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This wasn't supposed to happen

Kagome and Inuyasha lay on the soft grass in a clearing watching the stars

"hey Inuyasha"

"yeah?" he said sitting up to look at her "its been quiet awhile cense we've been alone like this hasn't it?" "yeah now that Miroku went to the village to "exercise" some poor suckers house. And since Sango feels like she has to go with him for some reason."

Kagome rolled her eyes at how dense he is, then she finished for him. "and naturally Kirara would go with Sango and Shippo had to help Kirara protect the humans"

"yeah now I'm stuck here alone with you." He scoffed but he blushed as he realized 'that's right its just me and Kagome…alone…together…with no one to bother us…nothing to interrupt us…just me…alone…with her.' He was pulled out of his thoughts when Kagome sat up pulled her knees to her chest and tucked them under her chin as her bangs concealed her eyes. "yeah…stuck with me." She said in a sad quiet and tone and sighed, Inuyasha noted the wry smile on her lips.

He was about to ask her what she meant, when she stood up and began to head to the woods "h-hey!" he said following after her "what do you mean?" Kagome stopped briefly which Inuyasha took as an okay to approach but stopped when she spoke. "Inuyasha I… know… I'm… weak… and… I'm not pretty… or smart so… I know… I'm not good enough… so I thought that I should-" Inuyasha cut her off "wait what are you talking about" he said as kept maneuvering around her to get around her to get a look at her face Kagome kept turning her head until she got tired of it "sit boy!" Inuyasha crashed into the ground

"I decided to call someone here someone better than me and all I ask of you Inuyasha is for you to be happy."

"huh? Wait a second…what?" Kagome began to pull Inuyasha into the woods Inuyasha was so dumbfounded that all he could do was follow as he thought 'huh…w-wait…what…the hell…is she talking about?' before he knew it he was in a small clearing and alone with… "Kikyo…?" he said quietly Kikyo took a few slow steps forward and said "Inuyasha?…"

"huh?" (he wasn't really answering Kikyo he's still confused and wondering how he got there.)

"hey I thought Kagome asked me to come here." she emphasized the Kagomes name and pouted. What she said caught Inuyashas attention "wait. What's that, about Kagome?"

A few minutes later Inuyasha and Kikyo come back to the clearing were Kagome made camp.

Kagome looks up to see Inuyasha and Kikyo approaching "Hi Inuyasha you're back sooner than I thought, either that or time flew for me." she said with a smile while stoking the fire. "No, we were short." Inuyasha was beginning to twitch and blush. "I…I mean she…I mean…ummm… Kikyo has something to tell you." Inuyasha collapsed on the ground not being used to this kind of stuff he was pretty tired and still blushing.

"Inuyasha are you aright? You're face is sort of red…"she said placing her hand on his forehead. "your a little warm but not so much that we should have to worry too much." Inuyasha blushed at her touch. "Oh yeah Kikyo had to tell me something right?" Kagome said looking up at the older priestess. Kikyo looked back at Kagome "Inuyasha told me what you said I'm afraid you have the wrong idea I was confused at first then I went into denial but now I know the truth and accept it. Kagome I… I LOVE YOU!" she yelled the last part. Kagome could barely think so she announced the first thing that came to mind "WHAT?!" Kikyo then hugged Kagome and said "I love you Kagome you're the only one for me. Please… let me travel with you." Kagome still blanked out and barely comprehending any thing said "umm…what? Umm…okay?"

"Oh…thank you, Kagome, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" Kagome finally got her comprehension back as Kikyo was about to kiss her but she still couldn't move when Inuyasha jumped in and grabbed Kagome around the waist and pulled her into his embrace and to the side and yelled "Back off she's mine!" then Inuyasha realized what he just said then looked at Kagome and blushed. "umm…I-I…" Kagome was blushing too. Then Kikyo said "sense when?" Inuyasha then said "does it matter?" "yes." Inuyasha and Kikyo were now scowling at each other. Kagome stepped in before any thing could get bad "come on you shouldn't fight I mean you knew each other before either of you knew me so please don't fight I don't like fights." They both looked at Kagome then looked at each other.

a little while later…

Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara come back to see a strange sight of Kagome sitting on a log glaring at Inuyasha a Kikyo Inuyasha had the look of a kid who had just been caught in the cookie jar before dinner and Kikyo was just glaring at Inuyasha. Miroku stepped forward and asked "exactly how long were we gone?" Kagome answered in a horse voice. "just long enough. And before you ask I'll answer. You DON'T want to know."

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