Title: Tessellation (1/33)
Author: Emono
Rating: FRAO (Fan-Rated Adult Only)
Fandom: NCIS/Dark Angel crossover; Not-So-Dark-Angel Universe, mixing CSI's
Pairings: Jethro Gibbs/Logan Cale
Series: The Not-So-Dark-Angel Universe
Disclaimer: I do not own either, why? Because I'm poor, that's why.
Summary: NCIS needs 'Eyes-Only' to get a Hammas agent to talk.
Beta: gil_follower
Warnings: "Da-Vinci Code" stuff, slash, just brace yourself, pre-slash, AU. OC-Logan

Prompt: "(On) The day wet met"

"I Caught Myself" by Paramore (seriously, check it out sometime)

AN: I'm going to admit right now, I haven't seen Dark Angel since I was about ten years old. I just recently learned Michael Weatherly played as both Tony and Logan…so I made the connection.

Also, I realize that Dark Angel readily available everywhere, so I came up with a solution for people who have no idea what I'm talking about. For all those who don't know what any of these characters look like (be it Dark Angel, NCIS, or CSI), I suggest , watching any of the shows, click around this site: .com/, or got to my profile and follow the link to my photo gallery

"And this is it?" Tony inquired dumbly, the team stopping in front of the apartment. Kate gave him an 'oh please' look and Gibbs' hand twitched with urge to hit the man in the back of the head. They had flown all the way to Seattle for this?

"Yes, Tony, this is the place" Kate double-checked the address on the sticky note folded up in her hand "The Director worked hard to get this address, to find this man. He's the only one who ex-Hammas agent will talk to…the only one who can calm her down. Apparently this 'Eyes-Only' is very popular in Europe and in Seattle, he freed a band of…of people, or something."

"Whatever" Tony rolled his eyes "He can't be that great. Ow!"

Gibbs did smack him this time, and he smirked in satisfaction, "Put your game-face on, DiNozzo, this man is important to getting Ari."

He raised his fist to knock, but a crash was heard inside. They all pulled out their guns at the same time, Kate and Tony on the right side of the door and Gibbs on the left. The senior agents exchanged a look, Gibbs nodded once before pulling back and trying to the door. He eased it open, creeping inside. Gibbs made his way down the hall, another cry and a thud echoing from behind the paper walls that led into a separate room. Tony and Kate followed him closely, and he was ready to call out when…

A light, masculine voice, "Let me go-!"

"Shut the hell up, bitch" this voice was harsher, deeper, and full of malicious intent "Tell us where she is, where's X5-452?"

"I have no idea" the softer voice replied curtly "I've never even heard of-"

"Don't give us that" this voice was much deeper, a resonating baritone, and it was followed by a solid flesh-on-flesh thud. There was a cluttering sound, and a pair of dark-rimmed glasses slid out from between the paper doors and rested in the middle of the hall.

Gibbs approached slowly, peeking around the paper door and catching a glimpse of the scene. A large, black man was pinning a much slighter man down by his forearms, and a white, thick man was straddling the slighter man's waist. He had sandy hair and dark eyes, and he was leaning over the slightest man. The man on the floor, the one helplessly pinned like a butterfly beneath a glass slide, was turned away from the Senior Agent, he couldn't see his face. But he could tell he was in pain, the man was squirming and making these little groaning sounds.

"Where's 452?" the sandy-blonde haired man demanded again.

The man beneath him shook his head stubbornly, "I don't know-"

"Liar!" the sandy-haired man growled, then grinned "I think we should teach him a lesson, don't you, T? Maybe the boy needs to have someone show him some manners."

The black man snickered, pinning the man harder.

"No" the man sounded desperate now, kicking frantically "Get the hell off me! I don't know what the hell you want, or who 452 is! Release me!"

Gibbs scowled at the man, tensing when he realized the man's intention. The sandy-haired man reached down, seizing a fistful of soft brunette hair and yanking him into a kiss. The man's face twisted in disgust, trying to pull away, but got elbowed in the ribs for his trouble. When the man's hand wrapped around the slighter man's belt, Gibbs knew he had enough.

"NCIS!" Gibbs barked, turning the corner as the shouts were echoed by Kate and Tony, guns raised "Let him go, now! Hands up!"

The black man pulled off, only to grab at his gun. The sandy haired man reached for his own, but Gibbs and his team were quicker. Kate emptied two shots into the large, black man's chest, and Gibbs embedded three into the other man. The two flailed, snarling and thrashing, but fell to the floor in bloody puddles. Tony approached them cautiously, checking their pulses…he declared them dead.

The man on the floor scrambled backwards, only stopping when his back hit the wall. Gibbs put away his gun as Kate called in their kills, walking over and picking the man's glasses up off the floor. He was lean, clad in a long-sleeved cream sweater and black jeans. He was blinking at them dully, jade eyes teary and wide. His hair was shaggy, shining honey beneath the stark light. A bruise was forming on his jaw, his neck, and the way he had one arm wrapped around his waist it seemed that his ribs had taken a beating. His other arm, his right arm, was lying limp at his side.

"Who…who the hell are you?" the brunette demanded, though he sounded shaken.

"Calm down, son, you're gonna be fine" Gibbs smiled reassuringly, approaching the man slowly and kneeling down in front of him. He gripped the frames securely, then eased them onto the man's face. The brunette clenched his eyes shut, like he was afraid he was going to be hit, but all the NCIS agent did was fix his glasses so he could see. "There…now open your eyes, son, and know that I won't hurt you."

"You…aren't?" the man opened his eyes, blinking clearly at the man before him. Everything seemed to register at once, the dead bodies pooling blood on his floor and the sincere kindness in this older man's eyes. His face softened, he slumped against the wall, fear melting away.

"No, I won't" Gibbs assured him, noting the man's soft, handsome features "What's your name?"

The man's lips pressed together tightly, as if stopping himself from blurting it out, "No one."

Kate smiled gently, "You're 'Eyes-Only', aren't you?"

The man's dark eyes widened, the fear flickering in his eyes, "No, I-"

"Jen Shepherd sent us, she needs your help" Gibbs stated calmly "We're NCIS."

"Thank Heavens" the man murmured, sighing "I thought you were…thank you, for saving me."

"Yeah, who the hell were these guys?" Tony nudged one with his foot.

"I can't say" the brunette turned his head away, looking dismally down at his arm.

"Is it broken?" Gibbs murmured, reaching out and running his fingertips down the sleeve. The man nodded slowly, trying to flex the muscles there but ended up whimpering. "Let me help you."

Gibbs stood, helping the man to his feet. The brunette swayed dangerously, but a solid arm around his torso stopped him from collapsing completely. He was a little dazed with pain, and it was obvious he needed a doctor. Bottle green eyes met his briefly, a flush on his cheeks, and he muttered an apology.

"No need" Gibbs assured him, giving him a rare smile.

"We need to get you to the hospital" Tony pointed out, receiving a glare from his boss.

"No" Gibbs stated, sensing the instant fear of that option in the other man "We'll have Duck take a look at him, but that's it."

The man relaxed against him, "Dr. Mallard…"

Tony didn't look convinced, "Are you sure you're 'Eyes-Only'…for real?"

The man nodded, "He's…I'm…'Eyes-Only'…yes."

Gibbs gave him a curious look, "What's your real name?"

The man heaved a sigh, but one look into those dark azure eyes and he knew he couldn't say anything else but the truth, "My name…my name is Logan Cale."

"There we are, Logan" Gibbs pulled the man closer to him, carefully avoiding his injury "Was that so hard?"


Logan sat silently on Dr. Mallard's autopsy table, shirtless and cold. But Ducky kept up a warm stream of chatter, going about applying cooling cream to his bruises and putting butterfly bandages over a cut his attacker's fist had split open on his temple. His torso was bandaged from the single broken and two bruised ribs he had gained. His right arm was messed up pretty bad, bruises had formed over his forearm and shoulder where he had been gripped and broken.

Gibbs was standing nearby, watching and listening.

"Nothing too horrible, my young friend" Ducky finally stated, he had left his arm for last and was slowly examining it with his hands. Logan winced when the man's fingertips dug into his skin, moving around the broken bones. "Your ribs sure took a beating, but there's not much to be done there. A compound fracture in your forearm, both your radial and humorous took a good crack from that man's grip. Was he a strong fellow, Jethro?"

Gibbs nodded silently.

"Good thing he's dead then" Ducky sighed, making his way up the brunette's arm "They dislocated your shoulder, my dear boy. Terrible bruising, but it can be fixed. Hold him still, will you Mr. Palmer?"

"Yes sir" Jimmy approached, putting his hands on his other shoulder and his back "Sorry, Mr…uh…Eyes-Only. I know you don't like to be touched, but-"

"Don't call me that. Whatever happened to Gerald?" Logan inquired "I liked him."

The silent 'better' hung in the air.

"I'm afraid he's on leave, permanently" Ducky sighed "There's so much you need to know, Logan."

Logan cried out just once, then bit down on his lip savagely as Ducky popped and rotated his shoulder back into place. Ducky made quick work after that, putting his forearm into a cast, then attached a black sling across his chest and slipped his arm into it. Logan carefully pulled on his shirt, with only a little help from the good doctor.

"Thank you, Dr. Mallard" Logan stated, dark eyes turning on Gibbs "And thank you…Jethro, once more. If you and your team hadn't shown up when you did…well, it wouldn't have turned out very well for me."

"No" Gibbs mind flashed back to the scene he had found the young brunette in "I don't imagine it would have, Logan."

Logan pushed his glasses up precariously, shifting around a little to adjust to the sling binding him, "I'm just very unlucky as of late."

Just then, Gibbs' phone went off. It startled the younger man, and he eyed the other when he looked down at the number and sighed.

"This better be good, DiNozzo" Gibbs muttered, shoving the cellphone into his pocket again before walking across Autopsy. Logan cast Ducky a curious look, arching his brow in a 'Do I follow him?' way. Gibbs was at the door when he glanced back at the man, giving him a stern look.

"Coming, Logan?"

The man flushed, "Yes…yes, of course."


Logan arrived at the bullpen, looking curiously at the clutter of desks and computers. How could Gibbs and his team work like this? It was chaos…but then he saw how they all immediately half-circled around the screen and began to talk. So…it was organized chaos. Interesting.

"What have we got, DiNozzo?" Gibbs inquired expectantly.

"No name, no face, no id of any kind" Tony stated, receiving a sharp slap to the back of the head.

"Not what we don't have, DiNozzo" Gibbs growled "If you brought me up here and there's nothing new-"

"No, no!" McGee assured him "There is! Uh…a dark blue, SUV, with the license plate HLE NG1 was spotted at both scenes. The newest victim, Alissa Carter, was found with a mark on her forehead. It was a 'V' sir, and she matched the description-"

"-of all the other girls" Tony finished smugly "Mid-20's, long red hair, dark eyes, mid-size. Widow."

Gibbs cocked his head, "And…?"

Kate swallowed thickly, "We went over the scene and Ducky over the body with a fine-tooth comb, Gibbs…there was no trace."

"I've got a theory, boss" McGee stated, and all eyes were on him. He flushed darkly, swallowed, then continued "I believe it's a Anti-Religious killer. All the vics are found in a mile radius of a church, always of Christian roots. All of them were avid church goers…what if he targets them because they are so devoted in their faith?"

Logan couldn't contain his chuckle, leaning against the nearest desk and watching the exchange. Tony shot him a sharp glare, and Logan noticed the physical similarities between them. But the man was four or five years his senior, and he had an annoying, ego, undertone to him.

"Find something funny, pretty boy?" Tony's words could've been a come-on, if it wasn't such an insult.

"You can't see the pattern?" Logan rose a brow at this "It's right there."

"If you can see it, then show it to us" Gibbs didn't sound angry or annoyed, but curious "Show me what you know, Logan."

Logan sighed, pushing off the desk and beginning to speak, "I'm sorry, Special Agent McGee, but you are on the opposite track. Bring up the pictures."

Tony reluctantly brought up the pictures of all three victims, ones from the crime scene where it showed how they were laid out (hands folded on their chests, legs straight out) and the 'V' drawn on their foreheads with their own blood. Logan walked closer, peering at the pics curiously. He pushed up his glasses, absently wetting his lips and cocking his hips as he put all his thoughts together.

Kate looked over, spotting how her boss's eyes were locked on the younger man. She rose a brow, but received a glare and dropped it. A small smile crept onto her face, and she knew this young man wouldn't be going anywhere soon.

"This is no 'V', Jethro" the other agents were shocked at the use of their boss's first name, but they noticed he didn't say a word against it "This is the representation of the 'cup', the chalice, basically a woman's womb. I'd show you the visual, but you need two hands. The very opposite, the point, is the inverted image…a symbol for masculinity and strength."

Logan looked over at Gibbs, eyes sparkling, "I'm sure you have many on your uniform, Jethro?"

Gibbs grinned, "The more penises you have, the higher your rank. Boys will be boys."

"Anyway" Logan waved, gesturing with only one hand "These young women all match the description of Mary Magdalene. Red haired, soft-faced, widowed."

Tony's brow creased, "The whore from the Bible?"

Logan scrunched his nose in disgust, sending a trashy look at the agent, "No. Jesus's wife. It seems your killer isn't completely Anti-Religious, but instead…he's trying to hide the truth. He's out to single-handedly carry on the secrets of Christianity, to protect it. His license plate says it all."

McGee looked a the number again, "How?"

"HLE NG1" Logan stated "If you look at it with a knowing eye, it reads 'Holy Angel'…but don't feel bad because you didn't get it right away."

There was a pause, Kate was sputtering and Tony was fuming. McGee peered at the pictures until it clicked for him, and with a small blush he nodded in consent. Gibbs actually broke into a grin, going over and placing a hand in the curve of the younger man's back. Logan flushed a little, but glowed under the approving look he was given from the older man.

"I'm going to get used to having you around here" Gibbs stated warmly.

"Are you so sure?" Logan raised a brow "I've been told I'm very annoying."

Gibbs studied the beautiful features, "Not so much."

Logan pushed his glasses up a bit, "Jethro, I believe Ms. Shepherd wants to meet with me?"

"Yeah" Gibbs guided him towards the stairs "We've got an ex-Hammas agent here who won't speak to anyone…but 'Eyes-Only'…not even me. Under threat of torture, she wouldn't say a word. That's why we need you…'Eyes-Only' needs to tell her that she must give up Ari Haswari."

"Haswari?" Logan breathed, stopping dead in his tracks. jade eyes went wide behind his glasses, and his heart sped up "So he's finally turned openly? I should have known it would be this soon…"


AN: Please, if you didn't like this, don't give up on me!! It's really rough for a few chapters, with all that sexual build up. The other pairings appear eventually, I promise!! If you get bored, just please try and hold on until at least the tenth chapter. I would love you forever if you just keep reading, and give this couple a chance. It's so amazing, and if you don't like it just imagine it's an AU Gibbs/Tony…er, which it kind of is, since it's the same actor. But it's still Logan!! I cause I luv Logan!