Chapter 12 Home Again

After the battle, casualties were counted on both sides which took heavy loses. Many Imperial ships had been captured, enough to replace the few cruisers the Death Star destroyed. Many rebel fighters were lost but thanks to the emergency transporter systems and existing pilot suits many pilots were saved when their craft was nearly destroyed with them. All around the battle area, Delta Flyers and Lambda shuttles were picking up extravehicular pilots on both sides. Enemy pilots were of course detained but treated well. Anakin woke up to his son and smiled, he went before the Alliance council seeking forgiveness for his actions as Darth Vader, and a position within the rebellion which was reluctantly granted by the council after arguments from his son. Meanwhile in orbit of Naboo a flash of green and blue, then a famous Federation starship came through. It hailed the planet and a surprised queen answered. "Yes Captain we've met the crew of Voyager. I believe however their current location would be more valuable to you." She said as the coordinates for Endor were sent. Captain Picard beamed down to Naboo in order to have access to the holo-net.

Meanwhile at Endor, Home One picked up a transmission from a Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Ackbar immediately contacted Janeway who beamed over and talked to Picard. "Captain Janeway, it's good to see you."

"It's good to see a familiar face Captain Picard."

"Captain I realize you didn't expect to find a way home the Naboo queen and Admiral Ackbar have brought me up to speed on what's been going on. But time is short. Our rift into this galaxy is short-term and will only be stable for a few days."

"We'll set a course right away. We should be there in plenty of time. Janeway out." She turned to Ackbar "It's been good working with you. I hope the New Republic succeeds."

"My pleasure Captain, if a rift ever forms between our galaxies I hope to see you again."

Janeway smiled and tapped her combage "Janeway to Voyager, one to beam up."

She disappeared in blue light then reappeared on her bridge. She turned to Chakotay. "Get all our crew back and have the Flyers dock. Helm when ready lay in a course for Naboo, lightspeed. Attention all crew, this is the Captain. I have news concerning a way home, the Federation has been able to open a temporary rift into this galaxy but it's not very stable. We're leaving as soon as everyone is aboard. Any rebel crew who wish to leave must do so now, those who want to stay come to the bridge and talk with me. Janeway out."

"Captain?" asked Chakotay

"Later, just get us going toward Naboo for now, once we're in hyperspace assemble the senior staff for a briefing. We're going home." She replied as she sat in her chair.

A few rebels decided to stay aboard, but most left to continue fighting in the rebellion. Voyager jumped to warp then hyperspace once out of the system. Two days later they came out of hyperspace to see a waiting Enterprise. The flagship led them through the rift which closed behind them then collapsed. Voyager went to a dry-dock for repairs while Janeway gave a report to Starfleet Command. Some wanted to court-martial her for giving advanced technology to the rebellion but she was ultimately promoted to Admiral. Meanwhile the rebellion still in possession of advanced technology from another galaxy swept through the Imperial lines, capturing Imperial Center five years after Endor. This time they didn't have a full senate. Just a council and president. The system was loosely based on the Federation's government. A crack diplomatic corps was established, along with a treaty with the Imperials. Anakin and Luke Skywalker reestablished the Jedi order. Their ranks grew into the hundreds. At the same time Starfleet weapons and engineering research sections were given a leap in technology. Starship design was revolutionized and weapons enhanced giving rise to a new Starfleet, one with faster and better armed and armored ships.