Here's the prologue of my first fanfic. Chapter 1 should be up tomorrow, so i hope you all like this enough to bother reading it!

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or its characters (unfortunately)

Change is inevitable. Even the most unbelievably perfect of lives cannot stay that way, because the world won't let it. It's always ready to throw some new obstacle at you, which could either turn your life in a different direction, or bring it tumbling down around you as the shattered remains of what you once remembered to be your pleasant existence. It's always the same, no matter who you are. Change can occur for the most diminutive, or the most immense, of reasons. Maybe the decision to leave your hometown, or the unthinkable death of a loved one. The hurt of losing something precious to you, or losing a friend you thought would always be there for you.

However the change occurs, whether it be hurtful or for the better, it will always leave behind the feeling that you have lost something.

Because that's what change is. Leaving behind the worst of yourself and finding the…best…?

I know I did not leave behind the worst of me when I met Edward Cullen; but I certainly did not find the best either. My life changed completely, and yet I didn't change at all.

My name is Bella Swan. And I have lost everything.

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