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title: Role Play: Part one - discovery.



Kagome knew her voracious libido wasn't normal. She knew she thought about sex a lot- perhaps too much even. She wouldn't stop short of calling herself a nymphomaniac if she didn't dislike the term so much. There was just a ring to it that made her feel uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable, Kagome rolled her eyes. She was anything but 'uncomfortable' when it came to sex. She enjoyed sex more than the average girl. Maybe, too much. But she couldn't help thinking about fucking different guys in different positions and places. Whenever she thought of herself bouncing up and down on a thick hard cock, her pussy would twitch in an ache. An itch she desperately needed to scratch.

The fact that she now lived in the 21st century wasn't hard to be loose. It was plastered all over the adds, TV, movies and magazines. Sex sells. And Kagome bought into it all, loving every second of it.

On an average day, she was an average Japanese woman, going to college classes, work and then home. One look at her one might even call her anti-social, a recluse. Perhaps she was a recluse, only because she was meticulous about everything in her life and hated when things weren't just right. Yet in her mind, and her private life, she was so much more than that.

When she first discovered her appetite for sex, she had been ashamed. Kagome had thought that there was something wrong with her. That one shouldn't be this horny – all the time!! Her first try of buying vibrators and dildos made her cheeks blushed a very unappealing red. Later she realized why she had been so stupid. She could have easily ordered them over the internet. After shaking her head for her minor stupidity, Kagome explored the different instruments. The first time, got her pussy so wet, it soaked through her thick blanket, pass the sheets and into the mattress. She made herself come again and again until she felt like she couldn't breathe any longer. Yet she made herself cream one last time before collaspsing and putting the instruments to rest.

Yet soon, that was boring. She wanted more, she wanted to feel the heat of a man, the sounds of his moans telling her how good she felt. How much he enjoyed fucking her.

She found a simple answer to her problem. Born with special powers, she'd always thought of herself as a freak – until the moment she realized how much she could benefit from her 'freak' nature. Aside from being born with miko powers, she was also able to shape-shift, changing her body, her form to who ever, however she liked. She used this ability to satisfy her sexual appetite.

She decided that she could meet different men at different bars, each time, a different look for her. Until she found the one man she just loved to ride – her stable. She did. And well, he wasn't really human, but that didn't matter. His body was human, his voice, hands, lips, eyes, everything human. His cock…was certainly, let's just say she'd never met a man whose cock could even come close to the size of her DaiYokai. And how she loved his cock filling her, and she made him her regular.

He didn't know her real identity, but he liked the fact that each time she looked like someone completely different so that he could fuck her good and hard. He knew she was a powerful miko. But she was more than that as well. Mikos aren't able to change their appearance usually, but somehow, she was gifted and she was able.

Their rendezvous was purely sexual. He was one of those guys that could fuck her long and hard, giving her more than a few orgasms before he's through. He would pick up the pace and push her over the edge, then slow it down and build her up again. His ability to go above and beyond was exactly what she needed after a long grueling finals week.

The first time she met him at a bar, she went completely over the deep end with her looks.

Picking up one of the magazines from her stash, she picked out a picture of a young girl and copied. She gave herself straight cut bangs, with tinted red highlights. She changed her eyes green, and just like the picture, she added the tattoos and piercings on her body. All were of conjuring up magic and things appeared or disappeared according to what she wanted. When she was done, she stuck her 'pierced' tongue out and stared at herself in the mirror. Her face now had a small hoop in her nose, and a Monroe. She liked the different look. It made her feel oh so diiirrrtttyyy. Smirking to herself she shivered as she added a few more private piercings to her body, having read somewhere that they enhanced the sexual experience.

Kagome entered the dim lit bar and was instantly greeted by a cloud of smoke. She waved the air aside and approached the counter. The bartender looked her up and down before asking for her drink order. Next to her, the DaiYokai watched as she leaned over, the butterfly tattoo between her breasts flashing before his eyes. Her body reeked of pheromones, begging to be fucked. A casual chit-chat and she was as he expected – easy.

"Monique," she called herself. Somehow he knew that she wasn't really being honest.

Sesshomaru offered to take Monique to his place but she wanted it to be dirty, she wanted him to take her to a cheap hotel. He followed her request. His mind really just wanted to drill his huge cock into her tight pussy. He could smell she was still a virgin from her pheromones – well, he could tell she'd never been with a real man. Her body scent was still pristine.

He liked that.

As soon as the door of the hotel slammed shut, she pounced on him right away, practically ripping apart his clothes. It was as if they were in a race to see who could undress the other faster.

Anxious little thing, he remembered thinking as she dropped to her knees and reached his zipper, pulling it to free his cock. It sprung loose with a bounce and she stared at the long hard shaft.

It was perfect.

She took his cock in her mouth and sucked on his long shaft. As she did so a stream of moisture splashed from her core. And as much as Kagome enjoyed having a real, hard, fleshy man meat in her mouth, her pussy was crying out for cock. She reached down to massage herself trying to assuage some of the ache flowing through her body.

As if he could sense it, Sesshomaru lifted her up and tossed her onto the bed. His mouth instantly latched onto her peaked nipple, he noticed was also pieced – both sides.

This one is wild, he thought again.

His claws retreated as his fingers found her soaking wet heat and began finger-fucking her, making her cry out in pleasure, her pussy pulsating with anticipation. His fingers were of course, larger than hers, and quite satisfying, but Kagome had one thing on her mind – cock.

And she wanted a cock in her pussy.

He knew just what she wanted but he wasn't ready to give it to her just yet. Or rather, her body wasn't quite ready. Sesshomaru knew he had to get her pussy to a slippery wetness before he could ram his overgrown cock in her tight cunt. Pushing her legs up, he dropped to his knees and began eating her pussy. When he also noticed the piercing in her clit he knew they were in for a long night.

He didn't mind.

Sesshomaru continued to play around her pussy; with his hands, stroking, caressing, rubbing, circling and his mouth, flicking, licking, sucking, twirling. She moaned and writhed beneath his face, her orgasm crashing right away as her body literally ejaculated her sweet juices into his mouth. Never had he tasted such fine, exquisite, pristine a release. Like a thirsty dog that he was, Sesshomaru licked, lapped, and sucked at it with everything he knew. Kagome's body began to rumble as the sensation was sending her into another orgasm. None she'd ever felt before. None of her toys had ever made her cum this hard. But she was still empty, she wanted more.

Pushing her thighs apart, Sesshomaru pulled his face back just a tad as he stared at her clean, bald pussy, glistening with her cum and his saliva. His finger probed at her rim, in and out, testing for the width of it.

She's ready, he said to himself as he stood on his feet. The look in her eyes was priceless. A mixture of rapture combined with fear, while her heart began to thump loudly. He knew she was a horny bitch, wanting his hard cock inside of her, as her eyes kept following his hand stroking his stiff shaft. Yet at the same time, the young bitch was nervous.

It was her first time.

They both knew that it will hurt, no matter how wet and slippery her young snatch was, he knew his girth was nothing normal, and even for the experienced women he'd been with, they'd still complain about his size causing them pain. Well, perhaps not really 'complaining', because he took it as a compliment. After all, how many men can say that their bitches complained not about his cock being too small, but rather too large?

Very, very few, the DaiYokai concluded.

"Just do it, please…" she whimpered, and he sensed her arousal even stronger, higher.

Her body ripen, calling out to him, to his beast, begging to just be fucked so hard she'd never be able to walk again. So he obliged. Grabbing her ankles, Sesshomaru pulled her toward him in one swift drag and pistonned his cock into her cunt. It didn't fit, only about half of the head of his cock entered her, and already the little bitch was grimacing in pain.

"Damn it," he cursed staring at his 'stuck' cock.

Her mind wanted to cry out for him to stop but she couldn't, her body wanted this too much.

"Oh God, fuck me now." She cried, her breasts heaving.

He reached his hand down and circled her clit, making her cream and her muscles relaxed. Sesshomaru slid himself a little further into her, wedging a couple of inches inside her, his cock pulsed a harsh demand. Kagome was so slick with sweet fluid that if she hadn't been a fucking virgin, he might have had an easier time. As it was, her passage was very, very tight. And he, well, he was 'too' well endowed.

"Holy fuck, you're tight," he groaned. "Relax and it won't hurt so damn much," he advised, putting more pressure onto her clit, bringing her up again toward a climax. His fangs bit down on his lower lips, willing himself to be patient, reminding himself that the reward at the end was going to be much sweeter than the short time sacrifice.

Sesshomaru aroused her again, using just the right amount of pressure, slicking up her nub with her own juices, and when she was ready, he let her come, her young juice washing over the tip of his cock, buried inside of her, his cock was like a wall of a dam.

He was surprised but pleasantly pleased at the same time that she'd called out his name as she arched beneath him, her orgasm sweeping through her little body. And while she was in the throes of orgasmic spasms, he bore down on her again with inexorable pressure. This time, Sesshomaru didn't stop when he felt the resistance of her hymen; he reveleved in the feeling of her maidenhead ripping away from the snug walls as he pushed inward, deeper and deeper, letting out a groan of satisfaction.

By the Kami, her pussy was so hot, it felt like melting lava on his throbbing cock. It almost pained him when he dragged his length out of her slowly, then thrusting it back in relishing in the pleasure it gave him. He continued with slow, deep strokes, rhythmic and penetrating. She was unbelievably tight, but the more he pushed into her, the more he rocked back and forth, he noticed her face relaxing as her moans filled the room.

When her legs found themselves around his hips and she rocked upward against him, he knew that she was beyond the pain.

"It feels so good, doesn't it, bitch?" He gritted as he continued his intrusive invasion into her pussy.

She nodded, "Just don't stop, please, don't stop fucking me" she beg like a mindless slut.

"Can you feel every inch of me as I fuck you, ?" He gradually increased the tempo of his strokes. She cried out as he picked up speed the friction of his hip rubbing on her clit piercing sent her into another earth shuddering orgasm.

The resistance of their fucking was electric. Her pussy relaxed around his cock, finally made it slightly easier for him to penetrate her. Sesshomaru moved faster and the pressure built inside him. He'd forced himself to wait the last week, not fucking, not masterbating, waiting for the right moment, knowing the longer he forced himself to wait, the more intense his climax would be.

"Come over my cock again," he instructed, thrusting into her in earnest now, his hips propelling forward like a well-oiled machine. Sweat began to trickle down his spine, a few beads falling off his forehead. Her panting cries of rapture spurred him on.

"Almost there," he grunted into her neck and heard her heart beat faster with expectancy. "I'm going to come inside you, Monique." She'd never had sex, let alone have a man cum inside her. What meager senses she had left in her brain, was scared her but at the same time, thrilled her to no end. Her body went ridgig just be fore she bucked up against him. He took her right tit in his mouth, suckled, then bit, hard enough to send a slight shiver or pain but not hard enough to break her skin. Her cunt squeezed him in undulate, repetitive grips, as her orgasm overtook her.

The throbbing of her walls around him, caused him to shatter. With a guttural cry, he exploded inside her. His cock convulsing from his orgasm, beating with increased force as each spurt of milky white ooze filled her snatch. In his mind, he could visually see the thick white bursts of his cum gushing from the head of his cock, splattered against the walls of her cunt. He was still coming when he pulled his cock out of her pussy and as if she was watching it in slow motion, he grunted with an "Ughhnn" and the long arc jetted out, splattering across her stomach.

They both stared at his still ridgid organ in his hands, that had been christened with her virginal blood. Sesshomaru leaned down and buried his face between her legs, licking up her wet folds, using a bit of his poison to ease her pain. Her sigh of relaxation let him know that she was feeling better. Raising on his legs, he looked down. Though adorn with the piercings and tattoos, he especially liked the paws crawling up her legs, her look beneath it all, he thought was so beautiful. His gaze move toward her stomach watching it rise and fall with her breathing, his creamy essence glistened on her belly, the drops shiny and separate like liquid pearls.

Kagome had picked the Friday night on purpose, wanting time to recover over the week-end before she returned to her 'normal' life. It was a good thing she did because he fucked her hard and good that night. After he came, they relaxed a bit, and then he told her to get on her knees, she obeyed. He shoved his cock deep inside her in one thrust. As he pumped into her she dipped her head, arched her back, and spread her ass to take him in deeper. His thrusts became more vigorous as he pounded into her. Making Monique moan with pleasure. It felt so good to be screwed with such intensity. She lost count of how many times he made her cum that night and she didn't care to try to remember.

She knew it was more than her fingers and toes can keep count. He fucked her moving from one position to the next until he finally came with a deep groan, his hot lava filled her, drowning her in a sea of Yokai semen. By the time she returned home the next afternoon, she was swimming in the stuff. She wondered if it would go away by the time she returned to her normal on Monday. Return to being, boring ol' Kagome.....



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