloe screamed and shouted words down to the guards who had been idling in the courtyard. Upon hearing her, the guards ran to the temple, Chloe watched knowing that it was too late.

Her eyes burned with tears which she angrily wiped away, her eyes returned to the two lovers who had finished the job. The two of them were arguing, Lana was pleading with Lex/Imhotep who was trying to reason with her.

At that same moment priests arrived and forced Lex/Imhotep away, Lana whirled around, her hands still clutching the bloody dagger. When the guards arrived, Lana gave them a look of contempt, and said something.

She lifted the dagger high and plunged it into her stomach, Chloe flinched and watched as the guards stepped over her body. They continued to look for Lex/Imhotep who had fled with his priests, Chloe turned and walked back inside her room.

Chloe woke up with a start, her mind still in the dream she couldn't shake the image of Lana holding a bloody dagger from her mind. She was going to Egypt next week and she knew she might find secrets buried in Egypt.

However Chloe had been having the same dream, every night for the past week. For some reason it was as if Chloe had some unfinished business that needed to be resolved. Either that or she was going psychotic.

"Chloe? Are you up yet?" Chloe smiled as she recognized Lois's voice, "Come on in Lois." She yelled back. Lois opened the door and shot a smile at Chloe, "Hey cuz, listen Smallville and I just got wind of your little escape to Egypt. And I was wondering if it would be okay to move in while you're gone."

Chloe smiled wryly, "You really know how to make me feel like a million bucks, Lois." She teased, Lois looked at her apprehensively , "So is that a yes Lois or no Lois?" she asked. "Sure I have no problem with you holing up in here for a month."

Lois sighed in relief, "Believe me Chloe, Smallville is a nice guy to be around but when Lana came back I've kinda gotten the door shut in my face." Chloe looked shocked, "He didn't kick you out did he?" she asked.

"Well not exactly, Lana was always showing up whenever I tried talking to the guy, so I gave up." Lois admitted with a shrug. "Lois giving up? If I didn't know better I would say that was unbelievable." Chloe said, with a hint of incredulity in her voice.

Lois snorted, "I'm not giving up exactly I am merely waiting for Clark to come to his senses." Chloe smiled , "So you're not jealous?" she asked. Lois rolled her eyes, "Lana left Clark and in case you forget I was the one who found him crying over the video she left him.

"So when are you flying the nest?" asked Lois steering the topic around, Chloe turned around , "Next week." She answered, Lois almost cheered she looked so happy. "So any regrets about abandoning Jimmy?"

She asked with a sly smile on her face. "Not yet, do you want to date him?" asked Chloe with a sly smile. "Eww, no I would rather go for the red and blue blur if you get what I mean." Lois replied with a smile. "Look Lois I have to pack, do you want to help out, or what?" Chloe asked nudging Lois. "Well seeing as how I get your apartment for a month, why not?" Chloe laughed, "Oh Lois you are a life savier!"