Alice had tried to hide the vision from me. Tried, but failed, miserably.

It hadn't been something she could ignore or block out, her best friends death. No matter how many years they had been apart.

Oh Bella, why did I ever leave you? I had asked this to myself every day, every moment, with every cold breath that forced air inside my dead chest. I asked it again now, as I raced towards the hospital.

I glanced at my speed, I was going faster than I ever had during the time there was Bella & I. I had to get there, there wasn't much time. Before she would leave me, forever.

And yet, after all this time, I still loved her. She dominated me, mind, body, and soul. Soul, did I even have one? Yes, and it belonged to Bella.

I jumped out of the car the moment I reached the hospital. I didn't lock the car. I had been dreading this day in all my 64 Bella-less years. A stolen car would not upset me, especially not today. I was anxious, would I recognise her, of course I would. But would she, after all these years, remember me? Had she moved on?

My last question lingered in my head as I ran inside the hospital, at vampire speed of course.

I slowed as soon as I reached the doors, I could not risk it. I needed to ask reception where she was, I could not be late.

I approached a rather bored looking receptionist the second I saw her, she looked slightly bewildered as I did. "Hi. Please could you tell me where I might find my... grandmother? Her name is Isabel.."

I was cut off immediately by the receptionist. "Wentworth." I nodded in reply. "Room 57, end of the corridor, on the next, just across from the waiting room. You'll have to wait a while though, its one visitor only until 3." I saw her begin to smile as I turned and ran down the corridor, at human speed. It wasn't fast enough.

I ran past many rooms, heart monitors beeped behind every doorway, lifeless bodies took raspy, mechanical breaths, couples tearfully embraced each other. And then, I stopped.

In front of a crowded waiting room that appeared to house every member of a family, and then some. I tried not to concentrate on their faces. I smelt a sweet scent that was as familiar to me as it always had been, although it had been almost 70 years since it had graced my nostrils with its presence.

Then, through the glass, I saw her.

Her face was wrinkled with age and yet, at the same time, was every bit as beautiful as it had been all those years ago. But something had changed. She was not my Bella any more.

Standing, hovering over her, grasping tightly at her hand, was the man I could only guess was Bella's husband. He was clearing holding back sobs as he spoke softly to her, I blocked out what he was saying, I did not want to hear it. Bella had moved on.

It was exactly what I had hoped she would do and yet, the fact that she had managed it brought me no comfort. I wanted it to be me in there, holding her close as our family watched us. But even if I hadn't left, that would be impossible. I would have been no go for Bella, it was the right thing to do, to have left her – even if it pained me to do so.

I slid down to the floor, realisation creeping over me like a storm cloud creeps across the sky. Dry sobs shook my body as through the wall behind me, a heart monitor began beeping like crazy.


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