WARNING: This story gets very dark the more it progresses. It has a lot of main character torture and rape. It's definitely MATURE. So if you are UNDER 18 or are offended by this kind of writing or have a weak constitution than you should read something else.

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Face the Music

Chapter One

The end of the shift, everyone's favorite part of the workday and it was no different for the employees of the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Gil Grissom walked into his office and dropped the small stack of files he was carrying on his already cluttered desktop. He looked down at the scattered piles and sighed. Somewhere, he thought to himself, I'll have to find the time to sit down and complete all of this paperwork. He made a disgusted noise in his throat and ran a hand over his tired face. He tried to avoid doing it as much as possible but realized that sooner or later it became inescapable. Eventually he was going to have to come in here and clean up this mess. He picked up another file folder and walked back out of his office. Most nights were busy for them. Three or four cases, causing them to work doubles or triples. This night had been different. There had only been two cases to work that night. One was a traffic fatality which had shortly been determined to be the fault of the deceased who had been intoxicated while behind the wheel. Once fault had been determined they had worked cooperatively on the only other case available, a home burglary, or worked on unfinished reports. Gil was the lead investigator on the home burglary case and Greg Sanders was his second, who volunteered to stay behind and finish processing the scene if Gil would go back to the lab and start the paperwork. He reluctantly agreed and was tempted to pull seniority to keep from having to do the dreaded task. Gil walked down the corridor of glass windows and into the conference room to meet with the rest of his team of investigators and hear their reports before the end of the shift. He walked through the doorway and dropped his folder down on the table. He went to the small counter and prepared himself a cup of tea. He took a sip of the hot liquid and sat down at the end of the long, dark table. The others had been sitting here for some time and Nick Stoke was trying to perform a card trick for Warrick Brown and Sara Sidle, who were all sitting at the opposite end of the table. Warrick, a tall dark man with matching bushy hair, and Sara, a shorter brunette with beautiful chocolate eyes, were trying to hide their amused smiles as he struggled to remember the finish. Gil was watching him with the same amusement when Catherine Willows and Homicide Detective Captain Jim Brass entered the room. She laughed at something Jim had said and poured them both a cup of coffee. She sat down next to Nick and Jim took the seat opposite hers. Gil decided it was time to save Nick from himself and start the meeting.

"Can we get started?" He asked. "I'm sure that we would all like to go home."

Everyone laughed at the defeated expression on Nick's face as he lost his grip on the cards, sending them fluttering across the table.

"That's okay, Nicky." Catherine playfully patted him on the arm. "You can try again tomorrow."

Their laughter was renewed by the comment and it took a moment for them to compose themselves.

"Where's Greg?" Warrick asked as he regained control.

"He's still at the scene on Henderson, but he should be back anytime." Gil replied as he tried to smother his own smile. "I know it's been a long night, so let's just get this meeting over with so we can all go home."

Just then his cell phone rang and he rolled his eyes as he reached into his pocket The others snickered at his annoyance. The caller id read Sanders and he opened the phone and held it up to his ear.

"Greg, where are you?"

"Mister Grissom." Stated an unfamiliar, masculine voice on the other end of the line.

"Who is this?" Gil's brow furrowed with confusion.

"You're in no position to ask questions." The voice warned then continued after a short pause. "Are you missing something, Mister Grissom? Or someone, I should say."

It took Gil a moment to connect what this stranger was saying. A man with an unfamiliar voice was calling from Greg's phone. The others watched him now, each of them being caught up in the single sided conversation.

"He's a very handsome, young man, this Gregory Sanders." The voice suggested.

"What have you done to him?" Gil asked, trying to mask the sudden sense of fear that gripped him.

He had done well to sound calm but panic had etched itself across his face and now his team of investigators and the seasoned detective became more alert by his expression.

"Nothing yet. He's not what I want."

"What do you want?" Gil asked hesitantly.

"It's not what I want, but who." The unknown voice seemed to tease.

Gil swallowed hard against his heart which felt like it had jumped into his throat. Now it was more of a struggle to keep his voice calm and the others exchanged worried glances.

"Who is it that you want?" He asked after a long pause.

"You, Mister Grissom." The voice replied calmly. "I want you."

Gil's thoughts were a ramble of confusion. He couldn't recognize the voice. A torrent of images from crime scenes passed flashed through his mind. The faces of the victims were replaced with Greg's face. There were too many bad things that could have happened. Was he, at this very moment, fighting for his life? He was shaken from his thoughts by the voice of the stranger.

"Would you like to speak with him, Mister Grissom?"

"Yes." He forced out of his now dry throat.

There was silence on the other end of the line for a moment then he heard the unknown voice instruct Greg to speak.

"Grissom?" Spoke the shaken voice of the younger man.

Gil stood up from his sat at the sound of the familiar voice and his body tensed at the sound of younger mans voice, He could tell Greg was trying to be brave but he could hear the underlying pain and fear in his tone.

"Don't do anything he says." Greg hurriedly replied.

The phone was taken away from Greg's ear and Gil heard a slap in the background after which Greg tried to stifle a groan.

"Greg!" Gil yelled into his phone.

"Temper, temper, Mister Grissom." The unfamiliar voice returned.

The others had jumped from their seats and the tension in the room had become palpable. Some passing lab techs stopped at the noise and were now staring into the open room.

"If you've done anything to hurt him-" Gil's voice a warning and the fear on his face had turned to anger.

"You're hardly in any position to make threats!" The man snapped, then after a long pause he spoke again with calm. "Do you know what the round of a forty-five can do to a human skull?" Another, shorter pause. "Do you want to see young Gregory alive again?"

Gil conceded any sense of control that he might have had over this conversation.

"Yes." He said submissively.

"Good, then you will do as exactly what I tell you to do. He shouldn't have to pay for your crimes." The words were cold.

Gil's face changed from anger to confusion. His mind raced to remember what kind of wrong he had done in the past to make someone believe that he needed such a drastic punishment.

"Your silence tells me that I have your attention."

Gil was again torn from his thoughts and he quickly tried to understand what had just been said. Attention.

"Yes, I'm listening."

"Good, I don't like to repeat myself." The voice warned.

"What do you want me to do?"

Gil's heart clenched at the words as a memory of Nick's kidnapping flashed into his mind. Standing in a dank storehouse in front of the non-menacing figure of Nick's captor. Sliding the bag of money across the floor, hoping for his colleagues safe return. The man revealing the explosives he had strapped to his body. A blinding flash of light and heat as he was thrown backwards onto the floor and covered in a rain of blood and money.

"You will stay there until you hear from me again." The voice commanded. "Do you understand?"


"Oh," He said as if remembering one last detail. "And the next time you go out to Henderson be sure to take a body bag."

The line went silent and Gil looked at the screen to confirm that the call had been disconnected. He stood in shocked silence. How could this be happening again? He stared at the wall, unable comprehend what had just happened until a voice broke through the daze he was in.


His eyes were torn from the wall and he looked down to see Catherine looking up at him with concern covering her face. He stoically looked down at her hand where she had put it on his arm and she gave him a gentle squeeze, encouraging his to speak.

"Greg's been kidnapped."

The others looked at each other as a renewed tension fell over them. He looked back up at Catherine then at Jim.

"But he doesn't want Greg."

His fear filled eyes met Sara's, who was still standing at the opposite end of the table. She didn't need to hear the words he was about to say, the look on his face was enough to fill her heart with grief for she knew what his answer would be.

"He…" Gil looked back to Jim. "He wants me."

There was a long moment of silence as no one could find the ability to speak.

"He said…" His voice was barely more than a whisper. "If we wanted to see Greg again, that I had to do exactly what he said."

"Wait a minute." Jim said, finally finding his voice. "We're not just going to go along with this."

"Not we, Jim. Me." He waited a moment then spoke again before Jim could argue. "He mad reference to what forty-five could do to the human skull then said that the next time we went out to Henderson we should take a body bag."

Everyone was silent. Gil let his words sink in before speaking again.

"He told me that I was to stay here, but I think that someone needs to get out to that burglary scene."