Hello, everyone! This is my newest addition to the Blue Dragon series, and this time it's game based. I've had this idea for a while now, and finally decided to expand on it. Mostly, it's the adventures of the group across their home continent and a nearby one. I have a few, slightly episodic chapters in mind, but this could possibly become something more, especially with Blue Dragon Plus coming out in February. I was going to say what the pairings are, but I think it'll spoil the surprise. Oh, and before I forget, here's the little note I'm supposed to add:

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters or places or ideas from the Blue Dragon game or anime. However, I do own the neighboring continent, any characters that obviously aren't in the game or anime (which will probably be minimal in this story), and the plot idea.

You can also feel free to go wild with any of my ideas... as long as you get my permission and make sure everyone knows that I started the idea. ;) On with the story.

Prologue: Deai (Encounter)

The weather was stormy, meaning that a sand or rainstorm would be assaulting the town soon; she needed to hurry.

She walked over to the junk piles, her basket hanging from her arm. The piles were large today, which meant it might take longer to look through. That was bad, since the storm was coming, but the good news was that there was usually something nice to find when there were more things.

She started going through the closest one, and cried out in delight when she found something right away: a chipped tea cup. Happily, she put it in her basket.

She went on like this for a little while, moving on to other piles as time went on. She ended up finding another chipped cup, a small wood box that seemed like it had once had a lid, an old vase with peeling paint; definitely nice finds.

She sighed, looking up at the clouds; she probably had about five minutes to get inside before the storm hit. "I guess I better go..."

That was when something flew out of the clouds.

"Shu!" Jiro hung off the side of the mechat, almost falling off.

"Jiro, don't!" Kluke grabbed his arm.

"We have to save him!"

"There's no way you can save him if you fall off yourself!"

"Maro could use a little help!" Marumaro, in his haste, had grabbed the mechat controls when Shu fell out. And he had no clue what to do.

"Jiro, go pilot the mechat!" Kluke tugged on his arm again.

"But, Shu-"

"There's nothing you can do for him right now! Besides, I don't know anything about machines," she nearly screamed in frustration when he wouldn't move. "Jiro, we can't help him if we crash!"

This seemed to snap him out of it a little bit. "...Okay."

When Marumaro saw Jiro coming, he immediately hopped out of the seat. "Finally!"

"Marumaro!" Jiro barely managed to grab the controls. "Thanks a lot..." he grumbled under his breath.

"Kluke, what are we going to do about Shu?!" Marumaro asked her.

"I..." She looked into the swirling sandstorm beneath them; if it was strong enough to tear a pilot out of the cockpit... There was no way that they could go into that again. "We have to come back later."

Shu would've screamed if the wind hadn't taken the air out of his lungs. He wasn't on the ground, so he couldn't even bring out his Shadow.

Later, the only thing he remembered were those moments of terror as the ground got closer by the second.

She realized, belatedly, that the flying object was heading straight for the junk pile she was standing next to.

She tried to jump out of the way, but it hit before she got very far. She cried out as the various items rained on top of her.

She woke up a few minutes later, covered in the junk pile's contents. With effort, she managed to push enough off that she could crawl out.

"That was close..." she whimpered. She looked up at the pile; there was a hole in the top where the flying thing had crashed. What could cause such a thing?

Determination gleamed in her eyes; she was going to find out.

Carefully as she could, she climbed the pile, using the items to pull her up and as footholds. She yelped when one of her "footholds" fell away. But, swallowing her fear, she continued her climb.

Once she had reached the top, she saw that items had collapsed inside of the newly made hole. With a resigned sigh, she began pulling the junk out.

It took her a minute or two, but soon she had ever thing cleared. She sat there, stunned at what she had found.

"It's a... boy?"

Well, there's the prologue. It ended a little different than I had initially thought, but I think I actually like it more this way. Oh, if anyone's wondering when this takes place, it's right after you get the mechat and Zola rejoins. She wasn't with the group right now because she had some business to attend to in Jibral. So... I'd like a review to know what you thought, but it's not necessary. Like I'm doing with my story Troubles on White Day, I'm planning on updating this after 10 hits. That doesn't mean the chapter will be done after 10 hits, but it will be done fairly soon. It might get a little tricky, since I'll be juggling two stories at a time, but I think I'm up for the challenge. Otherwise, thanks for reading and I'll see you next chapter.