Once upon a time a great witch predicted that one day the magical witch world will start to slowly die if balance between humans and magical beings were not in perfect harmony. This will happen when the new queen is sworn into candidacy. The unbalance will lead to damage and suffering in both worlds. Only eight chosen girls will be able to stop what has once happened.

"Ahh!" Pop screamed as she woke up. She looked around and saw her room was normal like always. "What a weird dream." Pop remarked.

"Pop are you ok?" Doremi asked opening the door to Pop's bed room.

"Yah, I just had a weird dream." Pop said rubbing her eyes and looking at the clock. It read 8:30am. "EPPP I'm late!!" Pop started to scramble through her dresser.

"uhmm Pop" Doremi started only to get interrupted.

"I'm going to be late and I have a test and an assignment today!!" Pop said pulling out random clothes out of the drawer.

"Pop its Sunday..." Doremi sighed pointing to the clock which had the date on it. "You've changed, when you were in the 2nd grade you never worried about being late and you always bugging me about stuff." Doremi said sitting on her sister's bed.

"You're the one who changed; you're so punctual, responsible and caring ever since we had to leave Hana-chan." Pop said throwing a pillow at Doremi not noticing what she had said.

"Yah..." Doremi said sadly.

" Oh sorry my mind slipped" Pop said, remembering that it made Doremi upset a bit to mention Hana.

" It's ok...I can't believe it's been over two years, it seems like yesterday that she was baby and Ai-chan, Hazuki, Onpu and me had to take care of her." Doremi said looking out the window.

" and I not and me, big sister you're going into grade 9 learn proper grammar." Pop said in her informative tone.

"I guess you haven't changed as much as I thought" Doremi giggled.

"Big sister do you want to come with me to see what class I'm in?" Pop asked.

"Can't you wait until tomorrow?" Doremi said lying down.

"But I don't want to. I rather see what class I'm in now." Pop said anxiously, pulling out a blue dress with red belt which had a star shaped buckle. "why have I not wore this?"

"I guess, I'll go I feel like seeing the school again" Doremi smiled.


"You're majesty there is a problem the earthquakes are getting way worse!" a witch said running up to a teenage girl in pigtails.

"Can't we do something?" she asked

"No, the only thing is the unspeakable thing" the other witch asked.

"There has to be some other way to the connection between the worlds again" the queen said quietly. "Soon the human world will be in danger as well"

"No there is not, are you willing to split you're crystal?" the other witch said.

"If necessary, I don't want my friends to suffer...the human world need magic and vice versa" the queen said taking out her crystal.

"We need more magic though, even though you're queen you are still not strong enough to split you're magic into 7 other parts yet, at most you can find 5 chosen ones and even still you're powers will decrease." The other witch said.

"I have to split my power though...soon before the disasters get worse! You said one of the chosen ones previously gave me her powers, would that not mean I can just give her the power back so it would not affect me as much as finding a new chosen one." The queen said looking at the ball in her hand. "the other two will have to wait a bit though" she continued.

"I guess, the choice is up to you, I'll support you all the way as always." The witch said.

"Thank you Toto." The queen said to the other witch you then ended up being a fairy. "I surrender a fifth of my power to the chosen ones." While saying this; the queen's crystal shrunk in size. She looked inside to see Doremi and Pop walking together.

"Mama..." The Queen turned to reveal her big brown eyes.

*~*Athours note*~*

This is really my first ever fanfic I've shared with anyone. It might not seem like it at the moment but Doremi is not one of the main characters. Also when the Ojamajo's start their training they are wearing the Motto outfits because...well thier my favourite plus they did not look right in the first season outfits because of their ages.