Chapter 1 – His Return

The breeze was fresh and sweet, and the trees all around him whistled into the night. Kurama stood in the middle of the forest in which he was training in. He had felt someone following him home, but he couldn't bring danger home to his mother. Only one thing came to mind. He will have to delay getting home to his mother on time so he could figure out who was stalking him. For a moment Kurama thought it was Hiei keeping on eye on him, but Hiei always lets him know that it's him looking out for him, even if he didn't want to be seen. But this time Hiei's ki was nowhere around. Kurama felt eyes study him, watching him; but from where, from who. Kurama then tried for a feel of any other ki. There wasn't any. Then out of nowhere two hands appeared on either side of his face one wrapping its long fingers around Kurama's neck and the other fingering one of Kurama's headlocks.

"Hello, Kurama." the familiar voice said to him.

"Karasu." was all Kurama could say as he looked at familiar face with shock. Kurama harshly pulled away and turned to face Karasu, taking a few steps back away from him. "What are you doing here?"

"Kurama, you look surprised to see me. You should be happy I'm back. I'm here because of you, I wanted to see you one last time, and I wanted to see that beautiful face in pain and agony before your gone from this world for good."

Kurama looked at him with discus "You should be dead, Karasu."

"I'm not, but like a said, you soon will be" there was a moment of silence as they both stood motionless glaring into each other.

"Rose whip" Kurama shout out as he pulled his rose out of main and striking his rose whip at Karasu, but failed to make contact. Karasu laughed at Kurama's attempt of striking him and set of an explosive on the arm which Kurama held his rose whip in. Kurama hissed at the pain on his arm unconsciously dropping his rose whip to the ground.

"Oh, but Kurama, haven't you noticed. I've gotten stronger and more powerful since the time we last battle in the Dark Tournament. I'm not even wearing my mask anymore. I never really died, you're deadly plants just fed me incredible strength and power." Kurama then pulled out eight of his most deadly plant seeds darting them towards Karasu hoping that at least one would meet its target, but it was in vain. Karasu set them all off in one swing of his hand with his deadly explosives before any of them had reached him. "Oh, so you think you can defeat me this time. It's okay Kurama; I love it when you put up a fight." Kurama didn't say anything. Instead, he quickly reached down for his rose whip and lashed it out at Karasu several times successfully making contact, damaging Karasu's body. Karasu was angry by now and showed it by setting of more explosives all around Kurama's body, saving his face from any damage. "You are very beautiful Kurama, but you look so much beautiful when you're in pain and suffering."

There was a long silence after that. Kurama couldn't get his eyes off of Karasu as he stood bleeding from all the explosives, and weak from blood lose; and Karasu smiled at Kurama with satisfaction for the time being. But Kurama wasn't about to five up. He still held his rose whip and tightened hi grip on it, ready for the second round of whip lashing. "You're sick." Kurama said when he finally spoke out, once again lashing his whip at Karasu.