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Retasu sighed, as she turned the page of her book over.

He wasn't back, like he promised. The library doors opened, and Retasu's heart skipped then she felt it break, when she saw it was only a young boy.

Kyou wa gomen ne (Thanks for today,)

He promised, Retasu thought.

Koko made tsukiawasete (for coming this far with me,)

'The green haired boy, held the pink haired close, vowing he would never leave her', Retasu sighed, as she turned over the page again.

Kumo ga nagarete iku (Clouds are drifting by,)

She picked up her bag, and slowly placed her book inside.

Tooi sara (in the sky, beyond my reach,)

Retasu stood up and turned away, walking towards the library doors.

Mata aeru (Can I see you again?)

She hitched her back up higher, on her shoulder, and slowly pushed the door open.

Itsumo nanika ni kizutsukuo wa (You're always hurt by something,)

"Retasu? Where are you going?"

Kitto ikiteru shouko nando yo (It's surely because you're alive,)

She stopped, and turned around slowly, her blue eyes meeting his dark coloured ones.

Tada zutto kimi no yokute umi wo miteita (Close to you, I was just watching the sea,)

Pai. "Pai-san." Retasu whispered, then tears appeared in her eyes.

Kaza wa tsumetakute mo atatakai kara (feeling warm, through the wind was cold.)

He smiled, his gentle smile he gave her before he left.

Tada zutto kimi no yokute umi wo miteita (Close to you, I was just watching the sea,)

Retasu dropped her bag, and started to rush up to him, her tears running down her cheeks.

Mune no kodou ima wa (My heart is beating so fast,)

Pai welcomed her into his arms, as he held her close.

Dokua tsutawaranaide (I didn't want you to notice...)

She buried her face in his chest, slipping her arms around his waist.

Meeru okureba (If I could send some mail,)

Pai smiled lightly, and tilted her head back, looking into her teary blue eyes.

Henji wa sugukuru kedo (I'll soon get a reply.)

Pai slowly leaned down, and Retasu gasped, then slowly closed her eyes.

Dareka watashi no koto (But is there somebody...)

His lips gently pressed against hers, Retasu kissed him back softly, a blush covering her cheeks.

Hontou ni hitsuyou kana (...who really needs me?)

Yes, Pai thought, Retasu does need me, and I need her.