While You Were Dreaming


Chapter 1- Clarity


Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story Vince and WWFE do, except Portia. All the poems in this story belong to me and are my originals so don't think about nicking 'em! Ne way, this is a fic about Jeff Hardy, his thoughts, feelings, life and what happens when the world as you know it, disappears and you can't turn back time no matter how much you want to…


Dear Diary

Life is a sky full of gray, drained of all color. Nothing seems to go right, Matt and I are fighting on screen and I can't help thinking it will overflow to our real lives. Portia and me are having a rough time right now, Amy is convinced that Matt doesn't want to see her anymore, and she might be right but it is none of my business. Matt has been awful quiet lately, in fact right now all he is doing is staring out the window.

The sky is dark as my soul,

A pit, yearning for the freedom of light,

An insatiable fire coursing through me,

To work its will,

Before it devours me whole.



Jeff regarded Matt carefully.

"Matt?" He ventured.


"You okay? You are awful quiet"

"I'm gathering thoughts Jeff."

"Alright." And Jeff left it at that.


She has the most amazing eyes, green as emeralds, hair like a ravens wing, a smile that shines like the sun, she is immaculate. Jeff thought as he looked upon Portia's sleeping form. She stirred her hand brushing Jeff's chest. He had convinced her to dye her prized hair with blue and purple streaks, just for him, and he knew she secretly adored them even if she was disdainful at first.



"D'ya have to go to San Diego next week, I got a bad feeling."

"You always say that, don't worry your pretty little head."

"Alright honey. How's Matt?"

"Very distant. I'm worried about him, him and Amy aren't doing so good."

"Well only he knows if he aint happy, Matt's smart enough, he will figure everything out."

"I guess you're right darl'."

 And Jeff sank into a restless sleep.




"Concentrate, you have to throw me now!" The trainer scolded.

"Sorry Pete, head in the clouds."

"Well you gotta buck up, you need these throws and crap just right, you have to face Matt this weekend so get it right, his back has been hurting so you need to do this just right for minimal damage!"

"Alright. Has Matt said anything out of the ordinary to you Pete? God I sound like Amy."

"Nope, been real quiet why?"

"That's what worries me."

"Well Matt's never been that much of a talker has he, well compared to you!"

"Shuddup P, now how'd you do this throw?"


Matt was sitting reading Mick's new book and looking at a picture in it of he and Jeff, Adam, Scott, Al and Mick at Universal last year, how much fun they had had, and how so much had changed. Matt remembered clearly how both he and Jeff had said on numerous occasions how they would never split, how it'd always be the Hardy Boyz not Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, it pained him, it felt like the end of a era.

"Hey Matt."


"What's up Matt please tell me."

Matt passed him the book. "Tell me what you see."

"Us and the guys at Universal last year so what?"

"Exactly, US."

"You are making no sense."

"I don't want things to change, am I holding you back?"

"No, you have helped me so much."

"Are you holding me back?"

"I hope not."

"No, so why are we?"

" 'Cos the writers- I dunno."

"I'm sorry that we have to end like this."

"Me too bro."

The two embraced and stayed for a minute or two.

"Look I gotta go rehearse, see you later okay Jeff?"



Sometimes pain can crush you,

Break you on the inside,

Sometimes fear can consume you,

Eat at your mind and soul,

Sometimes life can be meaningless,

Nothing can make you rise,

Sometimes love can save you,

Free you,

Complete you.

Jeff shut his diary. His neck was kinda hurting, Pete said he should take it easy because something like that could cause long-term damage.

Matt seemed to have cheered up since their chat, Amy was still down though, one down one to go. Jeff sighed, he wasn't looking forward to his match against Matt at Vengeance, he always said blood was thicker than water. It seemed like the worst kind of betrayal. But for the sake of the fans, for entertainment, they would do it and make it the best damn match in either of their careers that no one would forget anytime soon!