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Chapter 1

Years To Remember

The wind filled her spine with shivers as she walked along Lindblum's back dock. Her purple bangs flew upwards a little from the small gust as she sat down on the wooden pier. She then looked to the ocean and beyond while singing in a beautiful tune. She stops singing as a tear slides down her face and falls on her pale pink dress. The purple haired girl sobs quietly as the wind gently caresses her body and whispers her name...Eiko.

Oh, how the wind reminded her of him. Ever since they suspected, she couldn't believe what her ears, her heart, and her soul had heard. He was dead. Zidane Tribal, now the king of Alexandria, had his men search the Mist Continent inside and out. The search was finally over when one of the men found something we'd rather not of seen, for it only made the worry turn into grief in our hearts, Vivi's hat...

The hat was as worn out and old as ever, but it had burn marks and the tip of the hat had a hole. It was proof that Vivi died. Vivi Orunitia died.

Eiko still mourned for him even after all these years. She was now fourteen. It has been seven years since his death. She rubbed her eyes, drying the soon-to-be tears. She stood while smiling. "If I could turn back time...what would have become of us?" The girl then turned around and slowly walked to the door leading to the castle, trying not to look back.

The next morning...

Eiko shifted to one side of the bed as the sunlight from her window shined on her. She relunctently opened her eyes. She groaned then sat up, stretching her arms. Then the green-eyed girl got out of her bed and went into her bathroom chamber to take a bath.

Meanwhile the queen, Hilda and the regent, Cid were discussing some matters. "Does she really have to?" Hilda said to Cid, not one bit happy with what he said. "Yes, the counsil said she must by her sixteenth birthday." Cid replied then sighed, knowing that their daughter was not going to like this.

Just then the doors opened with a petite figure walking towards them gracefully. Eiko looked at both of her beloved parents and wondered why they looked stern and worried that something might just go wrong or to better put it, haywaire. The purple haired girl's stomach felt like there was butterflies there and they wouldn't stop. Something was definently wrong.

"Um, is there something wrong?" Eiko said with caution. Only silence filled the room and it started to make her uncomfortable. Hilda then spoke, "...Well, we've been discussing important issuses that concern you, Sweetie." Eiko raised an eyebrow, "What...impotant...issuses?" Eiko choked out, not really wanting to know. "Dear, it's time you chose your husband." Cid simply said, not know how else to say it. Eiko gasped, "S-SAY WHAT!?" Eiko yelled. She couldn't believe this, she's only fourteen! There's no way she can do this. Oh, there is so no way.

"Yes, the counsil demands that you find a suitor before your sixteenth birthday." Eiko grimaced, This can't be happening! It's all a dream and when I wake up I'll be beside Vivi...sigh...Vivi. Now she knew this wasn't a dream. It was real. Oh so very real. Tears instantly streamed down her face. Hilda came up to Eiko to try and console her, but she jerked away.

"No!" She ran out the door and through the hallway, and went upstairs to the undisturbed hallway. She stopped midway to her bedroom. She neatlessly and tiredly leaned against the cold wall, she began to sob. "No...I can't...I just can't! Oh, Vivi...I wish you were here..." She wallowed, she looked out the window across from her. The sunlight hitting pale flesh making her seem even more pale. She looked down on the floor, then something blocked the sunlight only for a second. She thought it was just a bird, but then no sunlight hit her past two seconds and thats when she looked up to see...

Her eyes widened and her mouth matched her eye's actions. She couldn't believe it...a black waltz.

She was frozen still, a bit afraid that it would attack her. The black waltz was only a few inches from the other side of the window. It hovered quitely, which unnerved her. It was hard for her to say something. It was intently looking at her. It was a dark and vaunerable feeling, like it was mind raping her or something. Eiko then felt warmth, a familiar warmth, his warmth.

Is it you?

"...V-Vivi...?" Eiko said with a little hope in her voice, but she really shouldn't have said that. All of a sudden she felt anger in its stare. Before Eiko could even think about running, the window broke and she was swiftly held with one hand grabbing her collar and being banged against the wall.

"Ouch! What the fuck!?"

"Where is he?" Came a deep, dark voice. Eiko slightly blushed at the sound of his voice. It even sent shivers down her spine.

"What are you talking about?" Eiko asked in ignorance. "Don't play dumb, now where is he?"

Eiko struggled and managed to kick him where he had his glory. He jerked away in pain. She didn't waste any time running to her bedroom and locking the door, in a panic she looked around and took her Angel flute in hand. She hastily opened her window when a crash sounded and the black waltz appeared. She stood on the window sill and smirked at the figure staring at her. She closed her eyes and leaned back only to fall. The figure ran to the window sill, looking down at the purple haired summoner. While gravity was pulling her, she played her flute and casted Float upon herself. She was enveloped in white light that soon disappeared and she flipped in the air and stood on the now not pulling gravity. She looked up at the window sill and the figure was still standing there, staring at her. She smirked at the figure with cockiness and made her way toward town.

She cautiously walked through every alley and street, feeling she was being watched, well, she was right about being watched, but by the rooftops. She then stopped midway in an alley when the figure she saw not to long ago appeared. She sighed in annoyance. "Don't ya have something better to do than stalking me like you're gonna..." She trailed off, not wanting to give him any ideas and on that she gulped hard.

"As a matter of fact, I do, but you're in the way of that."

"Oh, really?" Eiko tried to act tough when really, she was scared out of her mind.

She flinched when he began enchanting something, "Firaga!"

Her body felt so hot that it felt like it was cold, but burning. I guess that's what obviously happens. In a flash, she was on her knees, her arms trying to hold her herself up. She felt like the world was spinning, then she heard footsteps and her world went black.

"Hey, that was mine!" A sweet tone yelled. A girl with purple short hair with a horn embeded on the middle of her forehead and a cute yellow ribbon tied on her head. She also had a little wing ornament on her back that enabled her to fly a little.

Quina merely walked away after eating the six-year-old's ice-cream.

Eiko huffed and sat down on the ground of Alexanderia's town-square. Soon after she heard footsteps that surely belonged to the clumsy black mage. She looked over her shoulder to find what she predicted. Vivi.

"U-umm...y-you can h-have m-mine?" Vivi said, holding out his chocolate ice cream to her. She looked at Vivi for a few seconds, then smiled. "...Sure, Vivi. Thanks."

"...Y-you're w-welcome..."


"Uhmn?..." Eiko opened her eyes slowly, 'Where am I? Was I dreaming?...sigh. I guess so...' She scanned the area she was being ocuppied in. She was in a room, a pretty dim room that left corners filled with darkness that seemed endless. The summoner looked around for means of escape. She looked up only to find a small window high up, close to the ceiling.

"Ugh...so much for that." Eiko huffed out, no longer staring at the out-of-reach window.

She looked around more not at all obliged to leave the bed, not because it was coozy, but because she was scared. The room seemed so lifeless and nothing was there to make it at least feel like you were not in prison. She sighed, then looked around to see if the coast was clear. It was, but she still had her guard up, just in case. The purple haired girl slowly lift the covers up and placed her bare feet on the cool floor.

Her white dress was only knee high and left a few ruffels on her collar and her sleeves were puffy at the top. Her hair following her body's movements. She sneaked to the doorway when all of a sudden, "Yes, so much for that, indeed." The voice made her yelp and she looked behind her to see her captor on the bed that she lied in a few minutes ago. His legs were crossed manly and his arms were crossed as well. He looked foward alittle, not one bit looking at the white magic user.

"Where is he?" The black waltz commanded. She raised her eyebrow and looked at him like he was crazy. "Why do you--"

She was then cut off by him. "I want him dead." He growled. Eiko flinched, she turned around. Trying to calm down she breathed in. She didn't want to do any outbursts at him, well, she wanted to, but she would probably be half dead by the time she was done. The girl breathed out then turned around, looking at him seriously. The black waltz noticed this and turned his head to her.

"....He is dead."

The black waltz said nothing. The both of them were silent, then he stood up, walking until he stopped beside her. The hat adored man whispered in her hear that made the young summoner freezing still. "If I find out that you are lying, then don't think for an instant that I will not kill you."

"Now, I will take my leave."

The black waltz spred his wings and flew up towards the window and flew out. Eiko was still standing there. A tear of misery falling down her cheek.

The guards had heard a crash of something, like window, and came just too late. There on the floor was a small piece of Princess Eiko's dress. The guards ran to the throne room where the Regent was residing. Once they told him and his wife, Hilda, Cid immediately informed Princess Garnet and King Zidane after sending nearly two dozen search parties and having the guards scouting the town and castle inside and out, Alexanderia Castle did the same.

"I hope she is alright...", The Queen of Alexandria paced along the halls and walking beside her was her loyal knight, Beatrix.

"Your highness, Eiko is strong...I'm sure she will be alright.", Beatrix tried to ease the Queen's troubled mind.

"Your right, she is strong, but...I hope you're right." Garnet said with a little relief. She softly smiled at Beatrix, but it quickly fell when Zidane came running.

Garnet had a bad feeling about what was to come and her feelings of hers are usually right, but for this one time she didn't want it to be right.

"Beatrix, we have confirmed possibilities of were she might be." Zidane said swiftly.

"H-hey, Eiko! Look w-what I've found!", Vivi woke up Eiko with a slight shake and her eyes fluttered open. They were in an open field, on a hill, the grass green as ever. She looked at his hands that held a flower. "...What's that?", Eiko questioned, although she knew already what it was. "I-It's a gift...for you.", Vivi put the flower gently in her hands. Eiko just smiled and stared at the flower, whispering.



Suddenly Eiko looked at the doorway and the doors fell open, dust hogged the room, she wasn't able to hear any sounds through her coughing, but she saw a well known group of figures looking at her. She sighed in contentment.

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