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Iris' POV

As the drug slowly wore off I awoke from my sleep, frazzled and confused, until it all came rushing back to me. I turned my neck painfully to look around the room. It was small, with stone walls and a few candles propped up around the room. There was no one else here, just a few straw mattresses and a small wooden door with bars. I noticed that my proper clothes had been taken away and I was wearing a small robe made of silky linen.

Getting up painfully, I walked in the direction of the door, trying the handle. I wasn't surprised when it was locked.

"Hello, is anyone there?" I yelled through the bars. Silence. "Anyone?" I heard a grunt and footsteps, coming closer every second. I backed away from the door as a figure appeared through the bars. I heard the clanging of keys, and the door unlocked.

My head was still swimming with the drugs, and I couldn't quite make out the figure in the doorway. Blinking, I saw him coming closer. He took me in a vise grip and led me out the door and into a hallway that reeked of rum and rotten meat.

As I was dragged along the hall I could hear the faint sounds of music and laughter getting louder every second. As we came up to a door, the man holding me pushed it open. The sudden light and gust of sound made me cringe. I closed my eyes against the harsh light and felt myself being dragged across the room. He stopped suddenly, and I opened my eyes a crack.

I was standing in front of a large, well dressed man who had an expression of smug delightfulness on his face. Something hit the back of my legs, and I fell to my knees with an outburst of cheering, leering, and whistles around me. I looked up through my hair at the man in front of me. His short, greasy black hair hung in a mess on top of his bristled face and contrasted strangely to the heavily jeweled clothes he was wearing.

He leaned down, sliding his dirty hand around my neck, forcing me head upward. I cringed as he kissed my lips, but found myself unable to move.

"Hello love. My name is Roche, what is yours?" I looked away, only to receive a slap in the face. "Answer me wench!" He snarled.

"Iris," I managed to choke out. His expression softened and he sat back in his chair, looking at me while I quivered on the floor. I felt the burn on my cheek where he had slapped me. Whispering something to the man next to him, he nodded and departed. I stole a few glances around the room. Nearly all eyes were on me, except the few women whose eyes were on the floor.

I ran though an escape in my head; I could easily jump up and outrun them. I couldn't see any windows in sight, but quickly decided against it when I saw how heavily armed the men in the room were. And besides, even if I could find a window, I had no idea of knowing where I was.

"Now," started Roche. "Let me tell you something Iris. Take a good look around. You will never leave this room. Do not try to run away, for we will kill you," I stiffened, and prayed in my mind that they would not come to that.

Charity's POV

"We have to keep searching!" I turned my horse around faced Aloysius and the Pirate King. "We can't just give up!" I yelled again. Aloysius dismounted and led his horse over to me; the Pirate King did the same.

"Charity," He began. "We've been riding for hours, and we need some rest. Don't take it like I don't care about her, it's just…" He trailed off, looking for the right words to say. "We just can't continue like this, we have to rest. We've been pushing the horses too hard, and we-"

"I don't give a damn about any of that." I cut him off swiftly. "She's my sister, and I won't stop trying to find her." I turned around and rode on, aware of the haunting dark feeling of emptiness behind me. The eerie clip-clopping of my horse's hooves echoed off of the mountainous landscape. "Whoa," I said and pulled back on the reigns. The horse pulled to a stop with a slight whinny.

I turned and called into the darkness behind me. "Aloysius?" I called. There was a crackle, then silence. I dismounted and took a few steps back to where I left the two men in the dark. "Guys, are you alright?" I stepped around a bend in the road, peering around to see where they had gone. "Aloy-"

"Charity," I heard Aloysius say. I turned and froze. "You were right." Behind him was a large man in black, a knife pressed firmly to his neck.

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