This is a blanket apology to all of you as so many of you were affected by my new mouse thingie.

Okay, I went to make some minor corrections to one chapter but leaned on the mouse button and managed to delete it instead of just fussing with it. Then I had to correct chapter 1 and reload it and repost it but it came out as chapter 12 so I then had to reorder it which of course simply compounded the problem. So, no, this is chapter 1 and chapter 12 is still in random sentences and brain farts until I make it into a cohesive tale.

To all of you who have made suggestions for the fate of Hermione and her baby, Dudley and his redemption, I thank you and am thoroughly enjoying them. However, due to the polarisation of you guys and your opinions, I can guarantee there will be an outcry from some sectors. Sorry about that but , Muahahahah!

Love you heaps.