While You Were Dreaming


Chapter 6- Belonging


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"Where's Matt?" Jeff asked, a little fearfully.

She sighed heavily, as if she had been expecting this moment but dreading its arrival.

"Honey." She said quietly placing a hand over Jeff's free one, the one without the IV needle attached to it.

"I don't think we should talk about it right now, maybe when you're a little better-"

"I wanna talk about it now." Jeff said firmly, sounding stronger than he felt.

"If you're sure, I guess you deserve to know." Amy took a deep breath to steady herself.

"Matt is gone Jeff."

"Gone?!" Jeff cried, "Like…d-"

"No, not dead." Amy reassured him, and Jeff thought he could detect a hint of bitterness in her voice.

"Well what then?" He prodded.

"Well, it's difficult. Y'see, when you… had the accident, Matt took it really hard, he kinda went into himself. He was even more quiet than before and he kinda… stopped caring."

Jeff took this in, this didn't sound like the Matt that he barely remembered.

"Then when Trisha was born… sure he cared enough to be a good father, but he wasn't one, he didn't get the chance really…" She trailed off when she saw Jeff's expression.

"Im… Im an uncle?" Jeff said in wonderment.

"Oh sweetie I almost forgot, it's like you'd never left, me rambling on like old times…Yes, her name is Patricia Jean Hardy, but we call her Trisha. She's almost three."

"Where is she?"

"She's with her aunty Trish and Uncle Shane. Adam, Jay and Shannon are all stuck in Canada or something otherwise they would've come too, Me, Trish and Shane had the week off and so I left her with them while I came to see you. They were so excited and all wished they could come. But the doctors said we shouldn't have too many people as you're still quite weak."

Jeff took this all in. "So my brother is missing and I've gained a little niece and missed her growing up." He sighed.

"I guess I kinda expected the world to have stopped when I did… pity it didn't. Anyway carry on with the story, after Trisha was born…"

"Well she adored Matt, and somewhere inside him he loved her too, you could see his eyes light up when he was with her, but he couldn't express his emotions like he used to, he thought he'd lost you and it scarred him deep, then one day out of the blue just a month or two after Trisha's first birthday, he just said he was going for a walk down to the sea, y'know Myrtle beach where he loves to go? And then he was just gone. I found a note later that said Tell Trisha Sorry. Love you both forever. Matt

and that's the last we've heard from him, no-one knows where he went, he could be dead for all I know…"

Amy looked up into Jeff's eyes.

"This must be so hard for you, you've had so much to take in so fast… I should go."

"No… Amy please don't leave me, I really don't wanna be alone right now, please?" He gave her the puppy dog look that she remembered so well from when he used to try to get his way with her or Matt.

"I can't refuse that face." She sighed. "Lemmie call Trish and tell her."

"Aimes? Can I see her? Trisha I mean, I'd really like to see her."

"Sure thing, first thing tomorrow, I'll get Trish and Shane to bring her." Amy nodded.

"Thanks." Jeff smiled.

"Oh here," Amy remembered. "I brought some photos you might wanna see." She handed Jeff a pile of photos.

He shuffled himself further up in bed and stared at the photos. One was of he, Matt, Amy, Shane, Shannon, Chris Jericho and Adam and Jay all together in the locker room, all linked arms.

Another was of he and Matt along with lots of wrestlers including Mick Foley and Adam on a ride in a theme park, a roller coaster to be precise. Another was of Matt, Amy and him all together in their ring attire just come back from a match. The next was he and Matt on turnbuckles doing the gunz. Then came one of Matt and Amy and Jeff and Trish holding hands and standing together.

Then there were a couple of Matt holding Trisha as a tiny baby in his arms and one of him on a swing with the little baby sitting on his lap. Then some of Matt, Amy and the baby together. And the last couple were he and Matt when they were kids and playing on the ring in their backyard and the last was him and Matt with arms round each other grinning into the camera.

Jeff got a little tearful as memories flooded back to him in a barrage and he realized how much he had missed while he was dreaming away in that bed.

"Okay that's enough." Amy said, taking them gently off Jeff. "I don't wanna get you upset."

"Can I keep this one?" Jeff pleaded plucking the last picture with just he and Matt hugging from the pile.

Amy smiled sympathetically.

"Sure Jeff. Now try and get some rest, I'll be right here."

And so for the first time in a long time, Jeff slept peacefully, feeling that he belonged again.


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