Hey hey hey! Okay, it's been awhile and I apologize because I've been lazy. But anyway this is a filler chap, not much action just fun stuff. I must warn you that I've aged Tina, Gabby, and Hector. Tina's 13, Hector is 12, and Gabby is 11 turning 12. =)

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Chapter 2: Dos

"So what do you guys wanna do first?" Lenni asked. She and the other girls, Gabby and Tina, were all dressed in slumber party attire: pajamas, robes, and slippers, and were ready to stay up all night.

Lenni walked over to the tv and picked the tapes she had, "We could watch movies," Lenni looked to Gabby who frowned, "okay…we could play board games, or word games with Ghost—

"Save that for later Lenni! Let's braid each other's hair and talk about boys and gossip!" Gabby said jumping up to take Lenni by the arm and pull her into a chair. Lenni laughed as Gabby began to twist and turn strands of her hair. "Sure, it's your birthday."

The girls laughed and chatted about everything from guys, girls and growing up, to music, tv, and movies.

"Man, I can't wait until I'm as old as you Lenni, then papa will let me do what I want." Lenni smirked and chuckled. "Uh, I'm only 14, and trust me, my father still won't let me do things I want to do." She said tugging her braid.

Gabby's eyes narrowed as she watched Lenni fidget.

"Like what?" she asked. Tina answered the question for Lenni. "Date Tuan.""

"Tina!" Lenni yelled turning red.

Tina rolled her eyes. "Come on Lenni, it's just us girls here! What's said here tonight won't leave this room."

Lenni sighed and bit her lip. "Well, in that case…I wanted to date Tuan, but my dad said I should wait until I'm in high school and "adjusted". I think he just doesn't really want me to date Tuan because he's gonna be a junior next year. He thinks he's too old for me."

Gabby smiled sympathetically. "I'm sorry Lenni, I like someone older than me too, but I don't think papa or Alex would really like it if I went on a date with him."

Lenni was about to question what Gabby was talking about when Tina spoke.

"Maybe you and Tuan could have a date here, at your house, then once your dad gets to know my brother he'll decide he likes him! I mean they have a lot in common with the whole music thing."

Lenni bit her lip as she thought about it. "That just might work. You're brilliant Tina!"

For a good portion of the night they discussed the details of how to convince Lenni's dad to let her date Tuan before finally deciding to watch movies and play word games with ghostwriter.

It was 3:36, just one minute before Gabby turned 12. As sleepy as the Lenni and Tina were they did their best to keep their eyes open for the excited Gabby.

"Countdown time!" She yelled as the stopwatch said 10 seconds left.

They all counted, "10…9…8…7...6…5…4…3…2…1…Happy Birthday!" They yelled. Gabby jumped excitedly and hugged them as Ghostwriter wrote 'Happy Birthday Gabby' in the air.

She was a year older, a year closer, now only two years younger. Maybe now that she was older Rob would look at her differently. He would see the woman she was becoming.

As she settled back onto her sleeping bag on Lenni's sofa her mind rummaged over these things, and she fell into a happy, hopeful slumber.

A/N: You might want to look up Kool and the Gang, Celebration. Goes along with this part of the chapter.

"Celebrate good times come on!" Tina and Lenni sang and danced in sync to the music blasting from the latter's stereo. "Celebrate good times come on!"

Gabby grinned and danced as they sang to her.

Jamal stood in front of a broom and lip synced to the verse.

"There's a party going on right here; a celebration to last throughout the years. So bring your good times and your laughter too, we gonna celebrate with you!" he ended, pointing a finger at Gabby.

Gabby laughed walking over to where Jamal stood with the broom and pushing him out of the way.

"Come on now!" she sang. As she and Jamal continued to sing, Lenni and Tina danced their way over to where the others sat. Lenni pulled Hector off the sofa, while Tina pulled Alex and Rob, but Rob wasn't in the mood for dancing. Gabby noticed.

While the others continued to dance and sing she walked over to where Rob sat hunched over. He looked up at her and attempted to smile, but it looked more like a grimace. She sat down beside him.

"Still thinking about that scream huh?"

He nodded and looked at his shoes. "Yeah. I'm sorry Gabby, it's not fair for me to be so gloomy on your birthday."

He looked at her apologetically.

"I'll forgive you," she said smirking, "if you dance for me."

Rob grinned and stood up. "Well, if you think you can handle it," he put out his hand, which Gabby took. They made their way to the middle of the group and began to do what can only be classified as…The Rob.

"Time for presents!" The group gathered around the island at Lenni's kitchen table, where Gabby's gifts sat.

Lenni grabbed her gift, which was wrapped in bright colorful paper, and handed it to Gabby.

"Here, I hope you like it." She grinned.

Gabby ripped through the paper and opened the box. Her face lit up as she pulled a hat out of the box.

"Wow Lenni! It's beautiful. Thank you!" She put it on before reaching over and giving Lenni a hug.

"You're welcome!"

"My turn!" Hector announced. He had his gift in his pocket wrapped up in paper.

"I forgot to ask my mom to buy wrapping paper, so I just used regular paper!" They all laughed.

Gabby unrolled the paper to reveal a beaded hand-woven bracelet. Gabby smiled as she fastened it to her wrist.

"Hector! I love it, it's so pretty!" She gave him a hug.

"Thanks! My mom made it, but I chose all the beads! Do you like them?" he asked earnestly.

"I love them. Thanks Hector."

"Okay, now it's my turn." Tina said. She picked up her gift and sat it in Gabby's lap.

"Ooh, it's heavy!" Gabby giggled. She traced the wrapping paper with her finger. It was red and gold with Korean symbols on it. Gabby looked at Tina.

"What does it say?"

"May this gift bring you luck and many years."

Gabby smiled at Tina before carefully removing the paper to reveal a wooden box. She opened it to reveal a pink oriental silk bag, decorated cushions and chopsticks.

"Oh Tina, these are so cool!"

"Glad you think so." Gabby got up and gave Tina a hug before picking up the chopsticks and trying to position them between her fingers.

"I better take those Gabby," Alex said removing the chopsticks from her finger, "I wouldn't want you to poke an eye out, at least not on your birthday." The group laughed and Gabby rolled her eyes.

With her hands on her hips she questioned Alex, "and where's your gift Mr. Killjoy?"

Sitting the chopsticks down Alex went over to the island and picked up his gift.

"Here, happy birthday Gabby." He hugged his little sister and handed her her gift.

She pulled the wrapping paper off and gasped.

"No way! An autographed TLC cassette tape!" Everyone walked closer to see the signatures on the cassette. "Alex, how did you get this?" he pursed his lips.

"A thank you would suffice Gabby." "You know what I mean Alex."

"TLC was at a radio station in Brooklyn, I went and got it signed."

"WOW!" Lenni said impressed.

"Yeah Alex, that's so cool! You met TLC!" Tina added.

"Well, I am cool." Alex said grinning from ear to ear.

"Ugh," Gabby said with a disgusted face, "Please don't inflate his ego any further. If it gets any bigger his head'll explode!"

Alex and Gabby both glowered at each other before laughing with the rest of the group.

"Alright, back to the presents. Now, my gift isn't an autographed TLC tape but I still think you'll like it." Jamal told Gabby smiling.

He took the neatly wrapped gift and handed it to her. She grinned at him as she shook the box and heard the clanging of jewelry.

She took off the wrapping paper and opened the little box. She grinned wider as she pulled out a silver chain with a silver ghostwriter pen dangling from it.

"A ghostwriter pen! Thanks Jamal!' She hugged him before taking off her old Ghostwriter pen and putting the new one around her neck.

"You're welcome Gabby, it's engraved too."

"To Gabby, Love Ghostwriter." She read.

Jamal chuckled. "Yeah, Ghostwriter wanted to have a part of it too."

Collective "Aawwss" went around the room. Gabby grabbed Lenni's casebook and wrote in it.

"Thank you Ghostwriter, I loved the pen." He flashed into the air with bright firework letters, "You're Welcome, Happy Birthday!" Everyone cheered at that.

"Well, I guess I'm last. Happy Birthday Gabby." Rob handed Gabby a small rectangular box. She took it her eyebrows gathered with curiosity. "What is it?"

"Open it!" Rob ordered playfully. She opened up the wrapping paper. Inside was a journal, light brown leather with roses decorating the corners of the covers. And in the middle in Golden Manuscript was Gabby's name. She was speechless as she looked from the journal to Rob.

He half-smiled and placed his hand on the back of his neck.

"It's a journal, so you can write down your thoughts and everything. I know they help me a lot, so I thought having a journal would be good for you too."

Gabby just grinned. "Thank you Rob, it will be good for me." She hugged the journal to her chest before getting up to hug Rob.

"Finally, it's cake time!" Alex announced. Heading over to the kitchen table. Everyone except Lenni and Jamal followed suit.

"When my Grandma found it was your birthday she made you her famous Caramel Cake." Jamal brought the candle-covered cake to the table followed by Lenni who had the bowls, spoons, and ice cream.

"Time to make a wish!" Jamal placed the cake in front of Gabby before sitting down. Gabby rose from her chair and stared into the flames that danced around the top of the cake. What did she wish for more than anything? She looked around the room, at each one of her friends until her eyes landed on Rob, when his eyes connected with hers he smiled sending butterflies floating all around Gabby's stomach.

She closed her eyes. 'I wish that Rob wouldn't have to go back to Australia, that he could stay here with the Ghostwriter team…and me.' She opened her eyes and blew out the candles.

"Yay!" everyone clapped and cheered. "What'd you wish for?" Hector asked.

"Can't tell, or it won't come true." And Gabby definitely wanted her wish to come true. Her eyes cut to Rob once more before they cut the cake and enjoyed the rest of the party.