Hello beautiful

Hello beautiful how it going?

It's been a long time,

Since my phones wrung

And you've been on that line

I woke up to the sound of my Ihome telling me it's time to get ready for forks, washinton one of the rainiest places on earth. I uneager got out of bed and into the bathroom to get changed , it took me 20 minutes to get ready usually I take half time to get ready but I wasn't in the mood to hurry. I wore a blue skinny jeans, red tank top and black converse.

The truth is that I didn't want to leave I liked living here in sultry phoenix. But I had to go because my mom just got married and I don't want to be a bother to her with me coming to her honeymoon. Which really I didn't want to go into detail on that part. You see my mom has been divorced with my dad in forks so I'm going to move there.

"Honey are you sure you want to leave so soon? We can delay the honeymoon and you can stay longer."

My mom said as we drove to the airport. I know she 'wanted' me to stay but I knew she also wanted to spend her honeymoon with her new husband Phil.

Phil seems like a nice guy and all but the problem is that one, he's my football coach and two, he's like 20 yrs old and my mom's somewhere in like her 40s. So it's kind of awkward to call your coach Dad what he wants me to call him on practice days.

If you're wondering why there would e a girls football team there isn't and I'm the only girl there and I'm kind of bummed out that I have to leave everyone here. I'm not the most popular person here but I must say I have a lot of friends.

A few minutes passed and I noticed that we were going the wrong way." Mom, you do know that the airport is that way, right?" I asked worried that the same thing might happen again like the last time she got lost.


"Hey mom do you even know where were going? " I asked in a serious tone because I don't want to be the one who asked random people for directions.

"honestly I have no idea." She said in an embarrassed tone. Ugh! I said as I walked out of the car knowing that I would be the one asking for directions again. So I came up to the counter of 7-11 "Excuse me?" I asked shyly. Once he turned around he looked me up and down and smiled .ewww! he looked like he was in his 50s or something. "may I help you with anything? Maybe get you a boyfreind or something cause I have one very to your liking." Pointing to himself, I shivered that he was trying to BUST a move.

"uhm no" I said in a very disgusted tone. "I'm here to ask for directions."I can tell that he was disappointed that I rejected him. But who cares he's too old for me and too how should I say this hopeful? "Well where are you headed?" I told him and then he pointed to the nearest hotel cause he said that it takes 2 days to get there. Once I got back… "So how did it go?" my mom asked trying to hold in her laughter. "Yeah laugh all you want."

(End of flashback)

Shivers of the horrid memory ran down my spine. "Bella!!!" my mother shouted in my ear. "Ahh!" was all I could say before we finally reached to Chris's house, well his real name is Christopher but he's sort of gothy but I still like him I'm kind of gothy too so I won't blame him and Emily his sister. We all met when I was 2. I first saw them in the old playground and then kept on bumping into each other at the most randomest places like the handicap bathroom, Harley Davidson store, and crate and barrels.

"Why we are here mom the airport is like the other way." I stated. She didn't answer all she did was drag me out of the car and into the back of the house. Once I got in a bunch of my friends jumped out of the weirdest places like behind a swing or in a trash bin; it was hilarious!

But even though it was really funny I managed to get a single tear roll down my cheek. It was an emotion of sadness and really going to miss them.

"Oh honeys don't cry." Emily tried to say through her tears coming down like the Niagara Falls. "I'm really going to miss you guys."

Suddenly Chris came up to us and gave me a huge bear hug. "I'm gonna miss you too lil sis." He calls me that cause he's 2 yrs older than me.

"Yeah, now who's going to scare every guy who tries to ask me out?" I said jokingly.

"YEAH! Maybe I should come with you know to check up on you time to time." Uh oh "no uhm I think that's fine ill just be me as many time as possible. That way people will go off scared"

Emily punched me on the arm. 'Ouch! Em!" "Don't you dare you say that! You're a special girl you know that." Yeah special ed "suuuuurrre" oh no she's making the Bella your beautiful speech. "your beautiful, smart, athletic, creative, andAWESOME!" she finished with a big heavy sigh, and then she smiled.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder so I turned around. It was my football team with roses? Each one gave me a rose with a card. I opened up one and it said your eyes are bluer than the Atlantic Ocean. I laughed at this one; I had brown not blue eyes. After reading the other ones I figured that they used corny pick up lines for my cards.

"Sorry honey but it's time to go." My mom said in a small tone. "Okay ill meet you in the car." So she went t off to the car to wait for me. I turned back around and saw that everyone had that big smile on their faces that made me cry again. So everyone came up and we had a big group hug. "Bye guys! I'll miss you."

They all waved goodbye and then I was off to the dirt road and to the airport. We were here so my mom and I said our last goodbyes and into the plane. It took a few hours to get to forks, but I managed not to do anything stupid like trip on air or something.

I felt big huge arms wrap around me so I only did the most biggest thing not to do….I grabbed hold of his arm and twisted myself around him to now that I'm holding him in an arm lock. But it was a bad choice if you did it to your own brother that you just met.

He stared in shock, I did too cause he was huge! Like as tall as the refrigerator in phoenix. Also bulky, curly haired and the cutest smile in the world. "Please tell me you're my new sister cause you're really cool and I hugged 10 other people who aren't and I don't want it to be eleven. I laughed and nodded, what surprised me was that he just picked me up and said "HEY EVERYONE THIS IS MY SISTER BELLA AND SHES THE MOST COOOLEST PERSON EVER!!!" he said it with such pride. Everybody just turned and laughed I blushed my usual color and told him to put me down.

As he did I smacked him on the head." Hey" well that's what you get when you try to shout in the airport and say I'm cool." "That's the truth now follow me." He led me to my new house. It was light yellow and the roof was blueish with some green. (I know I made it up) Even though it was kind of small it was already to my liking. "So do like it? I know it's quite small but you get used to it." He looked at me with a small grin that showed his cute dimples. "Love it." I said with a reassuring smile.

"I knew you'd be the perfect sister." Again with that smile, I swear the more he smiles like that the more I'm gonna attempt to scream in a girly voice and ill hug him with pride that he's my brother. BOOM!!!I knew this luck wasn't going to last long. I was about to fall to the ground but a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist. I looked up to see the most gorgeous green eyes I've ever seen in my life. Besides the green eyes he had dirty blonde hair tall and muscular still skinny.

"Hey, are you alright?" I was too busy staring into his eyes to ! His voice is like an angle calling to me. "Uhm uhm…y-y-yeah t-t-thanks" I stuttered great impression on yourself Bella. "Bella you okay?" my brother looked concerned for me, but when he saw the bronzed hair dude he glared. "Let go of my sister Cullen." He said it with such venom I could tell they didn't get along. "So this is the big bear's famous sister Bella." He lifted my hand and kissed it gently. Even though he was kind of cute I didn't like people touching me and I don't make exceptions. So, I did the only thing I could do; I pulled my hand away and punched him in the eye. OUCH that's gonna hurt later on. Stumbling backwards he fell to the cold black asphalt.

Shock written all over his face, I just smirked so did my bro. "Nice on sis." I gave him a high five and winked at the bronzed boy. "ill be inside." When I was about to leave I told him one more thing. "hey you do know you're my own brother and I still don't know your name?" What? I didn't want to call him 'you' or 'hey' a lot so I needed to know his name. "Emmet, its Emmet." "Cool name emmster." I laughed on my way inside.

Once he was inside I asked him what was the little moment outside about. He said that he plays football and he's on the team too but the only problem is that he's a player and used to be friends but he betrayed him to be in the more popular crowd told him that if he's on the team shouldn't he be popular too? Then he said that it doesn't depend on what club you're in, it depends how you treat girls .then I understood what he meant. (You have to use them)

Then I was off to the inside of my mini shelter. NOT it was like my own game of saw but I'm the only one playing. Emmet thought it was funny every time I fell he would fall to the ground laughing like a mad man. It's been a week since I moved here and I still haven't met my dad Charlie yet nor go to school. Emmet said that I'll meet Charlie at dinner so ill be cooking as usual tonight I'm going to make lasagna and some pizza I love cooking its one of my hobbies also skate boarding,singing,and football. "So what are ya making Bella?" he asked in a curious tone. "You'll see brother" emphasizing the word brother.

I looked at the clock it was almost time for dinner so I got dressed in my pj's a green tank top and blue boy shorts. "You know you shouldn't wear that." Emmet stated. "May I ask why?" trying to understand him. "Because you just shouldn't." he looked at me trying to hide his annoyance. "Well it's a free country so HA!" I smiled at my comment. "Okay but don't come running to me when you get into trouble." What is he talking about?

"Whatever" DING DONG the door bell "ill get it" he called. Okay usually I get the door what's wrong with him? Once he opened the door a bunch of guys came barging in and I almost fainted. I stood there in shock and I couldn't move I blushed dark red like black cherries.

When they all turned to look at me they started howling and whistling. "Emmet can I see for a sec in the kitchen?" I asked politely as I can trying to hide my anger. He looked at me while rubbing his head "surprise?" After that I smacked him in the head and started to shout at him.

I got out gracefully and went upstairs to calm down I noticed as I got out of the kitchen the guys started 'ohhing' and 'burn!' to Emmet with a pink face . I smiled, just what I wanted. I went to my purple room with green sheets to go sleep but what I saw in the window in the middle of the driveway I couldn't believe, so I ran straight outside down the stairs through the boys and Emmet, the look on his face was priceless it was shocked and 'where are you going' look. But I didn't care I just wanted to see my old friend again.

"Chris!" I ran up to him and gave him a big bear hug. "lil sis!" excitement was all over his voice.

"I missed you too big brother! But why are you here?" I questioned. "Come on." he dragged me to the woods. "Whoa horsey wait a minute I'm not wearing any shoes and I'm queen klutz remember?" "Ugh ride on my back." "Ya! Kiddi up horsey!" "Never say that again or ill drop you." "Right sorry"

So off we were through the woods and in the prettiest field ever in my life and in the middle filled with all of my friends. "What are they doing here?"Suspiciously. All he said was "they wanted to see you." with a brilliant smile. I started to get teary so I wiped them fast before anyone can see. "BELLA!!!" they screamed as they came running to me across the field we had another group hug and a big figure came up to me and punched Chris in the face. "Emmet?"

It wasn't such a great picture. When we were about to go back Emmet punched Chris and he fell backward and started tackling him. "Hey guys." Still fighting, "heeey guuys!", again still fighting, "GUYS!" still wouldn't stop ahh I guess if you don't beat them join em!

So I started to go on Emmet's back and break them apart when someone punched me on the face so I fell. Everyone went silent and Emmet and Chris finally stopped fighting and looked at me worried I just glared. "Who did that!?" I said getting up. They pointed at each other. I sighed at their patheticness.

"I did" I heard that velvety voice again I turned around and saw Edward looking at me up and down smiling. I just when up to him and slapped him as hard as I could and walked away scowling at the two dumbos. As I looked back I just saw Edward staring after me like a sick puppy.

A blue and white police cruiser pulled up in the beautiful field and there came out char-dad looking quiet mad about something. "Emmet!" my father boomed. Well, at least I know where his laugh came from. "I had a call about some commotion going on and so I came to check it out and I find you making it," shaking his head, oh that's what it is. "It's not my fault this dude was trying to kidnap Bella." Glaring at Chris. "Whoa wait a sec. did you just say kidnap?" I started laughing so did everyone except Emmet and Edward.

"Dad, why are you laughing?" Emmet didn't know? "Why would Christopher try to kidnap Bella?" "It's Chris," He corrected. "How do you guys know each other?" asked Edward. "When I visit Bella and her mother in the summer I got to meet him and Emily. At first I thought they were together but it turns out their just friends." Emmet looked at Chris, "Sorry dude, no hard feelings?" he got his hand out. "Yeah no hard feelings." He said shaking it.

"So Bells, on my way back I got a package to you from your mom." He gave it to me and I tore it open, it was my black backer skate board "OMG!!" I hugged it tight to my chest and asked where the skate park was he told me I could go there tomorrow.

I was so stoked out I started to do cool tricks like airing above my dad's police cruiser. Everybody except my friends looked in awe. "Okay time to get going kids, so christ- Chris, where are you staying?" my dad asked. "Well Emma and I are staying at our grandmas and the rest are probably with other families or with their friend's family."

I smiled at the thought that everybody came just to see me. Well there's something I need to put to the sky literally.