Chapter 17

I know what you guys are saying FINALLY!!! And again I know you guys are saying can we just skip to the story now??? Well before we do that I just want to tell you guys why….i had to get a new microsoft word cause my old one didn't like me …..NOW!! on to the chapter!!!

Skip to the morning

Epov (from after bella left his house –asleep of course-)

Bye bye my love

I trudged up the stairs into my room and slammed the door.

Why am I acting like a grouchy pants? I honestly don't know, but once I saw Bella leave I just wanted to chase after her and keep her with me instead.

As I went to the bathroom I looked in the mirror and double checked to see if that was really me. On the reflection of a guy with hair going in crazy directions and a frown that can probably be seen within a mile radius.

"What's happening to me?" I asked myself.

'your inlove' answered a voice inside my head.

"Who's there?"

'your consious.'

"oh so you're the little voice that tells you when your doing something wrong?"

'that's right!'

I looked incrediously in the mirror. "Where have you been in the past years?"

'I was on vacation. Now stop stalling and get back to the problem'

"okaay." I said awardly.

'so the first step is to admit that you have a problem.'

"I don't have a problem!" I yelled.

"Edward honey, are you ok?" my mom asked on the other side of the door.

I panicked and picked up my phone. "Um yeah! Just talking to a friend on the phone mom."

"okay." Once I heard no more footsteps I got out of the bathroom and sat laid on my bed.

'wow. Good job keeping it down Edward, your mom probably thinks your crazy.'

"Shut up! And im not in love, this is maybe a one time thing. Bella's just another girl."

'I didn't say it was Bella.'

"Oh yeah well…"

'that's right got nothing to say now huh tough guy?'

"Whatever, so what do I do now then?"

'well you just did step number one, so step number two is make her know that she can trust you. And by her already knowing your past its going to take a lot of sweat for this to work.'

"Good idea. I'll just ask her out for tommorrow then!"

'good idea edward see your getting there!'

"yeah yeah yeah whatever good night!"


I switched the light off and went to dreaming of Bella.


I woke up feeling slightly nervous. I really am falling hard huh?

I shook that thought out of my head and got ready for a long day. 'But hopefully the best day of my life.'

As I was getting dressed I pictured the moment in my mind. Acting out different reactions from Bella. Oh I really hope she'll say yes. Woah gay much Edward? Sure but Bella likes gay guys so that's a plus. I NEED to stop think about her.

I ran down the stairs feeling too excited about the thought of seeing Bella again.

"Woah where are you going tiger?" Alice asked as she was skipping down the stairs.

"Bella's." I answered calmly know that if I show my true feelings she'd make things worse.

"Oh REALLY now?" she raised her eyebrow and stood infront of me.

"Yes really Alice now move out of my way before I make you." I threatened.

"Oh REALLY now?" she asked again.

"Stop saying that and move Alice!" I almost yelled at her.

She smiled and moved. " Of course King Edward I only wish to make you happy." She chuckled and started to walk out too.

"And where are YOU going missy?" I questioned.

"And since when did you start caring MR?" she answered back.

Okay so I didn't know what to say to that but come on what else was I to say?

"Since now, so tell me where?" Nice, that's a good enough answer right?

"Jaspers." She stated simply. I shook my head and cleared the images that went through my mind at that thought and shuddered.

"Well I'd love to talk to you brother but my boyfriend is waiting for me outside and I don't want to keep him waiting." At that she skipped out with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Girls these days." I said to myself.

'especially Bella.' AHH I really need to think of something else.

I walked out side and saw Bella leave in a car with another guy.

I froze at that spot and felt crushed. But another thought came into my mind as the car left with my Bella, my beautiful Bella in the car why?