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Yayoi Suzuka was getting ready for the evening. It had been a long day, between school and Hakuyo's constant begging for pudding, plus Ura's sudden fever.

Being stuck in his human form must make Ura more prone to catching diseases, Yayoi thought as she slipped into her pajamas. Just then, Ura appeared around the corner. Yayoi knew instinctively what he was going to do.

"No, Ura. You can't have my bed. Bad kitty." Yayoi smiled to herself as she drew the bedsheets. Ura snarled slightly at her joke, then sneezed violently.

Hakuyo appeared behind his cousin, having heard him sneeze.

"Poor Ura, he's got himself a little cold," Hakuyo cooed. Ura snarled again.

"Did you want me to get you some soup before I go to sleep?" Yayoi asked. Ura shook his head. Talking hurt his already sore throat, so he had been silent the majority of the day. It was nice, in Yayoi's opinion.

"Poor Ura," Hakuyo said once more, before he left to go to bed himself.


Yayoi awoke the next day a little reluctantly. She was still tired after yesterday's activity. But she noticed something strange as she prepared herself for the morning. The house was oddly quiet. Normally, Ura and Hakuyo were bickering, or Ura was whining about something.

Yayoi got dressed and headed into the kitchen. Hakuyo and Ura both sat at the table, across from each other. Ura sipped some tea. The pair weren't fighting, or even talking, they just sat and watched one another. Ura's eyes flickered to Yayoi as she walked towards them.

"What's going on?" she asked as she sat down at the head of the table.

"Ouga." Ura uttered the name coldly, and it sent shivers up Yayoi's spine.

"Did he return? Was he with Mutsu?" Yayoi's mind spun with questions.

Ura sighed and stood. Hakuyo followed his example.

"Yes and yes," Ura answered Yayoi, but he avoided her gaze. "He didn't say anything, but Mutsu told us he wanted something."



Now Yayoi was really upset. She stood up, but beyond that she wasn't sure what to do.

"Why does Mutsu want you?" she asked.

"I don't know." was Ura's emotionless reply.

"But we have an idea." Hakuyo said suddenly. Yayoi looked at him expectantly.

"We think - we think maybe Mutsu wants to become King of Demons, and that he wants to enslave Ouga and Ura."

Yayoi bit back tears. Ura felt an odd tugging in his stomach as he saw her eyes fill with moisture, the same tugging he felt when he noticed her unhealed arm wound.

He knew what had to be done, in order to protect this stupid little sorceress....he would have to fight Mutsu and Ouga, and become King of Demons. Doing so would ensure not only Yayoi's safety, but also that of his cousin, whom, Ura admitted to himself, was pretty nice to him sometimes. Ura sighed again, and walked outside to think.


Ura and Hakuyo convinced Yayoi to go to school and try to relax, but she couldn't focus on anything. She still knew nothing of Ura's plans, and being kept in the dark was driving her mad. She wanted to protect Ura and Hakuyo. They were her friends, demons though they may be.

So she spent the day concocting her own plan, rather than doing schoolwork.

Yayoi planned to sneak off that night, and find a portal, or perhaps even create one, that would take her to the demon world. From there, she would hunt down Mutsu and destroy him. Ouga would be easier to manage with his master gone.


Both Yayoi and Ura spent the evening getting ready. Ura would head into the demon realm from his own portal, then follow an idea similar to Yayoi's - find Mutsu, and kill him. But Ura would also kill his brother. As much as he loved him, Ura couldn't risk having Ouga go after his friends again.


Yayoi snuck out of the house around midnight. She would create a portal near the shrine that would, hopefully, prevent any demons from escaping and harassing the public. She took a deep breath, and stepped through the portal, unsure as to whether or not she would return home.


Ura decided he needed to look at Yayoi one last time before he left for good. He peered around the door's edge, and discovered Yayoi's empty bed. He cursed, knowing where she was.

Now I'm gonna have to get Hakuyo involved - he'll have to find her while I track Mutsu, Ura though to himself. He awoke Hakuyo, explained the situation, and entered the demon world via Yayoi's portal.

It's going to be a long night, Ura thought.