Here is Ch 4!

Chloe glared at Bart, "Have you no respect for the dead?" she demanded angrily. Bart laughed again and pulled himself out, "Of course I do, it's just I couldn't pass up a good opportunity like that again."

Chloe kept glaring at him until he got out of the coffin and tried his best to put the skeleton back as it had been. "What are you doing here Bart?" she asked bluntly Bart looked hurt and gave her a wry smile, "Can't a friend visit just for old time's sake? Besides I have something that I know will make you happy."

Chloe snorted and sat down at the feet of an old statue, "Look Bart if it's one of those trinkets you've been trying to sell to me, I'm afraid the answer's no." Meanwhile Bart started sifting through the remains of the skeleton undeterred.

His whole body tensed in excitement when he found what he was looking for, "I uh found this when I made my way down here, I thought you'd be interested." And he handed her an odd looking object that was strangely compact and looked like it could be pushed open in the back.

She took it from him and studied it with growing curiosity, He fingers searched the bottom and pushed and when she did it popped open like a rayed star. There was a little compartment inside that had a folded up piece of papyrus.

Her hands shook in excitement as she drew it, "Bart I think you found something." She whispered in awe. Bart's face was shining with excitement as he looked at the papyrus, "What is that?" he asked.

"This map is three thousand years old, I've already dated it and if you look at that cartouche there." She pointed to the left hand side of the map. "That's Seti the First's insignia I'm sure of it." At this Bart proceeded to look more interested, "All right first things first, who the heck was Seti the first and was he rich?"

Chloe smiled, "Seti the First was rumored to be the wealthiest pharaoh of Egypt." Bart looked downright gleeful at this, "Ooh I like this dude I like him very much." Chloe grinned, "And if you look over there." She pointed to another spot on the map, "Well that's Hamunaptra."

"Don't be ridiculous, we're scholars not treasure hunters! Hamunaptra is a myth told by silly foreign tourists." Dr. Bay said angrily. After examining the map, Chloe had decided it would be a good idea to show Dr. Bay. And so Bart and Chloe had headed over to his office and they were still there.

"Yes I know all about the city blather about the city being protected by the curse of the mummy nonsense, but my research has led me to believe that the city itself may have actually existed." Chloe said earnestly.

"Are we talking about the Hamunaptra?" asked Bart who had kept up with Chloe's numerous phone calls whenever she found some interesting bit of information. "Yes the city of the dead, where it was said the earliest pharaohs hid the wealth of Egypt." Chloe said excitedly.

"And a big underground treasure chamber!" Bart's eyes seemed to brighten even more at that prospect when he spoke. Dr. Bay scoffed in disbelief and Bart looked over at him angrily, "Oh come on, everyone's heard the story! The entire metropolis was rigged into the sand, so with just one switch the whole city would be buried beneath the sand dunes taking the treasure with it!"

While he spoke, Dr. Bay was edging the map closer to the candle flame with the pretense of just wanting a closer look. But really waiting for the map to catch fire, he didn't have to wait long as soon as Bart finished his tale the papyrus ignited.

"Oh my goodness look at that!" Dr Bay flung the papyrus over the edge of his desk and let Chloe and Bart try and pat the fire out. When they had Bart reluctantly unfurled the papyrus and gasped in horror, "You've burnt it, you've burned off the part to the lost city!" he wailed

"It's for the best, I'm sure many men have wasted their lives in the foolish pursuit of Hamunaptra. None have ever found it, most have never survived." He let that linger in their minds before heading off.

"Where did you say you found this?" Chloe asked as soon as Dr. Bay was gone. "I didn't." Bart looked extremely uncomfortable now. She raised an eyebrow and Bart caved, "All right I may have stolen it off a drunk guy at a caspa, but that's really not…" his voice trailed off due to Chloe's angry expression.

"You went into a caspa?" she asked spacing each word out slowly and deliberately, Bart's face turned white. "Well Chloeliscous, it's not as bad as it sounds-" But Chloe didn't let him finish, "Not as bad as it sounds? Bart how many times have I told you that you're not allowed to go to bars, casino's, or anything alluding to those things."

Bart cringed, "I promise I didn't drink anything! I just-" Chloe interrupted again, "Just stole from someone! Look Bart, I know it's hard to drop old habit's but this might be a family heirloom or something valuable to him."

Bart looked down at his shoes and muttered, "Trust me, it wasn't a family heirloom the guy was so drunk he couldn't stand properly and not to mention he was wearing army fatigues." Chloe perked up at army and she bit her lip thinking.

"Which caspa was it?" she blurted. Bart swallowed in horror, "Um it's a few miles away from Cairo but not when you're leaving via Bart express."