Lullaby For the Lovesick

Yuya does not understand Kyo--

Kyo, who, when he looks at her with those blazing red eyes and that fierce grin, seems as if he is about to devour her alive, body and soul, heart and mind.

(Sometimes she thinks that she would let him.)

Other times he looks at her as if she is just some foolish little girl that he doesn't even feel like exerting the effort to get rid of.

(Sometimes she thinks that she is, she is--)

And then there are those times that are rare, so rare, incredibly few and far between – when he looks at her with eyes softened by something that is not love, not tenderness, but something else, maybe even something more…those times when it is as if it is just them, really just them, not a samurai and a bounty hunter, not a demon and an avenger, but just Kyo and Yuya in a moment that is theirs alone.

(Sometimes she thinks that those precious few moments are what she lives for.)

Yuya yelps when Kyo flicks her forehead with his finger. "What's wrong with you, dog-face?"

Yuya rubs her forehead and scowls. "Don't call me that, stupid pervert."

He scoffs and starts walking again. "Keep up, will you? Having to keep looking back to see if you've fallen behind is hurting my neck."

Yuya considers pointing out that he doesn't have to look back, doesn't have to care about her at all, and why does he, anyway?

But she says nothing. Instead she watches his back for a moment, shifts the straps of her pack, and follows.

As she always does.

Short, I know. =/ I'd start a drabble collection, but then I would be obligated to update it and would thus immediately lose all of my inspiration. Because that's how I roll. And I'm not quite sure where I was going with the title; like, I have this vague idea-thing, right, but it's hard to put into words. Like, I guess those little moments are the lullaby that Yuya consoles herself with? Or something. I should stop talking now.

Disclaimer: I do not own Samurai Deeper Kyo.